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Ed.’s note: For anyone who really knows what is going on Breitbart News isn’t looked to for real news except if you want to be led around by Israel and Jewish interests in the US. Best course of action: Stay clear of Breitbart NewsBreitbart News was behind Donald Trump’s presidential campaign from the very beginning. There were more positive stories put out by Breitbart News on Donald Trump during his campaign than any other media source. In fact, Trump shared more links to Breitbart News in his Twitter comments than any other source. If we really think about it, Americans are probably sick of all the “Washington Conservative Pundit” website propaganda and is getting on everyone’s nerves in a huge way.

If you are looking for the “truth,” chances are you won’t find it, least of all at Breitbart. Best to stay clear of most news sources, groups, individuals and purveyors of racial/ethnic promises of supremacy, something that Steve Bannon seemed to be a part of with his involvement in a foundation (something about “gladiators to protect Europe“) at a monastery in Collepardo, Italy. Bannon was also at BreitbartBreitbart was described as the “platform for the Alt-right,” this goes to demonstrate that Jewish interests are dominating the discourse on what it means to be “conservative.” It is nonsensical for non-Jews to obtain their world view from Jewish interests. That’s like depending on a Jewish philosopher to tell you how to interpret Nietzsche. You read Nietzsche and then come to your own conclusions.


Source: Christians for Truth

Breitbart is a Jewish operation to the core – and it has been that way from the beginning. 

August 24, 2019 

In an article from August 2016, Breitbart’s Jewish CEO Lary Solov stated:

“They say that we are “anti-Semitic,” though our company was founded by Jews, is largely staffed by Jews, and has an entire section (Breitbart Jerusalem) dedicated to reporting on and defending the Jewish state of Israel.”

As one of the largest of the so-called “alternative” media websites, Breitbart attempts to be edgy by reporting stories that may be popular with Whites, while at the same time controlling the narrative and obscuring the Jewish hand and power structure.

Breitbart News Network: Born in America, conceived in Israel.

Larry Solov also wrote in article in 2015 explaining how Breitbart was born in Israel:

“A lot of people don’t realize this but Breitbart News Network really got its start in Jerusalem. It was the summer of 2007, and Andrew had been invited to tour Israel as part of a media junket. I agreed to tag along as his lawyer and best friend. What neither of us knew at the time was that the trip would change our lives and give us the inspiration for Breitbart News Network.”

One of its co-founders was Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist, who described Breitbart as “THE platform for the alt-right.” Yes, this is the same Steven Bannon who was recently outed for his close associations with Mossad operative and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

Ben Shapiro, another Jew who plays the part of an edgy “conservative” when he’s not studying the Talmud, which is the jewish blueprint for subverting White Christian society, also spent a few years at Breitbart as a “political commentator”. 


Update for September 10, 2019:

Steve Bannon’s Gift

Bannon’s Claws of the Red Dragon (trailer)

If readers think we are being unfair towards Jewish people, they have a legitimate gripe. Have a look at this Russian footage of the atrocities perpetrated on Jews and non-Jews alike in Russia when the German Waffen-SS Einsatzgruppen carried out wholesale massacres. This was one of the reasons Lt. Col. Claus von Stauffenberg attempted assassinating Hitler. Claus von Stauffenberg even though politically naive as a German military officer, was fed up with the Waffen-SS.


Source: Fort Russ

WATCH AND DOWNLOAD! 1945 Documentary Revealing Nazi Atrocities 

By Tom Winter | September 4, 2019 

“Everybody should watch this.” — about one Ouradour in the west — but about the hundreds in the east? 

In the west, there was only one Oradour sur Glane. In the East, the Nazis committed hundreds of Oradours, wholesale massacres of entire villages. In the documentary — if you watch it — you will see mutilated bodies, faces mashed in, and worse.

[We’ve attempted to directly link it here below, but YouTube may ask for an account, age verification sign-off, before being able to see it. Good luck! – ed, Flores ] 

In the west, the French massacre at Oradour is the only one the people know about, and there have been several films about it. It got into the American popular magazine Reader’s Digest under the title “War for an Afternoon.” I read it in my youth, but there was never anything at all about the Nazi Oradours in the Soviet Union. Here is the preface to the 2017 film about Oradour: 

On 10 June 1944, the village of Oradour-sur-Glane in Haute-Vienne in Nazi-occupied France was destroyed, when 642 of its inhabitants, including women and children, were massacred by a German Waffen-SS company. A new village was built nearby after the war, but French president Charles de Gaulle ordered the original maintained as a permanent memorial and museum. 

You’ll Never Think About Solar Panels Again After Watching This 

That there were specialized killing units following the invading Nazis is known — 

“Nearly 4 million German soldiers advanced through Soviet-occupied territory from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and into the Soviet Union itself. The German army was followed by Einsatzgruppen A, B, C, and D—four special mobile killing units, each made up of about a thousand men from the security police and the German intelligence service.” 

Please go to Fort Russ to read the entire article.



Breitbart News Network: Born In The USA, Conceived In Israel

Masters of Discourse

All the Gentiles do is kill one another for Judea

Somehow this all seems to be connected right up to the present day doesn’t it?

9/11 and Jeffrey Epstein: Media Malfeasance on Steroids

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