Ben Carson Goes After Terror-Tied CAIR, Wants Investigation of Tax-Exempt Status

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1 Oct 2015
Washington, DC

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson wants the IRS to investigate the Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The Saudi-funded, terror-tied CAIR may have jeopardized its non-profit status and violated the law by calling for Carson to step down and withdraw from the presidential race.

Routinely described as a “Muslim advocacy group” and a “civil rights organization” by the mainstream media, CAIR’s foundations tell a very different story. CAIR’s founder and current leader, Nihad Awad, has proven ties to Hamas, a U.S.-designated Palestinian terrorist group. FBI wiretaps found that Awad asked early CAIR employees to use coded-language when discussing their support for Hamas, due to its terror designation.

CAIR also has significant ties, if not membership, with the global Muslim Brotherhood, as the founders of CAIR were all members of Muslim Brotherhood-launched outfits.

CAIR has “brazenly violated IRS rules” as a tax-exempt organization, which are prohibited from intervening “in a political campaign on behalf of—or in opposition to—a candidate,” Carson alleged.

“Under the Obama administration, the IRS has systematically targeted conservative nonprofit groups for politically motivated audits and harassment,” Dr. Carson, one of the frontrunners for the Republican nomination for President, said in a statement on his website. “The agency should now properly do its job and punish the real violators of America’s laws and regulations.”

Meanwhile, Carson has seen a surge in contributions towards his campaign in the past 36 hours. Campaign manager Barry Bennett told ABC News on Thursday that the GOP contender has raised about $700,000 in the past 36-hours.

“This is not the first time that CAIR has disrespected U.S. laws or America. It has previously lost its tax-exempt status by failing to file federal taxes three years in a row. It had also been named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal conspiracy to funnel money to Hamas, a terrorist organization,” Dr. Carson reminded readers on his website.

The feud between Dr. Carson and CAIR started when the GOP nominee suggested that he would not “advocate for” a Muslim to become president of the United States. Carson would later clarify that he was talking about Muslims that follow Sharia Law, which calls for barbaric treatment of non-Muslims and women. CAIR then responded by calling for Carson’s immediate resignation. Instead of taking questions at their press conference suggesting Carson step down, CAIR ejected a Breitbart reporter for asking questions of the terror-tied outfit.

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  • Wonder what old Ben would have to say about AIPAC and the terrorist state they support, the folks who really run America. My guess would be not much as he has sworn his undying love to the kosher sausage…This song always comes to mind when I see a politician flap his/her lips.

  • That is right , there is not one runner that is not . Anyone who is waiting for some white knoight from the corrupt system i place is dreaming . If they can get away with everything they have done plus spray deadly chemicals on you for yrs , what cant they get away with ???? iT ALL COMES DOWN To the Clinton gang Bush gang CFR , ROCKEFELLER GANG ROTHSCHILD GANG and the headquarters in UK ., Tgis mafioso is way too big to stop and they own the bum court system . Looks to me like they are doing China's bidding and have agreed to surrender USA CANADA , AUSTRALIA to China who Israel is helping to roduce bio weapons . YOUR GOING TO LOVE what China has planned .

  • "Islamic terrorism – run out of Saudi Arabia for Israel by the United States."

  • He is backed by Murdoch Lowry , ADL .