British Intelligence Behind “Russiagate”

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When President Donald Trump said in March 2017 that GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) was monitoring Trump Tower, he was right. The initial claim, made on Fox & Friends by senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, was ridiculed by Establishment media and Fox soon backed away from the story.

GCHQ officially works for “Her Majesty’s Government”, alongside the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and MI5. In 2013 Edward Snowden revealed that GCHQ was behind Tempora, a program to monitor online & phone data in the UK.

GCHQ sits at the head of the Five Eyes Intelligence alliance, which includes agencies in the UK, US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. All are members of the Crown, with the ostensible exception of the US. Five Eyes also operates Project Echelon, which analyzes data from all communications worldwide.

Michael Wolff claims in his book Fire & Fury: Inside the Trump White House, that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned Trump that there was a possibility, “that the British had had the Trump campaign staff under surveillance, monitoring its telephone calls and other communications and possibly even Trump himself”. Blair, of course, denies this claim.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal reinforces the likelihood that GCHQ was not only monitoring Trump, but attempting to swing the election in his favor. (

Special Counsel Robert Mueller could very well be an MI6 operative. Mueller has a history of covering up Crown crimes, including the BCCI and BNL scandals. (

The purpose of the probe is to pressure Trump to remain antagonistic towards Russia. This serves Crown interests by keeping the US and Russia divided. Thus the carefully-selected named “Russiagate”.

But while important actors in this propaganda drama are indeed Russian, a closer look reveals their animosity towards Putin and their allegiance to the Freemason Crown. Nowhere is this more obvious that in the case of the much-ballyhooed but little-investigated Alfa Bank, which did indeed have servers communicating with those of the Trump campaign.

The implication in the Establishment media is that somehow Alfa Bank is a tool of Vladimir Putin. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though Putin long ago declared war on the Russian oligarchs who helped MI6 destroy his country in 1998, Illuminati media still conflates Putin with the oligarch for propaganda purposes.

In 1997 Putin launched an investigation into Alfa Bank. His FSB found that Alfa was working with Chechen crime families to facilitate the drug trade in that region and later in Kosovo. Alfa was also working with Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and its subsidiary Brown & Root in constructing pipelines through the disputed Chechnya/Dagestan region. Both these actions were subversive to the Russian state.

In 1999 Alfa took over Marc Rich Holdings from the fugitive financier of same name. Rich was convicted of tax evasion and had worked with Bruce Rappaport and Reagan CIA director Bill Casey in their project to undermine the Soviet Union. Alfa was an important partner in those efforts. President Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich just before leaving office.

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Clearing the Fog of War: Lies, Damn Lies, Damn British Lies

Syrian President Assad and Russian President Putin in Syria, December 2017. Photo:

Damn Lies PDF

April 16, 2018

The Washington Post of Monday, April 16, portrays President Trump as surrounded by a traitorous foreign policy team which is lying to him constantly and persistently about Russia and actions this team has taken in the President’s name, in your name, against Russia and China. The Post attempts to claim that Trump’s national security staff staged a palace coup against him concerning Russia and Syria and that Trump lost the battle. But the President responded immediately by acting against the traitors around him. He scuttled the appointment of Nikki Haley’s assistant, the Never-Trumper Jon Lemer, for a national security post with Mike Pence. The White House announced that new sanctions against Russia, based on Russia’s support for Syria, which Nikki Haley promoted only yesterday, were being rolled back. It was publicly announced that President Trump still wants to meet with Vladimir Putin, although a date has not yet been set.

At the same time, French President Macron bragged to the world that it was he who duped the President into a missile attack on Syria, reviving the very Clinton/Obama regime change doctrines the American people righteously rejected in the 2016 elections. This only sets the stage for ferocious blowback on the President of France.

As the fog of last week’s actions lifts, several aspects of our present situation are much, much clearer. While the Anglo-Americans fall all over themselves to stupidly declare they have caged Trump, it is very clear that their claimed victory is pyrrhic, arrogantly delusional, and temporary. They were reckless and the blowback potential is enormous and revolutionary for the world, if the American people now join Lyndon LaRouche’s call to “cancel the British Empire.” At no time since Franklin Roosevelt declared his intention to end British colonialism, has the Anglo-Dutch Empire been so fragile and exposed. Here are the relevant features of our present situation:

1. The Syria chemical attack hoax, the Skripal poisoning hoax in Britain, and the British-inspired coup against our President are all one British strategic package. Britain, with its long-time poodle France in tow, is now out to lead the Western world in challenging Russia and China, who are claimed to be practicing something called “totalitarian capitalism.” Here is how British imperial scribe Allister Heath described the British motive for the poisoning hoaxes in Salisbury and Syria in the March 14 London Sunday Telegraph:

“We need a new world order to take on totalitarian capitalists in Russia and China… Such an alliance… would dramatically shift the global balance of power, and allow the liberal democracies finally to fight back. It would endow the world with the sorts of robust institutions that are required to contain Russia and China… Britain needs a new role in the world; building such a network would be our perfect mission.”

Across the pond, as they say, a similar foundational statement was made, at the very same time, by 68 former Obama Administration officials who have formed a group called National Security Action, aimed at securing Donald Trump’s impeachment and attacking Russia and China.

Please go to LaRouchePAC to read the entire article.


The first article linked here is from Veterans Today providing evidence the White Helmets operating in Syria are a British creation:

British Intelligence Agency behind White Helmets’ Lies in Syria


The second “news” article linked below from The Guardian, which is British intelligence, attempts in a sophisticated way to make the claim there is an “online propaganda machine against the White Helmets.” Note the use of the word “machine”, yes, a “machine”, an unstoppable and truthful machine as alternative news sources continue countering state-sponsored propaganda organs (well funded machines) like the British The Guardian.

How Syria’s White Helmets became victims of an online propaganda machine


Syrian Boy in White Helmets Video Reveals TRUTH


Former UK Ambassador Reveals Truth About Syria – With Special Guest Peter Ford


British Brains; American Muscle

UK Spies Are the World Champs in False Flags, Lying and Deception and Have Been for Centuries

Skripals poisoning ‘highly likely’ staged by British intelligence – Russian Foreign Ministry

Yulia Skripal ‘held hostage by British authorities’ — Russia’s OPCW ambassador

Containers With Chlorine From Germany, Smoke Grenades From UK Found In Syria’s Ghouta: Russia


And finally, we come to this because it ranks last in its effectiveness as propaganda. What the hell is this? A suspected “chemical weapons” attack and this female CNN journalist is taking a whiff of these children’s backpacks and clothes? Isn’t that right CNN, always go for the children for their innocence and no, children wouldn’t lie would they? CNN are so ethically and morally compromised it’s a wonder CNN can even retain enough reporters to keep their state-sponsored propaganda “machine” even halfway going.

Suspected chemical attack survivors speak to CNN


The ONLY sensible solution to Syria at this point? Jeffery Sachs offers his “professional” insights, sort of like the “Holy Grail” of the problem in Syria.

Jeffrey Sachs drops a massive load of Syria-related common sense on MSNBC

CIA goes to war on Syria in a secret clandestine international criminal conspiracy in coordination with the British and the Saudis that has cost the lives of an estimated 500,000 people, displaced 10 million Syrians and has cost $400 billion in the destruction of Syria. This has been a disaster and is getting deeper and deeper to the point now where a direct military confrontation with Russia which is “extraordinarily dangerous” is getting closer as the USS Harry S. Truman moves into the Mediterranean. The Anglo-Americans started a proxy war on Syria shrouded in secrecy which has caused incredible chaos in the region.

“Timber Sycamore was a classified weapons supply and training program run by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and supported by various Arab intelligence services, most notably that of Saudi Arabia. Launched in 2012 or 2013, it supplied money, weaponry and training to rebel forces fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian Civil War. According to U.S. officials, the program has trained thousands of rebels.[1][2] President Barack Obama secretly authorized the CIA to begin arming Syria’s embattled rebels in 2013.[3] However, the CIA had been facilitating the flow of arms from Libya to Syria “for more than a year” beforehand in collaboration with “the UK (United Kingdom), Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”


Virginia State Senator Richard Black properly identifies the British being behind the staged chemical attack in Syria. Senator Richard Black discusses the latest “chemical attack” in Syria as a false flag attempt at pressuring Trump into a reckless confrontation with Russia in Syria instigated by the British.

There Was No Chemical Attack in Syria


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