Biden Openly Admits He is a Zionist – YouTube Censors Abel Danger Comments


Just one hour ago Abel Danger posted a comment to an AP (Associated Press) Video on YouTube.

Biden at DNC: ‘Americans Do Not Scare Easily’

Listen to Biden publicly admit to Israeli news that not only he’s a Zionist, HE’S INEXPLICABLY TIED TO ZIONISM. HE IS NOT american. (Treasonous Joe Biden · I’m Inexplicably Tied to Zionists)
That video LINK led to here.



Now this is how the censorship worked.  The comment appears when logged into our Abel Danger account but to everyone else the post does not exist.


 biden ad main posted


Post appears when logged into our main Abel Danger account


biden ad2


Post doesn’t appear when another account.  Please see for yourself.  The post is invisible to everyone but our account which posted, making us believe we aren’t censored.  As you see below someone immediately liked the comment but then it doesn’t appear under the video.


biden ad LIKED
Please copy and paste this comment to the AP video.
Listen to Biden publicly admit to Israeli news that not only he’s a Zionist, HE’S INEXPLICABLY TIED TO ZIONISM. HE IS NOT american.


Let us know if you are being censored as well to other viewers.


Update: After posting to another video regarding the DNC, this time from the NY Times, without mentioning Zionist, or any form of the “Z” word, the same censorship is now permanent.  Frankly, we don’t care yet exemplifies the degree which zionists control public opinion.


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  • Redheadedlady63

    You are most certainly correct….it isn’t there when I check the AD YouTube account.

  • Hmmmm. US Congress created and Act Declaring the Bible to be the Word of God. How come Biden has no answer as to who the Jews who claim to be Jews are not but are are in fact liars and are of the Synagogue of Satan? Can these ones referred to in the Bible as being discovered to have stolen others wealth and have it hidden in their homes be a clue as to who they are? When Jesus, in all other instances forgiving and peaceful scourged the high Jewish priests and overturned their money exchanging tables for violations of Gods law, stealing from the innocent law abiding people,is this not yet another clue as to who these imposters are? Just mere days after he did this the Sanhedrin council of last resort, breaking even more rules was presenting Jesus to a Roman governor for capital punishment of a false charge. How can Biden act as a power broker saying God Bless the people when in violation himself? Take the plank out of your eye before attempting to help you neighbors might be a good review for him. What “god” is he serving? Like the commoners song “Before You Accuse Me Take a Look at Yourself” Biden is just another mindless empty puppet of Roman Civil Law and twisted rules leading to destruction. How many useless papers that should be tossed in the trash has he put his signature on? As a responsible employer I advocate he should be fired.