Barbie Doll Briefing at the US State Department Regrets the Killing of Civilians in Yemen…Yawn

State Department URGENT Press Conference with Heather Nauert on Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Turkey


There’s more of course…

A Chilling Look Inside the US-Backed Strike on a School Bus in Yemen

The Pentagon doesn’t know if US-made bombs killed kids in Yemen

US special forces secretly deployed to assist Saudi Arabia in Yemen conflict


Finally, someone in the US making sense.


It’s almost as if Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is asking for a Pentagon-backed drone strike on his residence in Turkey?

Turkish Lawyers Demand Raid On Incirlik Air Base And Arrest Of U.S. Military Personnel


Wtf Pentagon, thought the targeting technology was better than that to avoid taking out a school bus full of children?

Yemen: Dozens of civilians killed in school bus attack | Al Jazeera English


“Yes, no one is more concerned about civilian deaths than we are”. Were the enemy hiding behind women and children on this bus in Yemen, General Mattis? Apparently, the United States of Lockheed Martin requires more munitions and RQ-170 Sentinel drone sales for missions over Yemen. That’s a pretty expensive proposition: Locating credible targets for Saudi Arabia in Yemen then dropping expensive munitions on a school bus. That comes out to what cost per child? $240,000 per child killed? Oops sorry, it was a bus with children on it.

Mattis: No One More Sensitive to Civilian Death


Another commission, another probe, another investigation…yawn…burp…zzzzzzz…business as usual.

House Dems Push Pentagon to Probe Illegal US, Saudi Activity in Yemen


The Slackers – I Still Love You



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