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Ed. note: Pete Buttigieg’s ghost-written book has the title Shortest Way Home which is a misnomer, the title should be: “Shortest Way to The White House.” The UK news source The Guardian ran an article by Charles Kaiser on Buttigieg titled: “Shortest Way Home review: Pete Buttigieg as president in waiting” demonstrating all the big corporate media companies including in the UK are on a massive and intensifying PR campaign to put Buttigieg in the White House. Kaiser describes this ghost-written book as “the best American political autobiography since Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father,” so you just know this is a “Barack Obama 2.2” mass corporate marketing job. Buttigieg’s book was obviously ghost-written by his handlers and Zionist connections considering the book is a “New York Times Bestseller.” The Zionists have crowned Buttigieg.

Buttigieg steals Beto’s thunder

Pete Buttigieg Sets L.A. Fundraiser Hosted by Gay Hollywood A-List (Exclusive)

If readers don’t think electing a homosexual as president won’t peak the interest of most Americans, read the book. Imagine for moment how titillating it will be for Buttigieg and his male partner occupying the White House. The White House will break all records for tourists. It is likely that Kaiser being a book reviewer, contributed to writing this book while simultaneously writing to bring American institutions into question. Noting also that Kaiser is the author of the 2007 book The Gay Metropolis: The Landmark History of Gay Life in America. This would make sense considering Buttigieg’s past was been created for him being awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 2007. He received first-class honors from Pembroke College, Oxford. The thought comes to mind the “oligarch carpetbagger” is being primed by the “hidden hand” located in the UK to convert America to a “gay disco.”

“The new proxy group that replaced blacks in America are the homosexuals. A group has been organized to completely overturn the social order because the life of a homosexual is lived in contradiction to social order. It is a life of chaos and confusion to the rest of society. As free and as diverse as homosexuals think they really are, they are in reality slaves to their oligarchic masters. Homosexuality is a form of control opening themselves up to all kinds of manipulation for reasons completely out of the control of homosexuals themselves. They’ve abandoned all moral law and therefore have abandoned all reason. Call homosexuals ‘proxy warriors’ for lack of a better description. Oligarchs are saying to homosexuals especially placed in positions of authority like in politics, ‘Look, you can run rampant in your homosexual bathhouses as along as you don’t question our tyranny.'”

All the big websites and corporate media are promoting Buttigieg in a big way. Buttigieg is becoming a total corporate media blitz creation. It looks as though they are pushing this guy like he is some sort of savior that will work well in the cult of personality culture of America. When New York puts out a book for an unknown homosexual like Pete Buttigieg, the Zionists have big plans for him. “Zionists” readers might ask? Well yes, Breitbart News ran a news story on Buttigieg being behind the continuous calls for stricter gun control. Breitbart News is an operation partially run out of Israel and was the major news source for all things Trump leading up to Trump’s election. Fox News is putting its weight behind Buttigieg as well discussed in the Fox News article partially posted below. Did anyone notice Fox News and Donald Trump have had a falling out?

How Fox News evolved into a propaganda operation

The Jewish oligarch Michael Bloomberg has been a big influence behind gun control in America which is an elitist agenda according to many opposing views. Bloomberg was joined with George Soros who placed millions of dollars behind anti-gun law-makers. Another Jewish oligarch behind the anti-gun agenda is Tom Steyer. Of course if Steyer, Bloomberg and Soros are criticized in anyway, the term “antisemitism” is dragged out to silence all criticism of their elitist agenda.

The Jewish oligarch Bloomberg is one of the America’s most outspoken opponents of the “right to own firearms” (you don’t need a written amendment to protect your life from physical harm), and a leading force behind Mayors Against Illegal Guns. One tactic Bloomberg uses is to promote the statistic that “34 Americans are murdered with guns each day.” A far more relevant statistic is that far more significant but of course denied: “2,100 to 6,800 people—according to the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms—safely use guns each day to protect themselves and their property and prevent criminal attacks.” The reality is because of Jewish history in the ghettos of eastern Europe, when others have guns it terrifies them. Bloomberg, Soros and Steyer’s ultimate goal is to ban the private ownership of guns in America and Buttigieg is joining them – if he wants to become president.


Source: Fox News

Pete Buttigieg was voted ‘most likely to be president’ in high school, report says

April 20, 2019

Years before Pete Buttigieg announced his presidential bid, his high school voted him “most likely to be president of the U.S.,” a report stated.

Buttigieg, 37, an Afghanistan war veteran and mayor of South Bend, Ind., formally announced his run for president Sunday. The Democratic presidential contender has seen his poll numbers surge in recent weeks.

Apparently, Buttigieg has had his eye on the presidency for some time now. Katie Kowals, a nurse who told ABC News that her brother-in-law knows the mayor well, told the media outlet that Buttigieg was “voted most likely to become president in our yearbook.”

Please go to Fox News to read the entire article.


Source: Breitbart News

Pete Buttigieg Wants More Background Checks, Reinstatement of Social Security Gun Ban

by AWR HAWKINS | 20 Apr 2019

Democrat presidential hopeful Mayor Pete Buttigieg supported gun controls Barack Obama pushed, as well as the gun control “framework” Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns sought.

Buttigieg’s gun control support, documented through the years on his own Twitter account, shows his support of everything from Obama’s push to criminalize private gun sales via universal background checks to Bloomberg’s overarching gun control agenda.

When Obama was in office, Buttigieg tweeted:

Please go to Breitbart News to read the entire article.



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