California Dreamin’ to California Sh*thole

Ed.’s note: The state of California has been taking their assets off books through their CAFR (it’s a shell game) accounting reports and using this revenue to puchase foreign corporate assets. These assets do not become the assets of the taxpayers of California. California is funding the state through monetization and hypothecation debt scams. The state government of California says: “We use so much gasoline in California annually, so we’re going to borrow money then charge a tax.”

News updates for 8 November 2019

California Dems Show us the Future. Run for Your Lives

35 Reasons To Leave California

That gasoline tax (total California state tax on a gallon of gasoline is 47.3 cents cementing California’s tax position as being the highest gas tax state in the America) then becomes the guarantor of the bonds that are being purchased. This money is then sent on whatever the state of California spends money on. If the taxpayers know they are surety for this debt and resist this tax, the state legislature then says: “LA votes against this tax” (the guilt thing) as a political ploy. Everything in America is monetized debt and all Americans are surety for this debt whether they know it or not.

As Californians, did you contract for this debt? One would think the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue would be pouring into California state coffers every year. It’s not. It is pouring into foreign investments in CAFR off book investments. Need a needle? Maybe the state of California will keep Californians in drugs and dependence to keep their minds away from the fact they are surety for all this debt. There has been more than 4 million hypodermic needles given out in California.

Have a look through all these bills California’s governor had placed on his desk for his signature. Be certain very few surety for bond California voters read through any of these bills – some have been vetoed – to comprehend their impact if passed. This is just for 2019:

Governor Newsom Takes Final Action of 2019 Legislative Season

The California state syndicate are using laws to monetize debt, in other words, a law will generate a determined amount of revenue. Rather than waiting for the revenue to come in though, a bond is placed against further revenue so the money can be spent quicker. These self-serving politicians running the California sh*thole, are not in the least concerned with their present actions. Why? Because they aren’t going to be in office in 20 years. What do they care?

These saprophytic political creatures can say to their bond surety constituents: “look, we built new sidewalks and roads,” but in the meantime for the real services Californians need, they are not being provided with – except hypodermic needles. It is San Francisco providing thousands of hypodermic needles every month, while in Los Angeles, feces is piling up in the streets and there is an alleged plague spreading because of a huge increase in rat populations. With that many hypodermic needles being provided by cities like San Francisco one can only imagine to what extent heroin is being used.

What is a new employment possibility in California? Become employed as part of a HAZMAT team to clean up human shit and used hypodermic needles. There needs to be a recall of California’s governor Gavin Newsom. Newsom needs to be removed from office as this recall picks up momentum. There are two separate recall efforts now in motion against Newsom. To appease the surety for bond California voters, Newsom is behind California state laws legalizing marijuana and a sex abuse law to go after sexual molesters. Any wording in this bill to go after pedophiles as well? 

Californians are having to deal with deeply embedded criminal syndicate families: Newsom; Brown; Pelosi; Feinstein. These four criminal syndicates are all deeply involved with the other criminal syndicate the Democratic Party of California. These four criminal syndicate families with their control over the state government of California, are behind California’s $2 trillion debt with California having the highest tax rates in the country. The democratic party criminal syndicate running California, have promised tons of free shit to people, so much so that homeless people all over the US including immigrants, are heading to California to get their free shit including healthcare.

Yeah Gavin, you tell ’em. What’s up with that $208,000 from a convicted felon? Here Gavin, let’s reframe the question for you then. You know what is really apropos about his news footage with Newsom standing against a brick wall? How many criminal’s in other countries have been “placed against a concrete wall” some blindfolded? Relax Gavin, go down below and listen to some music left for you from the Mamas & the Papas.

Edit: More news from the sh*thole state of California for November 2, 2019:

California’s Prop 47 leads to rise in shoplifting, thefts, criminal activity across state

If it is not painfully obvious by now, the Democratic Party needs to be removed from power. Rejoice, one down and a lot more to go: Elijah Cummings dead at 68. And just to make sure Newsom can retain his power as governor, he recently vetoed a bill that would allow Californians to rank choice their votes. And as an “insurance policy,” California has the nation’s broadest gun confiscation laws. What is happening in California is in such contrast to the rest of the nation, that California doesn’t even seem to be a part of America any longer.

This is causing enormous social destruction especially in Los Angeles where the homeless there are living in conditions normally associated with the worst slums in India or the Philippines. It is estimated LA has something like 54,000 homeless people roaming the streets. That’s the equivalent population of a small city. Think about 54,000 all living, eating, and defecating on the streets of LA. Then mix in the fact many of these people out of desperation getting on drugs like meth and heroin when they can’t get their opioid fix.

Trump slams California politicians, says San Francisco in ‘horrible shape’

Is there a covert war going on in California?

California is a sanctuary state, therefore the Newsom, Brown, Pelosi and the Feinstein families need to feel the political heat. Allow immigrants and the homeless to camp out just outside of these four family’s multi-million dollar secured homes with all those neat free mobile emergency tents provided for the homeless after their long sojourn to California to get free shit. You can never tell what is going to happen next in the shithole of California.

MS-13 Illegal Alien Charged In Mutilation Murder, ICE Blames ‘Sanctuary Cities’

We’re fairly certain Nancy Pelosi is determined to turn America into a shithole as well (note: CNN: fake news).

So Nancy Pelosi and all you democrats, what’s your plan for healthcare?

The US Healthcare System Is Hemorrhaging: It is Bleeding Close to $1 TRILLION a Year

Look what else we have going on with another California “representative,” CA Rep. Katie Hill:

CA Rep. Katie Hill Allegedly Involved Female Staffer In 2-Yr ‘Throuple’ Relationship

This section added October 18, 2019 and demonstrates others are becoming EXTREMELY angered by what Americans see going on around them especially with the communist Nancy Pelosi:


October 17-18, 2019

You can spot a Communist in government just from how much they splurge the public dime

You don’t need to look into all the scandals, all you need to do is look at what they spend on flights, food tabs, and other things trivial. 

Last night Claudia and I were going to the bank to see if a large transfer from Europe cleared. And I said “If it clears I’d really like to go to Sirloin Stockade buffet But that would be an abuse of what people send to support this site, so probably not”. Claudia spouted back “BUT YOU WORK FOR IT”! Can’t you see that you have that right for at least THAT? (A meal at Sirloin Stockade ranges from $5 to $8 depending on the time of day) so it was not excessive, but given the timing of it all I figured no. ANYWAY – NOW THE RANT:

Do you want solid proof a President is great? I HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO PROVE IT. Trump eats McDonalds. Mexican President Lopez Obrador eats at shitty taco stands I have eaten at, that give me amoebas (almost) EVERY TIME, I don’t know how that guy can take it, but his meals cost $1.50 because he “can’t justify spending more on the public dime”. And I am SERIOUS, I have not eaten at taco stands “similar to what Obrador eats at”, no, I have been in Mexico City in his zone enough to have nailed it at least once. Though in this city I have never gotten bad food, in the DF that’s practically all there is, and Obrador is out there with Pablo’s donkey eating with Pablo. Now THAT is a great president. He means what he says, and does what he says.

On top of that, Obrador sold Mexico’s air force one because it was an abuse of taxpayer funding. When Obrador flies, he flies coach. And he tries not to even do that, and does it only when necessary. He drives around in a Jetta A4 with ONE driver. It’s not even a Jetta A6. People can rip Obrador in ignorance all they want, (or perhaps due to misinformation) but any way you cut it, Obrador is an awesome president. His policies are also totally for the people and not just an elite payoff.

Contrast that with Pelosi

Pelosi racked up over two years 100, 000+ in in flight meals, according to World Net Daily quoting a FOIA release. Business insider called World Net Daily B.S. but I disagree.  And there’s substance to my disagreement, such as Pelosi continuously using air force planes, often at a cost of $150, 000+ a whack just to fly to California for personal business when she should be paying for (if she really needs it) first class out of pocket. How the hell did she get so rich anyway? Her pay does not reflect what she has. 

One could say Trump is only conservative with spending because he’s already a billionaire, but that does not explain his diet of Big Mac’s, the same meal handy man Joe ate on the way home from his construction job. That’s what Trump will put on the public dime. While refusing his pay. I have eaten at the exact same cafeteria Trump and Congress has available to them several times (via government insiders) and the food is great, and priced at cost. There’s no excuse for Pelosi to ask for more. And Trump won’t even go that high. A Big Mac will do. 

This same waste of public funding that Pelosi constantly exhibits is a hallmark of the communists, they get ALL THEIRS while talking about how much they want for you, while they squander $15 billion handed over to Baltimore to fix it up and don’t do ONE DAMN THING, they just take the money . . . . . and many more examples, probably to the tune of about 75 percent of the national debt. Pelosi can easily make it at the cafeteria for $12 a day and she won’t because she’s just too damn good for it. Ditto for the rest of them.

Such people, ALL COMMUNISTS, blow mega bucks and countless tons of fuel flying around to “climate change” meetings where they plot and scheme to put you on a bicycle while they reign as the gods of the sky. And when it washes out in the final rinse, they’ll take your bike away too. It’s not about the planet, it is all about “I am BETTER than you, PEON, I AM IN CHARGE and don’t you EVER FORGET IT.” But I love you, so please suck my @ss at the polls.

Communism would probably be a decent system if it did not always revert to being a tool of evil. And it always does, communism happens to be a pyramid scam where 50, 000 grovelers support an exorbitant living per king at the top. Pelosi has proven she’s exactly that, I don’t even have to bring up Hillary, who absconded with all of Libya’s gold. And if you don’t like it, she’ll come, she’ll see, and you’ll die. We have all the Arkancide we need to prove that out.

And that’s how Communists roll. They are attempting a coup at this very time. And if somehow Trump cannot stop this coup, you will live in a world you have not seen before, and if you don’t like it you are going to be toast. You’ll live in a world where you can have solar power, but when “they” decide they want your lights out, they’ll just shut it off like what happened recently in California. If they manage to take this country, you’ll live to see the day when gas costs $50 a gallon but that won’t satisfy them, they absolutely will arrive with sodium silicate and clunk your car right as it sits in your driveway, at gunpoint if needed. The electric cars are an illusion, you won’t have that either. Everyone thinks we’re moving to that, but reality will prove out that in the end, it was a hoax and they won’t let you have that either. Because if you do have that, they cannot be superior enough.

They have proven it

When $15 billion arrives in Baltimore to fix up poor neighborhoods and not one dime of it goes to that, communists PROVE it is all about them and nothing for you. They received $24,956 USD for every man woman and child in Baltimore to fix the place up. If they lived by their word like Obrador does, Baltimore would sparkle after that. If Trump’s construction efficiency was applied to that $15 billion, much of Baltimore would be rebuilt after that. But no THEY DID NOT PATCH A SINGLE POT HOLE OR RE-PAINT A SINGLE CROSSWALK, THE COMMUNISTS STOLE EVERY LAST BIT OF IT. And that’s what we face if they manage to oust Trump.

Think about it.


Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Those needles littering the streets? The city gave them out 

By Matier & Ross May 9, 2018 

Michael Lopez, with the Central Market Community Benefit District, picks up a needle and other debris lying on the sidewalk on Market Street near Seventh Street in San Francisco, Calif. on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

For all of City Hall’s tough talk of late about getting needles off the streets, the city itself is responsible for helping fuel the problem — handing out millions of syringes a year with little or no controls over their return. 

And while the easy access to clean syringes is intended to protect public health, the city’s residents are not happy with the situation. 

“The status quo on our streets today is simply unacceptable, and we’re not going to stand for it,” Mayor Mark Farrell said the other day as he stood on Natoma Street to unveil his new needle cleanup team. 

Too bad Cass, you would have had something to really sing about had you been around to see LA today.

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