Bombshell Seth Rich Video Released – This Has To Go Viral – Twitter Goes to Work Banning Seth Rich Reporting

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BREAKING: Twitter begins banning accounts that report the Seth Rich story


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  • Also see….”Day 216, #HRCRatLines” investigative series by George Webb on YouTube

    especially summary…. “Spies, Lies – Deplorables Be Ready”

  • EXCLUSIVE: A Look Inside The Chat Room The Deep State Uses To Fight Trump Seth Rich was assassinated with his believed to be assassins captured by US federal police forces after a running gun battle two days later on 12 July—and who were named in their original charging documents as 19-year-old Keyante Edwards, 18-year-old Alpha Jalloh and 20-year-old Keith Jones—all three of whom have completely disappeared from all US record searches of those charged with and/or convicted of crimes.

    Of the most important of these three believed to be assassins of Seth Rich, is Alpha Jalloh, whom though identified in his Washington D.C charging document as being 18-years-old, previously identified, in 2015, as being 26-years-old and a “high level fence and shipper” belonging to an international car theft criminal organization operating in New York City and New Jersey.

    In fact, electronic surveillance of Alpha Jalloh that concerns were first raised about Seth Rich when in early July, 2016, this international criminal, who had been “suspiciously” released after his 2015 arrest, and believed to be an FBI informant, was discovered to be in direct contact with both Hillary Clinton’s New York City campaign office and the DNC office in Washington D.C.. This is a must see .
    QUEEN VISITS MANCHESTER HOSPITAL – “We Had Practiced Actually A Month Ago….. How Very Fortunate”
    So i dont think she knew about the false flag .