Boeing-Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot (BHUAP) – Dual Use Science and Technology


The aim of this research document is to prove the technology, deployment and use of the Boeing-Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot (BHUAP) in the hijacking of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 in the early hours of March the 8th 2014, whilst en-route from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Beijing, China. As Boeing has already admitted to such technology having been installed on its aircraft, this paper will investigate the B777 flight systems and the avionics technology supplied by Honeywell and related companies to expose the history of the BHUAP and how it operates.

Using publicly available information, the argument will take five principal forms:

Section 1

• Evidence by way of Media Reporting as to the existence and deployment of the Boeing-Honeywell Uninterruptable Autopilot and the Boeing and Honeywell Antihijack Patents

Section 2

Black Text-Evidence by way of existing remote flight technology capable of the task, developed by Boeing, Honeywell and associated avionics and software companies


Blue Text – Evidence by way of patents filed and approved to accomplish the task by Boeing, Honeywell and associated patent holders


Red Text – Evidence by way of a combined analysis based on the patents and the as – installed technology aboard the B777 – 2H6ER with emphasis on how BHUAP works within these systems

Section 3

• Evidence by way of analysis of the flight path and system disruption of the B777 – 2H6ER flight MH370

To open, Honeywell filed for a patent in 2002 US20030030581A1(1) “Secure aircraft communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS)” a method and apparatus that permit military aircraft operators to use the civilian Aircraft Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) technology while ensuring data security. This invention relates to work done as part of the Dual Use Science and Technology program under US Air Force Research Laboratory Agreement No. F33615-01-21808

The patent goes on to say “With the increase in automation, airlines, military, and civil aviation organizations are relying on ACARS for air traffic and operational control. Unfortunately, automated information exchange between airborne and ground computers also increases the vulnerability of the system and may severely impact the safety of a flight or an air space.”

Please download this full report below.

Agent redacted:

The blue and green paragraphs below are quick items to generate interest. I am the ORIGINAL RELATOR of the BHUAP and ATI as they pertain to 9/11 and MH370. Both paragraphs are in the 66 page document that I ‘inspired’ partially published above and I believe it establishes my expert witness value for the Trump team. Unless you tell me you have sent to TT at new email, I will send it to him after your opinion is expressed.

If you scan the entire 66 page doc you may agree that no ‘bad guys’ want me and this doc in an open trial. However, I have already offered to bring a Qui Tam if Trump revisits 9/11 and this piece would be the first word and the last word. Timing is interesting because COPE TIGER military exercise is beginning soon in Thailand and Malaysia. AD will have two ‘agents’ in the area, one from Scotland and one from Wisconsin.

Field McConnell

Section 1 – Media Reports Regarding the BHUAP Reporting on The Boeing Company In response to Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 at District Court, District of North Dakota on 27 February, 2007 (Case entitled FIELD MCCONNELL v. ALPA and BOEING), Boeing issued a statement to reporters documented on the 3rd March 2007 admitting to the existence of the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot. This was extensively reported. For posterity Appendix 1 – London Evening Standard & The Daily Mail (3)(4) contains a dual article run on the 3rd March 2007 relating to Boeing’s Uninterruptable Autopilot patent and Boeing’s statements confirming it. The article opens with the lines “The mechanism is designed to make it impossible to crash the aircraft into air or land targets – and enable the plane to be flown by remote control from the ground in the event of an emergency. Scientists at aircraft giant Boeing are testing the tamper-proof autopilot system which uses state-of-the-art computer and satellite technology.”

The last cruel twist, FJDG administration is run by Serco. It is possible that the AWACS hit by the USAF in Cope Tiger was anticipated and needed by the perpetrators, giving them plausible deniability, whilst the US was then goaded into a cover-up as they had initially used the BHUAP during 911. Serco, KNOWN FOR EXTORTION, could then extort the US further as getting rid of MH370 and the remaining passengers had to be accomplished by the US military. If not, then the US’s involvement in 911 will be revealed. Serco could then take the cargo or Freescale employees and not have to clean up the mess. Israel could then use the Tel Aviv Twin to conduct a terrorist attack, pretending 9M-MRI was MH370. The US has long been humiliated by Serco and Israel (and the City of London Livery Companies). We would contend that this is a continuation of that as Israel draws the US into another war in the Middle East whilst having a second swipe at Malaysian Islamists. The Continued Search It is anticipated that MH370 would be dumped by ship somewhere inside the Serco-trained, Australian-led search zone possibly to be found later. The aircraft cannot be powered up without Malaysia, Rolls Royce, Boeing or Inmarsat receiving an inexplicable SATCOM or ACARS ping. (76) Another scenario might see yet another crashed jetliner with bodies on board from MH370, MH17 for example.

Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot 
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