Date of Report: 7-27-2015. 
Prepared by “The Shadow”

Malaysian Airlines MAS370: MH370: Boeing B772: 9M-MRO

Date of Incident: 3-08-2014

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Beijing, China. P.O.B 227: Crew 12: Total 239 

Malaysian Airlines MAS17: MH17: Boeing B772: 9M-MRD** 
Date of Incident: 7-17-2014 
Amsterdam, Netherlands – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. P.O.B 283: Crew 15: Total 298


GermanWings GWI18G: GW-4U-9525: Airbus A322 
Date of Incident: 3-24-2015 
Barcelona, Spain – Dusseldorf, Germany. P.O.B: 144: Crew 06: Total 150


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+001 715 307 8222 

** This is the airframe that was claimed to be servicing MH17.

Evidence obtained conclusively proves that the airframe of 9M-MRO, [which serviced MH370] was used for servicing MH17.

Disappearance of Aircraft Investigation Notes ~

Date of Preparation ~ July 27 2015

• Aircraft departure as per protocol and on-time.

• FlightRadar24 data shows erratic, frequent “Military-style” directional and altitudinal anomalies off coast of Malaysia at FL350. [Flight Level 350.] Two fast moving unidentified targets in immediate vicinity of MH370. I believe these were Military Fighter Jets despatched to intercept and commandeer MH370 to Diego Garcia. The NZ Herald reported three weeks after the disappearance of MH370 that the aircraft had performed a series of Military style manoeuvres that were pronounced, and for which would not be within the capacity and training of a commercial Pilot to perform. There would accordingly have to have been intervention by Military Personnel.

• MH370 executed a left turn at immediate point of ATC handover. No communication with Vietnam ATC. VATC reports MH370 unaccounted for 17 mins after comms should have occurred. Search & Rescue teams not activated until app 5hrs later, claiming darkness as the reason for deferral.

• Initial search focuses to the East for app 9 days. Chinese produce photo claiming it is wreckage of MH370. Oil slick detected on South China Sea and investigated. Proves to be not from an aircraft. Chinese later admit photo was “Stock Files” and not MH370.

• Those awaiting arrival of MH370 given minimal information and rapidly removed to a nearby hotel. Placed in a locked room with heavy security posted outside.

• Information from Authorities is vague and sporadic and reveals little information of any significance or comfort.

• Authorities announce pings from MH370 detected in a westerly direction. Search moves to Southern Indian Ocean and relocates multiple times. No wreckage or associated items located.

• Local Villagers hear sound of loud “screaming” aircraft engines app 0100hrs at Marang, located in North West Malaysia. It is south of Sultan Mahmud International Airport. My investigations show no hangers or suitable storage facilities for a B772. Villagers filed report to Malaysian Police 1030hrs. Information passed to Malaysian Military to investigate. We hear nothing further and little is mentioned of this event.

• MH370 is detected flying over the South West Coast of Malaysia, crossing over Kawalagi International Airport. This is briefly mentioned in MSM. Reports that aircraft may have diverted due to fire on board. This is unlikely because –

• Aircraft did not file a Pan or Mayday communication.

• No alerts issued of any type. Not consistent with genuine emergency event.

• No reason to completely change direction in an emergency.

• Aircraft crossed over TWO International Airports without filing a distress call or making any attempt to land.

• Pilot suicide is ruled out. Aircraft could have been flown directly into sea from FL350 without need to fly hours off course in wrong direction, creating extreme likelihood of detection. Captain was of sound mind and had commented to a friend before flight that he was looking forward to going shopping on his return. Not likely the words from a suicidal Pilot.

• Inference made to MH370 climbing to FL420, stalling and diving into sea. Possible but ruled out – no wreckage detected – Aircraft positively identified by Civilians at a waypoint after this location.

• Reports from persons on ground awaiting flight arrival of cellphones of passengers ringing. Discounted by Authorities as being ringing tone, whilst telephone exchange attempting to locate handsets. If cellphone off it will go to messaging or give a recorded message that handset is off or outside coverage area. Authorities claim cellphones won’t operate over 7,000ft. My investigations show firm evidence of a cellphone ringing aboard a B763 at FL390. Questioning of pax reveals Flight & Cabin crew have their cellphones switched on during flights and can send/receive voice calls and sms.

• Evidence states two successive cellular calls made from Flight Deck of MH370 from Co-Pilot’s handset. Call one connected to called number, then terminated. Second attempt registered with a Cell site Tower in Penang, near route diverted flight took. Cellular Service Provider refused to supply data pertaining to calls.

• Thai Military detects two “fast moving objects” on a South Westerly trajectory, opposing and prior to MH370 passing through same airspace. Reports made by two civilians of what appeared to be an aircraft on fire. One person stationed on an Oil Rig; One solo sailing off west coast of Australia. Both stated fires looked unusual and of an orange colour. I believe they saw the afterburners of two military fighter jets on route to intercept MH370. Thai Military did not report these events until four days after MH370 reported missing. They stated they were not concerned as the objects detected were not in/near their airspace and as such were not an immediate threat to their country.

• Boeing B772 airliners have two transponders and one ACARS system, located in the Electrics & Electronics Bay [E/E Bay,] external of flight deck and below floor of forward galley. Accessed via hatch. This houses the entire “brains” of the aircraft and where access would need to be made to disengage appropriate units/circuits. Both Airbus and Boeing have Uninterruptable Auto-Pilot systems installed. [Referred to as BUAP & AUAP] This system does not allow flight crew to over-ride it. Is installed intentionally to take external control of a flight in the case of fire, emergency or terrorist situation. It is accessed via the ground and takes the control of the aircraft out of the Pilot’s control and cannot be over-ridden. MH370, and GermanWings 4U 9525 are both believed to have been hijacked via this method.

• Multiple “Person’s of interest/value” were on-board MH370. Twenty from Freescale Semiconductor which is located in Austin Texas, USA. It is owned by The Carlyle Group and is owned by Lord Jacob Rothschild. He is named on a patent for a micro-chip, along with the four inventors, who were claimed to be aboard but whose names do not appear on the Pax manifest. The patent for this microchip was filed on December 22 2012 and approved on March 11 – 3 days after MH370 went missing – [Read: hijacked.] If any named benefactors are deceased or “presumed deceased beyond reasonable doubt,” the proceeds of same document are dispersed amongst the surviving benefactors. This Microchip is the world’s smallest and most advanced. Whichever Country/Military has possession has ultimate advantage over its opponents. Twenty other cyber-spy, military systems engineers, Company Executives, etc were aboard MH370 from Companies such as Huawei, ZTE, IBM and other Companies of significance.

The microchip is known as the KL Kinetis 03, invented in Freescale’s facilities in Kuala Lumpur and on-route to their testing facilities in Beijing, China. The prototype was aboard MH370. My investigations into this microchip in early 2015 by accessing Freescale’s website, shows the product available for purchase and receiving a design award in 2014. Quite feasible, given that MH370 went missing March 2014; however this would require the inventors to be alive to produce the product. I believe they were.

• Pings detected in Bay of Bengal. Confirmed by search teams after their searching in the Southern Indian Ocean. I believe this to be where the B772 headed to perform a wide turn for line-up at its intended destination.

• Sighting made of low-flying aircraft matching Malaysian B772 description by fishermen in the Maldives at app 0615hrs. The time is consistent with time zone changes and distance and flying time lapsed. Witnesses’ claim aircraft flying lower than normal. Engines were “screaming.” The engines would most likely be at full power settings due to the thicker air at lower altitudes, combined with flaps configured to maximum extraction, essential for MH370 to remain airborne. My investigations concur with the reports from these witnesses. I believe they positively identified MH370 on final approach for Diego Garcia Military Installation located on an Atoll to the South after crossing the Chagos Archipelagos. The size and colours were consistent. Aircraft was reported as a B747; however, given these witnesses were viewing from the sea, and with 747 and 777 aircraft being of similar dimensions, could easily be mistaken. These reports were mentioned by Malaysian Authorities at a Press Conference and dismissed with the statement…. “We have had a report of an aircraft matching the description of MH370, however these people wouldn’t know what they saw, as such are not credible witnesses, and we are not reading anything into it.”

• Diego Garcia is a very closely guarded Military Installation located in the Southern Indian Ocean, and in the vicinity of where search patterns were conducted in an “effort” to locate MH370. It is occupied by American and Israeli Personnel and has been leased and occupied since 1974. It stores nuclear weapons and services ships and submarines in the region. It has undersea facilities large enough to store B52 Bomber aircraft and a prison which housed some prisoners from the Afghanistan and Israeli wars. The islands native residents were shipped off the Atoll and relocated to Mauritius and Seychelles and refused access to return. Confidential documents which are located in the UK clearly state the only other living things on this Atoll are to be Seagulls. This is witnessed in a “60mins” report.

• March 08 2015 ~ Evidence conclusively proves MH370 was landed automatically via remote hacking and brought to a standstill in the centre of the runway. The final co-ordinates from MH370 ACARS system trace back to a large hanger located to the south on the Atoll and large enough to house a B772 aircraft. A blank photo taken by the IBM executive aboard was sent to his female partner. The GPS ingrained coordinates point to the precise location of this hanger. All personnel leave was cancelled effective the morning of March 08 2014. All movements to and from the Atoll were embargoed. Any personnel who needed to depart were told to take their personal possessions and sufficient funds to facilitate their return to their home station in the USA. The reason given was that they might not be returning to the Atoll.

• A requisition was filed for a Container ship this same morning. According to a report from a previous military person who was stationed on the Atoll, the coding on used was for the transportation of people/personnel. The “Ocean Shield” set sail for DG Atoll the morning of this requisition. The same morning MH370 went missing. My investigations uncovered a copy of this requisition form which had a link to take for further information. Upon accessing this link a tab opened on my computer screen with a Log-in and Password request in the centre of a black and otherwise blank page, except for the words “United States of America” and immediately below, “Department of Defence.” These were positioned at the top of the screen.

• Prince William and Kate flew into the Maldives on the morning of March 08 2014 for purposes of William participating in two S&R exercises involving five nations and in the immediate area of the search region of MH370. Why did they not offer their services and facilities? Aircraft flew from West Australia for five hours with sufficient fuel reserves for a two hour search before returning to Australia. A TV3 News printed article made reference to these two exercises being conducted at the time. My belief is these exercises were set up with the intention of “supervising” the zone to ensure search teams did not get near areas of seclusion.

• The search area of where MH370 was eventually “claimed” to have “crashed” was extremely remote, subject to extremes of weather and sea conditions, and is an area not traversed by commercial flights for these reasons, and due to patchy and poor radio communications. It should be noted that no wreckage has ever washed up on any coast. This seems extremely unusual given the strong currents flowing through this region.

• A specialist satellite was brought in from China in an attempt to locate MH370. This seems most odd, considering the nature of news reports via live feeds with today’s technology. Recently it was announced that a submersible device had detected and taken photos of a ships anchor in the same area MH370 was being searched for. Yet, we were told they could not access the sea floor due to the geographical nature of terrain and depth.

• In the early months of 2015 a statement was made that “We are confident of locating the wreckage of MH370 by the time we call the search off at the end of May.” This has not occurred and to my knowledge the search is continuing. I am questioning how this statement can “confidently” be made when the search has been underway for nearly 18 months. The only way this statement could be made is if they already know where the wreckage is, or where it is to be located after being placed there.

My belief is that the search exercise is in essence a public pacifier to make it appear they are seriously trying to locate MH370, and that the search has been stretched out for the purpose of delay tactics and to attempt to validate the difficult task and logistics of the search “efforts.”

• The ACARS system continued to transmit pings via satellite every hour as to the location of MH370 and was something not factored into the equation with those responsible for this incident. Most airlines lease their engines from Boeing. This is because the engines are the most expensive part of an aircraft, costing $20M each. Accordingly, Boeing monitors the performance of these engines via information pinged to them by the engines. This information pertains to oil usage, fuel consumption, any maintenance aspects or concerns, amongst other data. It is my belief Boeing knew where MH370 was and where it was heading. The CIA and NSA most likely also know more than they have revealed.

• It is my belief that some of the wreckage of MH370 will be conveniently located and retrieved at some stage in the near future, in an attempt to obtain closure on this conspiracy.

• My investigations concur with other Investigators that the events of MH370 and MH17 are directly linked, and that the same aircraft [9M-MRO] was used to service MH17 in another conspiracy. A report on this subsequent event follows.

—- ENDS —-


Downing of Aircraft Facts & Investigation Notes ~ 

Date of Preparation ~ July 27 2015

• Less than five months after the incident involving MH370, MH 17 is allegedly brought down by BUK missile, into a tightly guarded “at war” region of Ukraine. This area is occupied by Pro-Russian Extremists.

• It has been noted that app 100 top AIDS scientists were on their way to a conference in Australia, aboard MH17 via Kuala Lumpur. Whether this factors into reasons for the MH17 incident is unknown by me at this stage.

• I have viewed an English subtitled Russian BBC TV item which interviewed Villagers in the immediate area where MH17 was taken down. Their accounts of what happened were as follows.

• BUK missile launching was being undertaken in the vicinity of the location in which media claimed it was launched. They claim that it was common to see Ukrainian SU25 Military Fighter Jets shadowing any aircraft passing overhead. This activity was observed the day MH17 was shot down. Residents reported seeing the jets firing on the Malaysian aircraft and that it was not impacted by a BUK, or indeed any device launched from the ground. Photographs presented to MSM clearly show a Ukrainian jet firing 30mm rounds from a wings level position. This evidence was obtained by a satellite but was discounted by Ukrainian Officials as not being of the SU25 alleged to have been involved in the taking down of MH17. Upon examination of the satellite black and white image it is clearly evident there is no way of positively identifying the jet because there are no visible indicators since the photo is taken from ABOVE the SU25. The GPS co-ordinates combined with date and time stamp should be sufficient evidence to affirm or negate just whose fighter jet this was and to confirm where and when the image was taken. My investigations prove that a device was activated from the ground but did not strike the Malaysian aircraft. The video footage which I have viewed clearly shows the right engine on fire and the aircraft descending in a controlled, wings-level trajectory of app 45degrees. There were no explosions noticed until the aircraft impacted the ground. The MSM video footage showed an explosion with a large black plume of smoke. My observation was that this footage was taken at quite some considerable distance and I question whether or not the film crew could not gain access closer to the area; regardless, they most likely would have lenses with them to obtain closer footage. So, who didn’t want any close-up footage being made available to the world?!

The video footage shows silver round flecks in the smoke, along with vertical aluminium streaks with a resemblance in structure of descending party streamers. This is known as Chaff and is a product dispersed from Fighter Jets to deflect any heat seeking missiles. [Also called window. Military strips of metal foil dropped by an aircraft to confuse enemy radar by creating false blips.] Reference: http://dictionary.com

• Footage taken at the crash site shows a large blackened impacted area of ground. Close to the proximity are bodies. These are intact with no visual signs of decapitations, burns, blood, or other such injuries of any nature. They are still fully clothed. Video footage taken shows a plastic bag with a sizeable number of passports. These passports are in “as-new” unblemished condition. There are no burn marks or damage. Some of the passports are opened to the holder’s information inside cover page. The information is clearly readable. The three names I observed all concurred with the Pax manifest. This manifest was especially difficult to locate in any non-corrupted readable version and took app four attempts to retrieve after trying different sources.

• My investigation poses the question of how those passports and bodies were in such pristine condition after having descended to earth from FL320 and observing a blackened charred mess of the aircraft within meters.

• A Russian Commander who was one of the first to access the crash site made observations that the blood had been sucked out of the bodies, the people were deceased prior to “boarding” MH17 and the level of decomposition was in excess of that which would be expected from decomposing bodies in the lapsed timeframe from the crash to his arrival on site. My investigations lead to the conclusion that these bodies were most likely have been Pax off MH370, and were in cargo for the purposes of intentional disposal using MH17 as the platform to execute this intention. Once again, I reiterate the nature of the footage which was available for presentation to the world via MSM.

• The two Ukrainian SU25 Fighter Jets shadowed MH17 just behind and below the B772, with one on the left and one on the right. Malaysian Flight MH17 wreckage clearly shows multiple 30mm diameter rounds impacting and piercing the flight deck region on both sides of the fuselage. This is the same ammunition used by SU25 Fighter Jets and explains why the plane descended in a controlled manner rather than via an explosion. The photographic evidence I observed shows metal tearing of an inward trajectory. This validates that the impact was from the outside of the aircraft and not an explosion, which would exhibit metal tearing from the inside out.

• The photographic evidence [not released in MSM] shows some sizeable pieces of fuselage. One photo shows the impacted area of the flight deck. Another shows the front right section of the fuselage, providing a crucial piece of evidence. 9M-MRO, the registration number of the aircraft which serviced MH370, had a window plated over, in the vicinity of the front right door. This was due to a reconfiguration of the cabin. This window was not in the airframe of 9M-MRD; the aircraft of which allegedly serviced MH17; yet this window plate is clearly shown in the photographic crash site evidence.

• This then conclusively proves that the airframe as seen in the MH17 incident was actually that of MH370. In other words, MH370’s aircraft was utilised for the flight of MH17. The illusion is created that two Malaysian aircraft met their demise, when there was only ever one aircraft used for both incidents. The second incident allowed for the disposal of those deceased from the MH370 flight. This explains why there has been no wreckage recovered of MH370 [9M-MRO.] My belief is that pieces of this airframe will eventually be placed in the vicinity of the Southern Indian Ocean, where authorities claim MH370 vanished. The photos showing the Ukrainian wreckage show 9M-MRD, however it is claimed these photos could easily have been photo-shopped to change the MRO registration to MRD.

• Questions need to be asked as to why the scene of MH17 was so tightly guarded, particularly given that it was a commercial aircraft and unlikely to be any threat to any nation at war. The CVR and FDR were removed from the scene and returned at a later stage by unauthorised persons. Why? The bodies were removed under close guard and sent to be DNA tested, yet we have not heard any findings from these forensic evaluations.

• A five nation team has been assigned the task of compiling data and releasing a report on the incident in October. My investigations have revealed that Malaysia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine are involved in this exercise. It has been stated that all nations must agree on the findings, as presented in the report, whether they agree or not with the content of that report.

Malaysian MH17 was directed over Ukrainian airspace by a Spanish Air Traffic Controller, at the minimum FL320 permitted by any aircraft flying over any area of conflict. After the incident, Military Seniors went to the Controllers and instructed them what they were to say if they were questioned about the incident. The audio of the two Commanders discussing MH17 as being a commercial aircraft and not Military, was time-stamped the day before the Malaysian jet was shot down. So, how could this have been recorded unless they knew what was going to occur the next day?

• ALL previous ten Malaysian aircraft servicing the route which MH17 should have taken flew to the south of and not over Ukraine. There was absolutely no necessity to fly the route that MH17 flew that day of July 17 2014. My investigation asks the questions as to WHY this aircraft was intentionally re-routed over a war zone; one which it had absolutely no reason to take.

• My investigations revealed that President Vladimir Putin was en-route to Russia after returning from a BRICS conference in Argentina. BRICS is the name given to the five nations wishing to set up a monetary system independent of the Petro-dollar, which is American based. BRICS nations are – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Malaysian Airlines has white aircraft with a blue and orange horizontal colour line along the length of the fuselage. Putin’s Antonov aircraft is fairly large and is exactly the same livery as Malaysian colours right down to the tail insignia. The only difference is that Putin’s colours and reversed and tail off at the flight deck area. Further examination of evidence proves that Putin’s plane flew the EXACT same trajectory as the Malaysian B772, only half an hour later. The flight altitude was also FL320. The heading was identical.

• My investigations reveal that the Pro-Russian Separatists did not have knowledge on the operation of, or have access to, any BUK missiles. It is my belief that The United States requested the Ukrainian Military to shoot down MH17 with the intention to create more tension between Russia and USA, and sending a clear message to Putin that “this is what we can do to you if you don’t conform to our sanctions.” The intention was to blame Russia for the demise of Malaysian MH17.

FOOTNOTE – The Boeing 777 series has been in service for app 19 years and is deemed to one of the safest aircraft flying today. There is app only four events recorded involving the Boeing 777. The likelihood of a major incident involving total loss and non-recovery of one of these aircraft is extremely minimal. The fact that TWO B772 aircraft were involved in catastrophic events, less than five months apart of each other, is no mere coincidence. Even more ridiculous is that both these aircraft are from the same airline; in this case – Malaysian.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. These two incidents fully prove this statement does in fact apply to these aircraft events.

—- ENDS —-

Downing of Aircraft Facts & Investigation Notes ~ 

Date of Preparation ~ July 27 2015

• This incident should flag serious concern to the world. It involves the hacking into AUAP systems aboard Airbus in order to commandeer a flight and use it for whatever nefarious purposes the perpetrators desired.

• This flight had its controls hacked into and over-ridden with the blame being pinned onto the 27 yr old Co-Pilot, Andreas Lubitz. Lubitz was an innocent pawn in this deadly game of International Chess. He was NOT suicidal and this was not a suicide/homicidal activity. GermanWings is a subsidiary of Lufthansa, much like Jetstar is to Qantas. They are able to monitor all aircraft which are in-flight from their command centres and should be able to intercept flight deck operations and take manual control of the aircraft in the event of an emergency/terrorist attempt. However, in the case of GW 4U-9525 they were effectively “locked out” of all controls; likewise were the flight crew.

• My investigations have revealed that the wreckage scene is not consistent with the debris field which would result in an aircraft impacting a mountainside. In this type of impact we should be witnessing a debris field similar to the Air New Zealand flight TE901, which slammed into Mt Erebus on November 28 1979, killing all aboard. The debris field hits in a “V” type of configuration atypical with impact on a slope. The tail section should be intact, as is usually the case with most accidents. This is why the CVR & FDR are housed in this section.

 • The debris field of GermanWings shows small pieces of indistinguishable wreckage over a 1 mile circular radius. The nature of this debris field is consistent with a mid-air explosion. It is therefore my conclusion that the Airbus 320 was compromised whilst still airborne. Further investigations uncover some disturbing facts which prove the truth is being covered up by more than one nation. Investigators I have spoken with within the Aviation Industry have concurred with these findings. In fact, there are very few pilots [if any] who believe this crash was a suicide or in any way associated with the claimed rogue actions of the Co-Pilot.

• Search & Rescue teams were on the scene in remarkably quick time indicating that maybe they were in place ready and waiting for this event to unfold, and to ensure the scene was secured. The terrain was especially challenging with restricted access. My sources claim that The German Chancellor, French President, and Italian President were all together at the scene, and that this has never happened in any previous incidents.

• With the wreckage field being substantially widespread, comprised of small pieces, and in an inhospitable area, it flags suspicion as follows –

• The CVR & FDR were retrieved within a couple of days. It seems quite likely they knew where to look.

• The voice and data recordings were retrieved as were the casings. The information appeared to be salvageable. Really? Take a look at the crash scene again. A CLOSE look – on non-MSM. Doesn’t look like a scene where anything much would have survived.

• Andreas Lubitz – A reasonably new Airbus “FAA Accredited” flight crew member. Six months earlier or for a period of six months, Lubitz was sent to FAA training in the USA. This is the equivalent of receiving advanced training not dissimilar to receiving accreditation as having attained a higher level of experience with A320 systems. This Co-Pilot had 630hrs rated flying time in an A320. My investigations led me to make contact with a now retired ex-military Fighter Pilot who served 22 years service in the USA before flying A320’s for an American Commercial Carrier over many years. He also spent time in another country for 18 months flying A320’s and accrued 23,000hrs of incident free flying. This Pilot stated that the actions Lubitz is alleged to have carried out would not and could not have been performed by a Pilot with Lubitz’s level of experience. He went on to state that even he himself, having flown Fighter Jets, would not be able to configure the aircraft to manually execute what Lubitz has been alleged to have done. This Pilot has presented his observations to various organisations in Europe, UK, America, and South America; amongst others.

• Reports to mainstream media [MSM] claim that Lubitz was suicidal. This is not true. Lubitz had been to see various doctors as he was having visual issues and was anxious that his flying career could be terminated as a result and was attempting to hide this from his employer. He was naturally concerned and had a slightly deflated demeanour but was not suicidal. The doctor’s note which was located torn up in Lubitz’s flat has not been produced to the MSM for scrutiny, nor its contents fully revealed. I question whether this doctor’s note ever existed or whether it was planted to place the blame on Andreas Lubitz.

• Claims have been made that the CVR had recorded Lubitz breathing normally through an oxygen mask. There are several anomalies with this. In the lead-up to an event such as Lubitz is alleged to have undertaken, it is unlikely for any breathing to be “normal.” Breathing would have been intensified along with heart rate in correlation with the inbuilt human “fight or flight” programming.

• Investigations reveal that the oxygen masks have a “hot” or “cold” status. “Hot” meaning that the microphones are active for communication between the flight crew. They are left in a “cold” [i.e. microphone off setting] when not communicating, so that the crew are not subjected to hearing their own breathing. The on-board voice recorders are not able to detect anything when the microphone is in this off status. For these reasons, it is highly improbable for the events claimed by those authorities “investigating” this incident to have occurred as they have portrayed them. The door control access to the flight deck could be accessed and locked via externally hacking into the flight controls. And YES, it can and has been done.

[Reference: recent hacking into Jeep Cherokee computer controlled SUV systems and taking over control of the vehicle. Reference: a Pax aboard a United Airlines flight who claims he was able to hack into the computer systems of the flight he was undertaking at the time. Reference: recently the grounding of all United Airlines flights as their ground computer systems had been hacked into and compromised.]

• It is an International requirement under Aviation Flight Rules that when one member of the flight crew vacates the flight deck leaving only one member remaining, that an oxygen mask is mandatory to be worn at altitudes in excess of FL250. This explains why Lubitz would have been wearing the mask.

• Two other aspects don’t make any sense. If a member of the flight crew was going to commit an act of suicide it is unlikely he or she would be affixing an oxygen mask prior to taking this action. Also, the plane took many minutes to descend to point of impact with the Mountain Range. If Lubitz was suicidal, surely he would have aimed the aircraft into a vertical dive. This did not occur. The rate of descent increased per the laws of gravity etc, hence why the speed at impact was exceedingly high. There was no absolute guarantee that hitting the mountain would prove fatal and impact the integrity of the airframe as was experienced with this crash. Remember that the American Military Fighter Jet Pilot said even HE wouldn’t be able to manually fly the manual configuration for the aircraft to behave as it did and impact the mountain – let alone a rookie Co-Pilot, with only 630hrs rated flying time on an Airbus A320 to his name!

• My investigations with international sources have revealed the series of events which played out, based on data obtained, but not currently presented to MSM for the general public. ~

• Captain says to Lubitz, as per standard protocol, “you have control,” prior to vacating the flight deck. Lubitz replies with “I hope so.” Not an unreasonable or surprising response from a “newbie” crew member with only 630hrs rating under his belt. It’s a huge responsibility.

• Information obtained by international investigators within the aviation industry have produced evidence showing that prior to the GermanWings 4U-9525 event, fighter jets were present and in the immediate airspace. An Italian jet was in the vicinity monitoring events and made a transmission whilst on scene. Likewise, an American Fighter was also present and only observing. Three French fighter jets were shadowing the aircraft – one on each side, and one behind.

• According to my source, one French fighter would have flown parallel to the flight deck on the left side and signalled for the pilot to follow him. He would then turn away and circle around to see if the pilot was responding to his wishes. These jets had intercepted the A320 shortly after deviating from its intended standard flight path. The crew were locked out of the Airbus controls, likewise communications, including any control from the Lufthansa control centre.

• Upon receiving no response from the Airbus crew, the fighter jet would have gone around alongside the pilot’s window even closer than the first fly-by. He would have noticed that the pilot was not on the flight deck and that the co-pilot was wearing an oxygen mask. This would be an expected and acceptable situation if the GermanWings flight had not been hacked into and hadn’t deviated from its original scheduled flight plan. It would have been standard protocol for a normal flight. The exception to this incident was the deviation of the lodged flight plan and the subsequent inability of Lufthansa to make contact with the Airbus crew or indeed, to override the systems and take over control of the aircraft. A fighter jet pilot, probably in his 20’s and with limited time would have had to make the on-the-spot decision as to whether to “go hostile” with the Airbus and take it out then and there. His choice would only be whether to terminate GermanWings 4U-9525 in-flight and take the lives of 150 pax and crew or allow the aircraft to continue on its trajectory, thereby taking the lives of potentially thousands.

• My aviation source advises that the Airbus A320 flight systems had been externally hacked into for the purposes of re-routing the aircraft over the mountains towards a dam servicing 16 Hydro-dams. Breaching this dam would have resulted in the loss of power [and water supplies] for people living in towns below this area, which would have been wiped out by the water flow.

• All fighter jets dispersed upon termination of the GermanWings flight. To my knowledge this information has not been publicly released.

FOOTNOTE – It is very convenient to blame an incident such as the destruction of this Airbus A320 on the Co-Pilot, who is not alive to defend himself and present what really happened that day.

There has been no known evidence supporting these claims, and the general consensus amongst the Aviation Industry is that this was a pre-planned event with the Co-Pilot stitched up for the responsibility of causing it. The true perpetrators of this heinous crime are found within the Governments of the Countries who were playing out their issues with each other, and using this event to push a point home and as a bully tactic to show they mean business. [Play by our rules…. or this is what we can do.] That this incident was not given the space to be conducted as planned gives us good reason to thank the French fighter pilot who had to make a crucial and split-second decision whether 9525 was in fact rogue and whether to terminate 150 lives in an effort to spare thousands more. Not a decision to be taken lightly or to be envied.

The afore-mentioned findings and data are as accurate as possible based on the indisputable evidence, which has been cross-referenced and substantiated through various media and other sources.

However some content is the opinion of the Author of this document, based upon evidence uncovered during investigations.

No responsibility will be assumed for any action any person takes in response to their interpretation of any portion of this report. There is no copyright assigned and you are free to distribute it or forward it on to any individual or organisation, whether or not same are able to forward the contents to those enabled to legally act upon progressing these cases, with the intention of the truth being exposed.


ACARS: Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
APP: Approximately
ATC: Air Traffic Control
VATC: Vietnam Air Traffic Control
AUAP: Airbus Un-Interruptible Auto Pilot
B772: Boeing 777-200ER
B763: Boeing 767-300
BUAP: Boeing Un-Interruptible Auto Pilot
CIA: Central Intelligence Agency, USA
Comms: Communications
CVR: Cockpit Voice Recorder [Records on-board flight deck audio]
DG: Diego Garcia Military Atoll
FAA: Federal Aviation Administration
FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation, USA
FDR: Flight Data Recorder [Records pertinent parameters & technical information of the flight]
FL: Flight Level [Followed by numbers] FL350 = 35,000ft
MSM: Mainstream Media
NSA: National Security Agency, USA
9M-MRO: The registration number allocated to the B772 which serviced MH370
9M-MRD: The registration number allegedly allocated to the B772 which is claimed to have serviced MH17


To read this report at Scribd please go here: Final Report Mh370 Mh17

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  • It is worth noting that chip FREESCALE is also used in X BOX .

  • They are behind everthing evil https://youtu.be/Wq_5jvxI9mU

  • Okay…who is 'Shadow' and why should this report seem credible? There needs to be a reference for each statement made i.e. news article, or information source….because Shadow just doesn't cut it.

  • Thanks for sharing this with us A.D ,as usual you do a great job of getting the truth of the matter out there , I enjoyed reading this ,and it matches up with the photos on Jim Stones site . Field, Remember I emailed you a while back and told you that the Australian Navy and their under ocean mapping would not find this plane ? well, the over the horizon radar network [ JORN ] was silent on said jet as well ,
    thanks David and Field for all your efforts.
    god bless

  • What are YOU, nonny-mouse? some kind of know-it-all? Go somewhere else & nay say…If you do not understand what the presenter presents, then you should try reading simpler material…

  • Shadow is the Russian who was running the Rebels in Ukraie as far as i know . Right on time for the UN VOTE =MH370: Plane wreckage found in Indian Ocean tested. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-33707445 All we need to know iswhich ship dumped it there or aircraft .

  • Could have been going on a long time , same MO . . Korean Air Lines Flight 007
    Main article: Korean Air Lines Flight 007

    Korean Air Lines Flight 007, also known as KAL 007 or KE007, was a Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 civilian airliner shot down by a Soviet Su-15TM fighter on September 1, 1983, near Moneron Island just west of Sakhalin island. 269 passengers and crew, including US congressman Larry McDonald, were aboard KAL 007; there were no survivors. An official investigation concluded that the course deviation was likely caused by pilot error in configuring their air navigation system

  • I've been following this for a while now and have to say this is spot on.
    A lot of what is written here is proven if you do a little digging.

  • well said Daniel, its easy to attack the truth ,harder to bury it though.
    nonny – mouse does not read, period, hasbara shills are only paid to attack those who do read and educate themselves .
    Habib .

  • I watched the coverage of all three (3) of those airline "accidents," and my instincts were screaming constantly during the entire time! I had nothing to go on to convince me "the authorities" were lying about what occurred, but my instincts seldom turn out to be wrong. I trust that those responsible for taking down those aircraft will eventually suffer sufficient Karma for their evil deeds even though nothing is officially done to punish them. God says "vengeance will be mine." I believe you, Lord. I also call upon all the forces of nature to descend upon those who may have intentionally killed hundreds of innocent people.

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