Bannon’s Plans for a “Gladiator School” In Italy Get Scotched

Ed.’s note: The problem with Steve Bannon’s project along with Benjamin Harnwell of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute (DHI) in Italy to establish what has been referred to as a “Gladiator school”, is flawed for any number of reasons. The least of which is that it has been Israel along with Jewish networks including Neocon think tanks that have been behind stirring up the hornets nest of Islam over the past 18 years. Harnwell wants to train and mobilize Christians and Jews against Islam. See a problem with this scenario? The “academy of the Judaeo-Christian west?”

The claim is that Christianity is the most “persecuted religion in the world”, when Israel has been behind getting the US to bomb and destroy every country in the Middle East except as of yet Iran? How many millions of Muslims have been killed over the past 18 years since the events of 9/11 kicked off the “war on terrorism?” An estimated one million Iraqi people have been killed since 2003. Bannon came out of Breitbart News, and remember, Breitbart News was “born in America and conceived in Israel.”

We highly suggest that if you are involved in any dissent over Muslim immigration, to not join any group or allow yourself to get recruited by any organization advocating anything related to the following. You will be vectored into racist motivations more than likely all controlled opposition. Are you joking us? Have we gone stark raving mad? Christians killing more Muslims for Jews and Israel.

Why the warning? Because Opus Dei is run by rabbinical networks so stay clear in the best interests of obtaining even a modicum of peace in this temporary dysfunctional shit hole we find ourselves in. The far right Lukid Party in Israel and a far right Opus Dei-backed “Gladiator school” in Italy run by Steve Bannon and Benjamin Harnwell? Hmmm…is it starting to “click” for readers?

OPUS DEI’S RABBIS/The Enemy Has Possession of the Citadel

News update on this post for June 3, 2019: It appears the academy will continue in Italy despite the monastery deciding not to allow the property to be used for Bannon and Harnwell’s “academy of the Judaeo-Christian west?” The event looks like it will be held in August. Here is a partial list of attendees:

Owen Benjamin; Vinny Eastwood; Joe Rogan; Jesse Ventura; Nigel Farage; Stephen Yaxley – Tommy Robinson; Abby Martin; Kaitlin Bennet; Winston Peters (N.Z foreign minister); Pauline “Please Explain” Hanson – One Nation Party Australia; Fraser Anning – One Nation Party Australia


The European New Right: Symptom of the West’s Decline


Source: Politico

Italy to evict Steve Bannon’s academy from monastery

Former adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump Steve Bannon | Joel Saget/AFP via Getty Images

Trump’s former chief strategist planned to use alt-right academy to build European nationalist movement.

By Rym Momtaz | June 1, 2019

Steve Bannon’s training academy for nationalists is set to lose its spiritual home.

Italy’s Culture Ministry announced it will revoke the lease on a state-owned monastery given to Dignitatis Humanae Institute (DHI), a right-wing Roman Catholic institute affiliated with Bannon, the former Breitbart executive and ex-chief strategist to Donald Trump.

“DHI has failed to comply with the obligation to pay the concession fee, the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance obligations,” Gianluca Vacca, undersecretary for cultural heritage said in a statement Friday.

Bannon saw the alt-right academy at the Trisulti Charterhouse in Collepardo, around 70 kilometers southeast of Rome, as part of his vision to build a movement bringing together populists from across Europe. His project drew criticism from the left and was also denounced by a top Catholic cardinal in May.

According to a letter obtained by POLITICO, Cardinal Renato Maria Martino, the honorary president of DHI, raised objections to using the monastery for political purposes. He wrote to Benjamin Harnwell, Bannon’s close associate in Italy who is spearheading the project, on January 29, 2019 demanding that there be no “distortions or modifications” to an original plan to create an apolitical Catholic study and training center.

Please go to Politico to read the entire article.



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