BREAKING: Clinton Informant Breaks Silence, Survived Murder Attempt Before ‘Critical’ Testimony

Source: Conservative Daily Post

Secretary Clinton approved the sale of American uranium to Russian benefactors while Secretary of State in 2010.

Capitol Hill has been swept into a Russian frenzy since the 2016 election. As Democratic and Republican legislators alike scramble for any whiff of Putin, the establishment has begun to crumble.

The special counsel headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller is tasked with finding any and all Russian collusion and election meddling. The Senate has created a committee to probe into the dealings of the auction of American uranium to Russia.

As secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton approved a deal to sell one fifth the United States uranium production to a Russian company. Senate Republicans will be holding a closed door testimony of a secret informant concerning bribery and extortion from within the Russian company.

The Uranium One Deal involved a 2010 sale of the Canadian company, Uranium One, with mines inside the continental United States. The buyer was the Russian company Rosatom. Rosatom is a nuclear power company owned by the Russian state.

The Senate committee was hoping to keep their star witness’ name a closely guarded secret. An FBI informant and former Uranium One employee has decided to come forward for his own personal safety.

William D. Campbell worked as a lobbyist for the Canadian company. The FBI informant has recently come forward and revealed to Reuters he is the one who will be providing the Senate committee with documents and testimony.

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  • i DONT KNOW , A Canadian , an FBI informant who was let off charges , it all sounds very fishy to me , one thing is certain Canada cannot be trusted at all , and the FBI has as much credibility as mickey mouse .

  • In an after thought ,Let us recap , The Dossier against Trump from a British agent and is fake , the Canadian is a crown agent for certain given he would not be in that position ulesss the Crown who runs Canada allowed him , the FBI are crown agent protectors going on who they consider to be a terrorist and their past actions on the tea party etc , This is starting to smell very badly for being truth . Given the dossier alone tells us with certainty that it was the UK who interfered with the election not Russia , not that i am a great fan of Russia either . I woul be very wary of this one , they all have had plenty of chances to get the Clintons with real evidence of many crimes but they did not . The way i see it ,any excuse of interfence no matter which side could be the trigger for a new rigged election which is the real goal . Canada was 100% involved in 911 ..

  • As much credibility as Mickey Mouse? Wow! …and I thought FBI was an acronym for “fat, bloated idiots”.

  • Looks like seal team 6 just goes on forever and are just as sneaky as the rest . New Disturbing Details in Green Beret Murder Case Report: Navy SEALs Strangled Green Beret To Death In Mali Over Stolen Cash.

  • For those unaware, we also can’t trust Reuters and AP “news”. They’re owned by the Rothschilds.
    Reuters owns the AP andRothschilds own Reuters.

    Like others, I don’t trust anyone connected to FBI, CIA, etc. even though I know there are white hats among the blacks and it seems the white ones are actually doing necessary things lately.
    Re the mysterious “Q” here is the latest “they” posted yesterday:

    If they’re “real deal”, they posted a “++” on Nov. 18, the timing of the mysterious helicopter/plane crash over the Rothschild estate. The pluses are symbolic for “Rothschilds” – so that and their “quietness” about the deaths are making many think it’s likely at least one – like Jacob died in it.
    Re the other mysterious CIA/Marines/Langley story – this:

    Marines took documents and computers

    Hope someone trustworthy can let us know for sure about them but I can understand why they wouldn’t right now since it’s a “quiet war”. But it’s getting “not so quiet” lately.

  • Hillary and Gang, got to HANG.

  • …Just adding to your comment, Steele was not just MI6, he was at the Russian Desk there….

  • I think Canada basically has their face right up the bum of Queen Elizabeth and always has. Think of our neighbor to the north as a very big English cousin who cannot be trusted with American interests.

    Whores and hockey players? Maybe, but certainly loyal to Her Majesty the Imperialist.