Author Robert O’Dowd on ‘Treachery’ Interview

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We will be discussing his new book titled “TREACHERY” based on factual information withheld from the public about the CIA involvement in drug running, and the murders of several key players. Also: super fund sites and who is exposed to these toxic waste dumps including our military.

Robert O’Dowd is a Marine veteran of Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, CA. He served 52 months on active duty with the 1st, 3rd and 4th Marine Aircraft Wings in 1960s. A graduate of Temple University and retired financial manager with the Department of Defense, Robert teamed up with Tim King of to write about the environmental contamination at El Toro and Camp Lejeune.

Their investigation led to the discovery that El Toro was used for gun running in ‘guns-for-drugs’ covert operation used to support an undeclared war in Nicaragua, and to fly cocaine into the US on CIA proprietary aircraft, the murder of Colonel James E. Sabow and others to keep them from blowing-the-whistle on the illegal narcotrafficking.

In the Iran/Contra scandal no one was charged with narcotrafficking, despite the DEA reports filed on the tons of cocaine flown out of Central America into the US

Arrow Air was one of the airlines used to fly weapons to the Iranians and the Nicaraguan Contras. Arrow Air 1285 was deliberately destroyed by CIA rouge operatives with the loss of 258 Americans. The motive for this mass murder was to prevent angry Special Operations personnel on board the plane, who were carrying a nuclear backpack on the aircraft, from blowing-the-whistle on a failed covert mission to use the backpack in Iraq.

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