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Timothy Holmseth: The Murder of HaLeigh Cummings

Timothy Charles Holmseth is a former newspaper reporter, magazine writer, song writer, author, and publisher.

Residing in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, he is the proud father of a daughter and son.

Timothy has been recognized by the North Dakota Newspaper Association, as well as Boone Publishing, with first place awards for his work as a reporter and columnist, including Best News Series. Other accomplishments include special awards for his work in sales and marketing; as well as songwriting contracts with several music companies.

Timothy has worked in the field of social work and was required to pass state and federal background checks before hire. He ws also interviewed by the Minneapolis FBI in 2010 and was deemed credible by the agent.

In 2009 Timothy was contacted by the private investigator working for the mother of a missing child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings. He began to conduct interviews in advance of a magazine feature regarding the missing child, which resulted in his obtaining highly sensitive information regarding the activities of organized crime in Florida. 

He was told intimate details about why the child was missing, who really took her, how they did it, who police had questioned, and the illegal activity by participants to escape prosecution.

Timothy has interviewed members of the Florida legal community, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, family of the missing child, and case witnesses.

Timothy learned that a criminal underground, that operates internationally, is kidnapping children in a new age form of organized crime and fraud.

Almost immediately upon learning the truth about HaLeigh Cummings, an organized crime enterprise began to contact his family, friends, former employers, police, and initiated a cyber-stalking campaign on the Web.

In 2010, with help from the FBI, Timothy won a battle with a Public Information Officer for the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. Using interview, quotes, and reports from the mainstream media, he exposed a hidden event involving the missing child. He successfully acquired secret documents that blew the lid off the fact HaLeigh had been kept hidden and was alive.

Proof of HaLeigh’s positive welfare resulted in ‘quiet retirements’ from the sheriff’s office and the re-issuance of HaLeigh’s nationwide Amber Alert.

Timothy’s life has been threatened, and he’s been subjected to multiple acts of extortion and blackmail. He has been threatened with murder, rape, and mutilation. Most of the threats are accompanied by warnings to stop saying HaLeigh Cummings is alive.

Beginning in 2011, the blackmail was carried through on, and he was falsely accused of heinous acts and crimes. Every single investigation by the State of Minnesota and State of North Dakota rendered findings, via Official Affidavits, that Timothy was one-hundred percent innocent of the allegations against him.

Timothy has been interviewed several times by the FBI, and turned hours over recorded interviews they requested from his archives pertaining to select key players. The recordings contain discussions involving kidnapping and murder.


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