Ed.’s note: Florida remains in the top three of US states in terms of number of people trafficked year after year. According to a recently released article on the circumstances regarding Field McConnell, “Broward County, Florida, is one of the most evil and corrupt County Governments in the United States Municipal Government flock of corrupt State and County franchises.” Your keyboard works, right? What about your internet connection? Get busy. Or is everyone going to wait for President Trump (President Trump said: “Restoring the Republic of America is up to you.”) to save America? President Trump knows the government (Masons meeting manual) has no authority to exist except through the consent of the govern and there is no quorum. Let’s kick this off right though with some preliminary reading. WARNING: This article contains extremely graphic sexual content that may not be appropriate for all readers.

Female Offenders: Perpetrators, Predators, and Pedophiles

News update for 8 November 2019 on the subject of pedophilia:

Pedophiles ‘born not made’ claim could see child molestation as a ‘sexual orientation’


Source: BHTC

6 November 2019

Welcome! At BHTC, our passion is to bring awareness, education and action to the communities of Broward County in order to fight the heinous crime of human trafficking. Through our committees, speakers and outreach activities, we are able to make a difference in our community.

Find out how you can contribute to this cause by navigating this site, and getting involved!



A casual survey of some potential investigatory lines in Florida:

Broward Sheriff’s Office Watchdog

Broward County Schools, Teachers, and Students suffer because Ken Jenne embezzled $270,000.00 from BSO and Taxpayers to pay for a high-priced lawyer

Broward County school officer accused of slamming 15-year-old student to ground

Broward Human Trafficking Coalition

Broward Public Defenders Accuse Head Prosecutor of “Institutional Failures” of Justice

South Florida sex-trafficking victim tells her terrifying story

Revealing the Dark Truth About Human Trafficking in South Florida, Local Women Advocate for Victims and Fight Back

Drug Trafficking through the State of Florida

Cocaine comes roaring back to South Florida — and then some

Who were pedophile Epstein and prosecutor Acosta protecting with ‘bizarre’ deal?

Broward’s child welfare system failing, report says

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