C2CSI – Five Injured Community Theatre Clubs

Abel Danger (AD) started as a two man team back in 2006. That was when aviation pilot whistleblower Field McConnell (Captain Sherlock) contacted David Hawkins (Hawks Cafe), a Cambridge graduate and global forensics economist. Over a decade later our duo team has grown into a large, globally based network of average people who have joined us to listen, share and partake in our C2CSI (Cloud Centric Crime Scene Investigations).


AD invites you to help fund us through Patreon to prepare presentation treatments for up to five injured-community theater clubs where David Hawkins and the AD team will describe in a series of ten minute videos the suggested names for each clubs, the cast of real characters to be played and the story lines which connect wrongful deaths with the use of patented devices at some of the most iconic crime scenes of recent times.

1. Starnet Theater ClubRothschild Ultra Pig Farm, Serco Con Air Death Pool Re, WTC 7’s Patented Pyro Demo – To connect patented devices used in psychic-driven (LSD) spot-fixed murders in Montreal, Vancouver and NYC over decades past and the controlled demolition of WTC Building 7 on 9/11.

2. MKUltra Sherman Theatre Club – Serco Patented Death Pool Re, Rothschild Dum Dum Con Air SWAT – Connect patented devices used to elicit psychic-driven patterns of rage and hallucinations in Montreal with the double homicide of Apotex founder Barry Sherman and his wife Honey.

3. Oneworld MH Theater Club Serco Patented Death Pool Re, Rothschild’s Con Air AWACS Spot-Fixed Kiev – Connect patented devices used to extort control over the Oneworld airline alliance founded in Vancouver on 1 February 1999 with the live/digital fire attack on MH Flight 17 on 17 July 2014.

4. The 7/7 IFF Theater ClubSerco Patented Death Pool Re, Rothschild’s Con Air AWACS Wagers – Connect patented devices used to extort AWACS control over and wagers upon the outcome of a training exercise in the London Underground on 7/7/2005 with fake identification of friend or foe.

5. Twin Towers Theater ClubSerco’s Patented Death Pool Re, Rothschild’s Con Air AWACS Clock – Connect patented devices used in AWACS control over the radios needed to have 343 FDNY members evacuate the Twin Towers on 9/11 with the pyrotechnic devices used to spot fix times for killing fields and controlled demolitions.



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