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Ethiopian Airlines Is Making Huge Advances In The US

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by Nicolas • January 27, 2019

When the most successful airline in Africa (who we are big fans of and for a good reason you can read here) makes a play for US travelers, it’s worth it to stop and take notice!

According to Onemileatatime, The airline recently revealed new routes to US for the summer period of 2019, something new, something old and something canceled.

Ethiopian Airlines Aircraft Taxiing

What are the details?

There are three major route changes that readers need to be aware of.

Los Angeles Canceled

The first is Ethiopian canceling their Addis Ababa to Los Angeles route. Originally, the airline ran a stopover flight since 2015 to LA via Dublin, where it actually used fifth freedom to pick up (and drop off passengers). Whilst this gave the airline skin in the European transatlantic game, for whatever reason it was changed to fly via Lome, Togo in December last year instead.

The route between Addis Ababa and Los Angeles. The solid line is the original route, and the dotted line is the replacement route that has been running for six months.

But this has not seemed to work, with the airline dropping the whole route outright.

Chicago Increased Frequency

The second route change is increasing the frequency between Chicago and Addis Ababa. The airline currently runs the route three times a week but will increase to five times a week in summer 2019. The route flies non-stop eastbound but makes a fuel stop (with no pickup, but passengers can get off) in Dublin on the way back to the USA.

New Route To Houston

The last major change that we know of at this time is a new service between Addis Ababa and Houston. It is believed that the planes used on the canceled LAX route (Dreamliner) will be moved to here. The route will operate three times a week and will be the only direct flight from Houston to East Africa.

Please go to Simple Flying to read the entire article.


Updated March 15, 2019:

Here’s the terrifying reason Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 is grounded across the globe

More on Boeing’s MCAS (maneuver characteristics augmentation system) system as being the technical problem related to 737s crashing as Boeing and Airbus are in intense competition:

Boeing, The FAA, And Why Two 737 MAX Planes Crashed

Pilots complained at least 5 times about Boeing 737 MAX problems, records show

Two Boeing 737 MAX 8 pilots reported nosedives after engaging autopilot in 2018, data reveals



March 12-13, 2019


That’s what happens when you stop hiring white people and go to the lowest common H1B visa denominator,

THERE. I had the guts to say it like it is, and did it in a single short sentence.

As it turns out, the recent Ethiopian air Boeing 737-MAX crashed due to structural failure, and not a nose down causing pitot tube. I called B.S. on the pitot tube the first time around, and was reluctant to the second time around because it got blamed again and I thought “Maybe”. However, the real problem is that the plane is a PIECE OF CRAP that fell apart in flight. Why? Just LOOK HERE.

FACT: Boeing products were without question, NO QUESTION WHATSOEVER, the best in the world until this diversity crap took center stage. Boeing rose to greatness with the work of the WHITE RACE. That is a completely, totally, irrevocable WRITTEN IN BEDROCK FACT. But I’ll be a racist for pointing that out I guess. Now that Boeing has called diversity the most important thing they can be a part of, rather than building quality aircraft, we have crap like what just happened with Ethiopian air having a BRAND NEW 737 MAX fall apart in mid air.

It was not the pitot tube. It was not a software issue. Eyewitness accounts clearly prove the airplane simply fell apart in the sky so badly it was dropping “clothes and papers” and creaking and rattling from failing metal.

Now the only question is whether or not Al Bajeeb did not laminate something on the assembly line, or if Phi Bhopar screwed up the engineering somewhere, and ALL OF THESE PLANES need to be thrown in the trash! FACT: The 737 MAX is the first Boeing plane produced with “diversity” being a key component of it all. And what is now happening clearly proves that WHITE LIVES MATTER. THERE. Said it again. And I admit that I am a bigoted racist homophobic intellectually stunted ANTI SEMITE for saying it!

FACT: It takes growing up in the first world to fully understand how important it is to GET THINGS RIGHT. It takes growing up in the first world to fully understand that all of these great inventions DO NOT RUN ON MAGIC and “white boy” did not rise to greatness by screwing everyone and snorting fairy dust. Hiring someone who cooked with cow dung for the first 30 years of life just because a piece of paper said he was qualified does not cut it in the real world, Predominantly these H1B visa engineers are nothing but software jockeys who simply lack the sense they need to see a fatal flaw the software, for some reason, does not point out. AND GUESS WHAT: America invented the airplane, mastered electrical distribution and designed nuclear reactors WITHOUT that software. Go figure. How the hell did that happen? YOU GUESS.

/rant.Here are the eyewitness testimonies that prove the all new “strength from diversity” Boeing simply built a horse sh*t product:

“It was a loud rattling sound. Like straining and shaking metal, ” said Turn Buzuna, a 26-year-old housewife and farmer who lives about 300 meters (328 yards) from the crash site.”Everyone says they have never heard that kind of sound from a plane and they are under a flight path, ” she added.

Malka Galato, 47, a barley and wheat farmer whose field the plane crashed in, also described smoke and sparks from the back. “The plane was very close to the ground and it made a turn… Cows that were grazing in the fields ran in panic, ” he said.


Tamirat Abera, 25, was walking past the field at the time. He said the plane turned sharply, trailing white smoke and items like clothes and papers, then crashed about 300 meters away.

“It tried to climb but it failed and went down nose first, ” he said. “There was fire and white smoke which then turned black.”

My comment: There is ONE THING that matters: It was trailing debris before it hit and sounded like shaking and straining metal. No reports of explosions (no bomb) just reports of it making loud noises, falling apart, and crashing. That blows control software and pitot tube B.S. straight into the trash. No software update is going to fix this problem!

The white smoke was probably from debris damaging the engines. People noticed the noises of metal coming apart, not the engines, which can only mean the structural failures were so massive they were louder than the engines.

This type of failure was not possible in new aircraft from the original, no diversity, classic Boeing the company built it’s reputation on. If this kind of crap is going on, Boeing is now below the quality threshold of 1970’s vintage Tuopolev craft, and if they don’t stop focusing on diversity and START FOCUSING ON QUALITY, they are going down, it won’t be limited to this one POS.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE: When Trump blocked Iran from receiving all those “nice new Boeing” aircraft, all he did was prevent them from importing CRAP!


Here’s an interesting theory on what brought the Ethiopian Boeing 737 down:

Boeing 737 Max: An Artificial Intelligence Event?


Ethiopian Airlines: Flight recorders recovered from crash site

EU aviation safety agency grounds all flights on Boeing 737 MAX planes

Australia suspends Boeing 737 MAX flights

Boeing stock plummets on 737 Max 8 grounding decision

Australia suspends Boeing 737 MAX flights

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