Budget Time is Terror Time

Source: The Technocratic Tyranny

June 15, 2017

If anybody is talking about it, I haven’t heard it but this leftist terror attack [GOP House Whip Steve Scalise] occurred at the same time that the Congress is holding budget hearings – and the one person who was seriously injured is the House Majority Whip. Others may think that’s a coincidence – but I caught it once before – when the Boston Marathon attack occurred. A few days before the event, as DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano was facing budget cuts – and then the attack happened. After the hearing on the event, DHS got generous budget increases. This time, I think it was a bonus for them to be able to do it on Trump’s birthday – kind of a smokescreen.

Senator Ron Johnson is the Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. If you’re interested, you should watch all of his hearings. Johnson hit my radar screen a couple of weeks ago because of his sponsorship of legislation to allow states to sponsor visas for foreigners. S.1040 – State Sponsored Visa Pilot Program Act of 2017. It modifies the Immigration and Nationality Act to allow the states to:

(W)(i) an alien who is sponsored by a State and who is coming temporarily to the United States to reside in the State to perform services, provide capital investment, direct the operations of an enterprise, or otherwise contribute to the economic development agenda of the State in a manner determined by the State; and

Foreign workers to perform services means just about any warm body that can fill a job slot to prevent an American from having it. A list of visa types can be found HERE. There is one listed in the legislation that is not on the list. The W-Visa isn’t listed so Johnson’s legislation is probably authorizing it. I found a description of it in a video produced by PBS. Doris Meissner was a Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization Services during the Clinton Administration. She described the W-Visa to the interviewer. The W-Visa truly is the “warm body” visa.


The justification for bringing foreign workers into the United States is because there are allegedly shortages of qualified American workers. That is total bullshit. “Shortages” is a worn out propaganda campaign that began in the 1982 in California when the National Council of Agricultural Employers hired an immigration attorney named Harris Miller. Miller waged a media campaign crying about shortages of agricultural workers. The propaganda included images of strawberry and lettuce fields rotting because there was nobody to pick the crops. The objective of the campaign was to break Caesar Chavez’s budding Farm Workers Union that was demanding better treatment for farm workers. Miller was successful at breaking the back of the union by flooding California with excess farm workers.

Following the successful campaign of flooding the California farm worker market with scabs, Miller formed the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA). He signed up all the Silicon Valley and technology companies to destroy the lives and careers of American IT and engineering people. He used the same strategy of shortage-shouting to get Congress to increase the number of H-1B visas holders to flood the IT job market – kicking off a race to the bottom to meet the wage levels of the rest of the world. Of course with all the Silicon Valley money to buy politicians, they were successful in getting the number of H-1Bs increased to allow Indians and other foreign IT and engineering people to take over the market for these jobs.

The research I did on Harris Miller was the first serious research I did on the Internet. If ever we get to hang the traitors to America, I get first dibs pulling the trap door on Harris Miller.

Profile: Harris Miller [“You’ve [Miller] been called the Antichrist of outsourcing.” – Jim Webb]

In that research, I found that Harris Miller had been working with the Indians BEFORE 1995 when the World Trade Organization was created. It therefore has to be considered that it was an organized and planned attack on the livelihoods of American professionals.

Please go to The Technocratic Tyranny to read the entire article.

What kind of a budget are they discussing here? Try $4.1 trillion. Observe closely the incredible level of self-importance these bureaucrats give to themselves while viewing these clips below. Don’t let them fool you. It is all about power and control (Please listen to this discussion on how Anton Chekov viewed unrestrained power and control in the Soviet Union). So while the planned attack on the livelihood of American professionals continues to go on unabated, these massive bureaucracies operating out of corporate Washington continue internal bureaucratic self-protective conflicts about what bureaucratic organizations like the DHS will receive most of that $4.1 trillion budget to implement their technocratic infrastructure. Do these bureaucracies including the FBI (commercial militia) and VIPR (Visible Intermodal Prevention & Response) have hit teams on call that can conduct hits like on Republican Whip Steve Scalise?

Hearing: Department of Homeland Security Budget (EventID=106005)

Watch Live: Budget director Mick Mulvaney testifies to Congress on the Trump budget

Briefing with Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney

Related information:

In the hearing where DHS Secretary John Kelly testified concerning that budget, Claire McCaskill asked about the budget for VIPR teams being cut. VIPR = Visible Intermodal Prevention & Response. There are 31 of them across the country. They were going to be cut to 8. The VIPR teams are more than likely the commercial assassins for the Department of Transportation. They respond to terrorism calls at airports, ports, bus stations, etc. All under transportation.

In Burns Oregon – Malheur Occupation, the FBI (researchers have thought) set up at the airport which was about 35 miles away from where the patriots were at the refuge. After learning about the VIPR teams, we do believe it was VIPR that murdered LaVoy Finnicum.

Interestingly, in the UK, their counterparts are called COBRA.


Here is John Kelly’s bio – he was head of Southern Command.


Other things mentioned in the DHS budget hearing: Plan Columbia, Alliance for Prosperity and Plan Puebla Panama.

https://www.brookings.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Mejia-Colombia-final-2.pdf (Please go to the article Open the Books on the Brookings Institute to read this related article.)


Alliance for Prosperity Plan in the Northern Triangle: Not A Likely Final Solution for the Central American Migration Crisis

Scroll down near the bottom to see the section on the Plan Puebla Panama:


One thing is that the plan is for the DoD to establish their Cyber Command. Cyber Command would be a global command like Africom, SouthCom, Northern Command, PACCOM. Cyber Command – global cyber security. The whole Russia hacking our election system (which is false) is the justification to implement these technocratic systems.


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