British Intelligence Now Shown Leading The Coup Against Trump; We Can Defeat Them

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Image: Sir Richard Billing Dearlove, KCMG, OBE (born 23 January 1945) was head of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) from 1999 until 6 May 2004. Photo (Domusrulez / Wikimedia)

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February 8, 2018

In six months, the pamphlet from the LaRouche Political Action Committee exposing the history of Robert Mueller, the “amoral legal assassin” deployed to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency, has circulated widely and had an enormous impact.

Now, with parts of the “get-Trump” force thoroughly discredited, it is possible to go for the very head of the beast — British intelligence and the British geopolitics which President Trump threatens to overthrow.

The pamphlet stated boldly from the first, that Mueller and the entire drive to stop Trump, since 2015, was coming from British intelligence and the British “imperial” oligarchy.

The last 48 hours have seen it revealed, by the British Foreign Office in a court case in London and by the Washington Post in a lengthy article, that not just “former” MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s dossier, but multiple British intelligence assets are involved — as is the Foreign Office — and are deployed from the top to get Trump. And deploying them at the top? “Former” chief of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove. The same Dearlove who commissioned his own infamous “dossier” for Tony Blair, which “proved” Saddam Hussein had nuclear and chemical weapons!

That dossier disgraced Secretary of State Colin Powell and launched the disastrous Cheney-Bush 2003-2011 invasion of Iraq. This British campaign, using the “Steele dossier,” was intended to dictate to the United States that it was not permitted to have a President who wanted cooperative relations with Russia or China.

It was British Intelligence Services that meddled in our 2016 election. London’s MI6 Foreign Intelligence peddled British filth about Trump and Russia through Obama’s intelligence officials and the Clinton campaign, in order to disrupt the Trump campaign and Presidency.

Russia and the United States have been real or potential allies for centuries dating to the League of Armed Neutrality which helped win our Revolutionary War, to the Russian naval intervention against British support to the slave power in our Civil War, to the U.S.-Russian collaboration against Hitler which Sir Winston Churchill worked to destroy.

The same has been true of U.S. relations with China, in World War II and earlier. Now China invites the United States to join in expanding the Belt and Road Initiative, a global economic rebuilding and poverty-eradication project far greater than the Marshall Plan.

We need international agreements to build the most crucial new infrastructure worldwide, accepting China’s leadership in its Belt and Road Initiative. America itself has huge deficits for urgent new economic infrastructure, and needs to form a national credit institution to participate; a new Rooseveltian Reconstruction Finance Corporation, or a Hamiltonian national bank.

We need coordinated reinstatement of Glass-Steagall bank separation across the United States and Europe, before London and Wall Street take our economies into another, worse crash.

The United States would not accomplish these things if it had allowed a President to be removed at will, to comply with the British geopolitical doctrine of regime-change wars and great-power confrontations.

The memos which have now come out from the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee have blown open the Steele dossier and its use against Trump. Those exposed by these memos are quite unhappy, will try to recoup the drive to remove the President, unless truly defeated.

LaRouchePAC’s “Robert Mueller” dossier, if circulated en masse, can do that.

And it should not be forgotten that President Trump is getting “the LaRouche treatment” from the same Robert Mueller who launched the prosecutions of Lyndon LaRouche 35 years ago.

Mueller Probe NOT Winding Down – It’s Gearing Up, 2041




Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Government Under Contract [British]

By Anna Von Reitz

The federal government is a subcontractor hired by our states to provide the nineteen enumerated services described in each of three very similar constitutions.

(1) The Constitution for the united States of America (land) National Government
(2) The Constitution of the United States of America (sea) Territorial Government
(3) The Constitution of the United States (air) Municipal Government

The 1824 Webster’s Dictionary clearly states that the word “federal” is a synonym for “contract”. The “federal government” is a “contract government”. They are here to provide “essential government services” as stated by Article IV of all three constitutions. And they are foreign with respect to us and our states of the Union.

In 1860, the British-backed Territorial Government began an illegal commercial mercenary action against another branch of the Federal Government — some of the member states of the American states union formed in 1781 under the Articles of Confederation—-similar to what they have perpetuated innumerable times since in other places around the world, for the purpose of commandeering our National Government and putting their own puppet Territorial Government in charge. They were successful in doing this because they used clever semantic deceits and substitutions to fool the public into believing that nothing had changed.

Specifically, they removed the original States of States operating as “State of Florida”, for example, and substituted their own territorial “State of Florida” organization instead, so that it appeared superficially that no change had occurred. In fact, they had completely undermined our National Government and trespassed against us to take over international land jurisdiction functions that were never delegated to them.

The original State of Florida was converted to the Florida State, a place-holder land trust, also under the de facto control of the British-backed Territorial Government.

And they settled in to meddle with our affairs and feed off of us and rack up phony debts against us and our assets for the next 150 years. They have followed this pattern of secretive exploitation of other governments in other countries throughout the world. The British Government is the Enemy not only of America, but all national governments everywhere. Their greed and malice knows no bounds.

They have enslaved their own people since the reign of Queen Victoria via clever corporate enfranchisement schemes using semantic deceit to mis-characterize their own people as “citizens” and chattel properties standing good for the debts of the government. The same fraud has been perpetuated throughout the former British Empire, and of course, surreptitiously imposed upon the Americans, Germans, Japanese, and wherever else they could horn in and get their slave market going.

This has been done despite the fact that slavery, peonage, and involuntary servitude have all been outlawed worldwide since 1926.

The facts are nailed down and the conclusions cannot be refuted. Britain has been operating “America” as a puppet master since 1868. It was and is, as it has always been, the greatest threat to our national security and the peace of the world, and it deserves to be recognized as such. It also deserves to be recognized as a Trust Breaker, Hypocrite, and Criminal Organization on a worldwide basis.

While I am fond of the British Islands and their people, and a great admirer of many of their cultural achievements, the British Government and the affiliated British Crown Corporation and the British Banks, both Bank of England and Bank of Scotland, deserve to be excoriated for their roles in causing two World Wars, enslaving most of the world’s population, promoting Commercial Feudalism, and doing all this by means of fraud and criminal mercenary enterprises.

There is absolutely no doubt that the American states and people are owed vast amounts of money and the return of title to their land and other property to their control. They are also owed an end to British meddling and support for their efforts to restore their lawful government organizations that have been damaged or destroyed as a result of these hostile acts by the British Government and its affiliates.

The United Nations, which is simply a conclave of Territorial Government franchises, and an adjunct Vichy French commercial corporation known as the UN Corporation, also need to be shut down for their role in supporting, condoning, and expediting this vast fraud against all the national governments that have been pillaged and secretively undermined by the British perpetrators.

We must all— including President Trump— recognize that our actual enemies are not in Iran or North Korea, which just happen to be two last remaining hold-outs that have refused to succumb to the British Scheme– but are in fact in Whitehall and nested down in the Inner City of London.

The British Government and its affiliates have merely pretended to be our friends and allies while pillaging and enslaving us to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy. They owe us an incalculable debt and whether or not they ever pay it, that fact needs to be known, seen, and accepted for what it is. And even far more than the money, manpower, and natural resources that have been poured down the British drain, another debt needs to be recognized—- the debt owed to our loyalty, friendship, and sacrifice in the face of their Breach of Trust.


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