Bush Says ‘Just Send Your Cash [to Haiti]’

Source: collective-evolution.com

19 Jan 2010—In the video below, the Haitians themselves are saying they do not appreciate the military being there. They do not need guns, they need food, medical supplies, and help looking for those under the rubble. Instead, whose moving all the rubble and searching? The Haitians themselves.

The US military has taken over the airport and decides who lands in Haiti. They have turned back Mexican planes with life saving supplies on them.

The Haitians are looking for “action, not words.”

Those who want to help are told, “Just send your cash.” Just the kind of thing that could go missing and land in the pockets of people other than Haitians.

The mainstream media, owned by the multinational companies fleecing Haiti, certainly won’t lay out for public consumption that the UN/US invasion and occupation of Haiti is to secure Haiti’s oil, strategic position, cheap labor, deep water ports, mineral resources (iridium, gold, copper, uranium, diamond, gas reserves), lands, waterfronts, offshore resources for privatization or the exclusive use of the world’s wealthy oligarchs and US big oil monopolies. from Flashback: Pillaging Haiti: US plan to turn Haiti into a tran-shipment terminal for oil supertankers

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