Because The Ongoing Carnage Happening In South Africa Isn’t Being Reported

3,000 Horrific Murders Of SA White Farmers And Families By Rape And Torture Since Apartheid Ended – News Blackout

By David Kraft
July 31, 2017

I came across a story on South Africa that so flew in the face of everything I thought I knew, I had to dig deeper because the story was so riveting. I spent a few weeks reading every story I could find and listening to what the ruling ANC Government and their rivals were doing and saying. Shocking is the best way to describe it. Things like “I am not calling for the slaughter of Whites, not for now” the EFF Party Leader Julius Malema [AD note: See Related reading at the end of this essay on South Africa to see that Julius Malema is a British asset. Kill off all the Boers as interlopers to the City of London then who ever is left standing works as slave labor to pillage South Africa of its resource. It’s a rather simple yet deadly formula especially when dealing with an abysmally ignorant population like the vast majority of the population in South Africa now are. The last thing on the mind of those in the City of London is how much food the Boers can produce in South Africa on their farms, so it makes little difference how many are murdered on their farms.] said to a large crowd gathered. You can find the video easily on Youtube.

One of Julius’s tribe described what that meant in his cultural parlance is ‘get in the starting blocks and wait for the gun to sound’ and/or ‘I won’t stop you if you jump the gun’. Malema has been filmed leading the singing of ‘Shoot the Boer, Kill the Farmer’ to his followers. A rash of savage Farmer murders happened not long after that. Then I watched The South African President Zuma also lead a huge gathering in singing ‘Shoot the Farmer’ I could reach only one conclusion: White Genocide in South Africa is happening, is government supported and is in the final stages of a long proocess. More than a quarter of the Afrikaaner population now lives in squalor; dirt floor tin shacks with no plumbing or electricity. Concentration camps that need no guards or walls, it’s an economic prison you can’t escape from.

Over 70,000 Afrikaaners have been murdered since power was handed over to Nelson Mandela in 1994. That in no way minimizes the three or four hundred thousand Black people murdered since the ANC came into being. Most people think of Genocide as a mass extermination event of a targeted ethnic group in a short amount of time. That is just the second to last phase before denial and cover up, according the Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch dot com. He has dedicated his life to warning the World while there’s still time. Stanton pegs the South African situation at near redline for a mass murder event of the White Population.

Spend the next few weeks reading about the brutal Farmer murders, rapes and torture for hours or days and then try to deny it’s happening for real. Often nothing is stolen from the terrorized Farmers. A large majority of Farmer murders in South Africa were NOT committed by strangers, but often by current or former employees of the Farmer. Or people associated with the employees. EFF’s Julius Malema publicly stated that as soon as most of the Afrikaaner’s farm land is given to the Government, the attacks will stop. This is an undeniable direct link between a Political Party Leader and savage, brutal and unspeakable horror unleashed on peaceful farmers that have been there for 365 years. The Mayflower landing in America 32 years prior to the Africaaner’s arrival in Cape Town gives a perspective of how long the Whites have lived in South Africa.

The Afrikaaners didn’t steal anyone’s land in stark contrast to what American settlers did to the Natives and what happened to the Aborigines in Oz. No Blacks were indigenous to South Africa except for a small tribe of light brown Bushmen related to the Kalahari as portrayed in the funny film “The Gods Must be Crazy”. There was plenty of room for everyone. The real savage invaders of South Africa are tribes like the Zulu, not to mention the English.

The Blacks weren’t seen until 150 years AFTER the Afrikaaners landed in Cape Town. They aren’t Farmers, they are conquerors who kill all the men of a rival tribe and enslave the women and children. The Zulus live off the land until it is burnt out and then they go kill and plunder somewhere new. That’s how they got to South Africa. This violent tribe of Barbarians are now in charge of South Africa. That idyllic Rainbow Race Nation that the World pictures is a savage lie. There was an old video of Nelson Mandela on the news that portrayed him as a man of peace and reconciliation. The entire unedited version of the video has been posted on YouTube that paints a completely different picture. The original News broadcast cut out the part of Nelson leading the singing of ‘Shoot the Farmer’. It showed what liars the network News were back then and nothing has changed.

Traditional Farming is not in the Zulus’ “DNA” and the White Africaaners produce nearly all the food. None-the-less the Zulus have been systematically behind the genocide of white farmers to the absolute ruin of the country. Their leaders advocate it publicly. It’s not a theory, it’s happening now and it is similar to the process of other African Genocides like Rwanda and Zimbabwe. The process started long ago with over 3,000 White Afrikaner Farmers murdered in 23 years since the ANC took power. An estimated 70,000 total Whites have been murdered by Blacks along with perhaps 400,000 Blacks murdered mostly by other Blacks.

The reason no one knows for sure is they stopped releasing murder victims’ race because that would be racist. Not including the Afrikaaners, there’s nine major tribes with no love between them. Their only unifying construct is their mutual hatred of the White Afrikaaners. The radical Affirmative Action hiring policies of the ANC have shut Whites out of the work force so effectively that there’s 80 Afrikaners’ squator camps with 400,000 White people living in horrific squalor. The ANC didn’t lift the Blacks out of poverty near as effectively as they dragged many formerly prosperous Whites down to living on former garbage dumps – in dirt floor tin shacks with no sewage treatment or running water.

After the Genocide of Afrikaner Farmers is complete, you will see mass starvation like Africa has never seen. The reason is simple, the Zulus and other Black Tribes are not farmers by nature. Their hatred of Whites runs so deep that men born long after Apartheid ended are taking brutal revenge on people that had nothing to do with Apartheid Government. Farmers are being murdered in unspeakable ways. Tortured with hot clothes irons, raped with broken bottles or simply beaten to death with iron bars. One women was killed with a large cruzifix shoved down her throat. Often bibles are placed on the dead. One Farmer was dragged behind his own truck on a rocky dirt road until he became unrecognizable.

It’s statistically more dangerous to be a White Farmer in South Africa than a frontline line American combat soldier in the the Middle East. Who could ever imagine farming being more dangerous than soldiering?

August 3rd, 2017 has been given as a deadline for the Whites to walk away from their farms with no compensation. The ones inclined to leave have already left. The remaining White Farmers can’t go anywhere. Their currency the Rand has lost three quarters of it’s dollar exchange rate value in 23 years since the ANC took over. Suggesting all South African Whites should just go back to Europe would be like expecting everyone in Iowa and Wyoming to pack their bags for an overseas move to a foreign country. It’s a ludicrous idea. Most Afrikaaners do not have the means to leave even if they wanted to. With the 13 to 1 Rand to dollar exchange rate, relocation is cost prohibitive to average Africaners and visas to travel are extremely difficult to come by. Why is that?

The Zulus would rather have the pleasure of killing all the White Farmers one family at a time, verses allowing them to emigrate. Not exactly the Rainbow Race Utopia you imagined – is it? The ANC government confiscated an estimated 40% of all legally owned guns during their reign. Most of these confiscated guns have vanished. How? Large scale “thefts” of firearms are common. Police stations have been known to deal in confiscated guns even renting guns by the day. Cops are almost as likely to commit a crime themselves as the general public. One cop showing up at the scene of a rape asked ‘if she enjoyed it?’ If it’s 2am, somewhere in South Africa a family is being raped, tortured and killed.

The torture could last hours or days and sometimes they leave the husband alive so he can relive the horror for the rest of his life. HIV is so prevalent in South Africa, getting raped could be a death sentence. Many Black People in South Africa still believe in Witch Doctors. Their folklore includes a novel cure for AIDS; raping a virgin – a white one preferably. And this is the truly barbaric part: This means children and babies are prime targets. Yikes! South Africa leads the World in per capita rapes and murders; this is the ANC’s legacy. It’s not pretty. When I posted this, my old friend from High School Rob commented “this has been debunked”. What better way to turn your back? Do your own research with fresh eyes and reach your own conclusion. This story has been hidden by omission on the News. You have to dig deeper like I did.

One of the alarming trends in the United States after our last election is blocking roads and calling it a protest. I classify blocking roads as an act of war on individual safety and security in traveling unmolested. I put police checkpoints and TSA grope downs in the US in the same catagory. People trapped in road blocks are sitting ducks for ruthless thugs. There was one famous case in the US of a trucker being dragged from his tractor trailer and savagely beaten to a pulp. Blocking roads with burning buses is a common tactic of Black South Africans to protest the lack of “service delivery” from the government. So called “Protest” Road Blocks in America should be dealt with by overwhelming force.

In many areas of South Africa, motorists don’t stop for traffic signals unless they must to avoid a collision. This is done to avoid being carjacked. If you get a South African Cop on your tail and he tries to pull you over, the best thing to do is drive to a Police Station if you know where it is and it’s close. The guy behind you with a flashing light might not be a real policeman. Even if he is, expect to pay a “fine” on the spot, or something much worse could happen to you. “Protecting and Serving” as a police motto, that’s laughable in South Africa and a growing trend in America. TIA… This is Africa.



British asset Julius Melema calls for the killing of whites (Boers) when previously he was in London photographed with Lord Robin Renwick Julius (“Julius?”). Malema singing “shoot the Boer, shoot to kill.” Hey Cecil, “the white man’s burden” remember? What the City of London couldn’t do to the Boers during their uprising in 1914, will certainly be accomplished now through the City of London’s proxy the ANC.

British asset Julius Melema with Lord Robin Renwick Julius in London.

Julius Malema talks about killing White People

White Genocide in South Africa


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South Africa is where the population of Africa head when they are looking for jobs, food, housing and state support which is only going to create worse economic conditions than already exist, this will be especially true if white farms are confiscated as the ANC is threatening to do under Zuma which will reduce food production in South Africa:

SA population rises to 56.5 million – Stats SA

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  • Roland Edgar Dent

    Situation in Europe:
    The Interests of Goldman Sachs Dream
    The Communist Dream
    The Fasicst Dream
    The Green Dream
    The Catholic Jesuit Dream
    The Zionist Dream
    The Academic Dream
    The Criminal Dream
    The Socialist-Liberal Dream
    The City of London Dream
    The Frankfurt am Main-Bonn Dream
    The LGBT Dream
    The Paedophile Dream
    The Islam Dream
    The we hate Russia Dream.

    All of these people are seeking an orgasm off the back of the ordinary people in Europe.
    Squeeze ’em dry and let ’em die.
    Take your pick. All of the above have the same aim.

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    If something has happened that you know is WRONG, then use the technology we have, the EMAIL to make a complaint like this to the HUNGARIAN Embassy in London

    Dear Hungary in the UK,

    I would be most grateful if you could advise your civil/military airspace management of the following concerns:

    1. I expect free access to Budapest in any civil airliner no matter who is on the passenger list.

    2. I expect Budapest to be running Budapest affairs. Brussels does not run Hungary: if it does please forget about this message

    3. I do not expect Budapest to be partisan agin any RF citizen

    4. I want to feel comfortable and safe in Budapest

    5. I am a UK citizen. My heritage is Hungarian.

    6. I am a good customer of Hungarian food products. I have a very high regard of Hungary, a respect.

    7. Given the situation in W Europe there is a good chance I will invest in Hungary.

    8. When I am in Hungary I want to feel secure without noticing that civil airliners are circling above.

    9. En route to Budapest in a civil machine I do not want to worrying about landing permission or diversions

    10. I do not want my associates drawing false conclusions about Hungarian sanity.

    I hope I make myself clear. (Here state your real name and zip/post code. Tel or fax no. of you want.)

  • “The Rothschild Template for War” at VeteransToday…

    Boer/Rhodes War is classic example of imperialism. When the Afrikaners discovered diamonds and Gold, Cecile Rhodes faked a border event and Britain invaded South Africa. Winston Churchill was ‘reporter’ and on-site propagandist for this butchery. Over 27,000 Afrikaner POWs were starved to death after British victory.

    “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” by Michael Rivero on YouTube has more examples.

  • Re -Ominous signals

    ‘MI6: Fifty Years of Special Operations’ names Mandela as MI6 [KGB Double?] Agent

    He might have been but the story of Libya supplying the IRA is rubbish because we know know most of the IRA WERE BRITISH SPECIAL FORCES , Remember the stake knife scandal ?? Scap file bombshell revealed

    Greg Harkin — co-author of Stakeknife: Britain’s Secret Agents in Ireland, and is the Editorial Director at Local Press Limited in Northern Ireland.


    Senior cops knew of a plot by a notorious Army spy to kill one of their own agents – NINE months before the murder. The shock revelation is contained in secret security files, which also show that two Special Branch officers weren’t told of an IRA plot to kill them. The leaked documents – described as “devastating” by a senior security source – also indicate that an IRA informer was sacrificed to protect a more highly regarded informer.

    The allegations relate to three key spies inside the IRA:

    Freddie ‘Stakeknife’ Scappaticci, who ran the IRA’s notorious ‘nutting squad’ while working for the Force Research Unit.

    Joseph Fenton, a Lenadoon man codenamed ‘The Driver’, who was shot dead by Scappaticci’s squad in February 1989.

    Charles McIlmurray from Andersonstown, Special Branch agent ‘Sealink’, who was abducted and killed by Stakeknife’s gang in April 1987.

    One RUC source report reveals the IRA suspected they’d been “given” Mcllmurray to protect Fenton, and, ironically, got Scappaticci to investigate.

    The document, authenticated by a senior security source, was dated June 6, 1988 – nine months before Fenton was killed and 14 months after Mr McIlmurray was shot dead. …

  • Have you noticed they never say a thing about the Redcoats who did all the slaughter ? Then imigrated all the black people , then point the finger at anybody white who were not even alive or there when it happened and start the race baiting blaming white people for what the British did , they are doing that exact same thing with the muslims and aborigines in Australia right now backed by USA of course .

  • I hated him then, and I still hate him now, the false entity that was Nelson Mandela….and love to take the opportunity to derise his fake legacy to anyone who quotes him as a hero, a man of peace….piece of shit

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