Britain, Brexit, EU, Threatening Russia and the Rise of Nationalism

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Britain’s enemy is not Russia but its own ruling class, UN report confirms

by John Wight • November 20, 2018

Police officers search an area next to a homeless man, Windsor, Britain, October 11, 2018 © Reuters / Darren Staples

As the UK political establishment rips itself to pieces over Brexit, a far greater crisis continues to afflict millions of victims of Tory austerity.

A devastating UN report into poverty in the UK provides incontrovertible evidence that the enemy of the British people is the very ruling class that has gone out of its way these past few years to convince them it is Russia.

Professor Philip Alston, in his capacity as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, spent two weeks touring the United Kingdom. He did so investigating the impact of eight years of one of the most extreme austerity programs among advanced G20 economies in response to the 2008 financial crash and subsequent global recession.

What he found was evidence of a systematic, wilful, concerted and brutal economic war unleashed by the country’s right-wing Tory establishment against the poorest and most vulnerable section of British society – upending the lives of millions of people who were not responsible for the aforementioned financial crash and recession but who have been forced to pay the price.

From the report’s introduction:

“It…seems patently unjust and contrary to British values that so many people are living in poverty. This is obvious to anyone who opens their eyes to see the immense growth in foodbanks and the queues waiting outside them, the people sleeping rough in the streets, the growth of homelessness, the sense of deep despair that leads even the Government to appoint a Minister for Suicide Prevention and civil society to report in depth on unheard of levels of loneliness and isolation.”

Though as a citizen of the UK I respectfully beg to differ with the professor’s claim that such social and economic carnage seems “contrary to British values,” (on the contrary it is entirely in keeping with the values of the country’s Tory establishment, an establishment for whom the dehumanization of the poor and working class is central to its ideology), the point he makes about it being “obvious to anyone who opens their eyes,” is well made.

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Source: RT News

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Hillary Clinton always the politician with her duplicity chimes in on the topic of immigration into Europe while Paris burns (resentment of carbon tax). These globalists DO NOT like healthy national self-interest in any of its forms which countries like Japan and Russia are advocating.

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“For Thierry Meyssan, the way in which Germany and France are refusing the right of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union demonstrates the fact that the EU is not simply a straight-jacket – it also goes to show that the Europeans still care as little about their neighbours as they did during the two World Wars. Manifestly, they have forgotten that governing a country means more than simply defending its interests in the short term, but also thinking in the long term and avoiding conflicts with its neighbours.”

Secession from the European Union



Like I Said Months Ago — It’s Not the Russians, It’s the Brits, Again

By Anna Von Reitz • Saturday, November 24, 2018

Just a reminder to those who insist on thinking of the British Government as friendly and sane.

Want to know who really interfered in the last election? The Brits.

And how did they interfere? By trying to prevent Trump’s election, and then by trying to undermine his presidency.

Always they are at the bottom of the dog pile. Always. It is always some aspect of the British Government at fault, doing the dirty, provoking the stinking outcome, stirring the pot, interfering, stealing, lying, cheating, and involving us in their bad behavior:


Russia’s meddling in American elections? What about America’s meddling and interfering in the elections in 80 different countries all around the world for the past 70 years as Tulsi Gabbard points out in this clip?

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Stupidity of some mainstream media coverage has me defending Russians… again!

The Treaty of Westphalia





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