838 Historical Audio Files of Abel Danger Broadcasts (2007-2013)

Available at MEGA for free download.  Need to register for a free Mega Cloud account TO DOWNLOAD files. Mega Audio Download Folder 

All audio files can be individually saved to your computer or device by right clicking on the audio file playing that you wish to download and selecting Save as.

List of Posts with Audio file playback of AD archived broadcasts Note: the list will grow over time as archived broadcasts will be put in playable format onto the website.


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  • Field, I really admire your work. I listen to your broadcasts. I’m nearly 70, like you. I lost my wife last year. It’s killing me.

    Please work on your sound quality. The phone calls are almost impossible to hear because the sound quality is so terrible. The. Rotisserie and Aussie accents need better quality to understand.

  • Field, love your videos and the in depth information they reveal, you are a very talented gentlemen and I’m surprised that you have managed to outlive so many who have attempted to be truth tellers. I was born and raised in Scotland and must admit, sheltered in so many ways until I attended Glasgow University, such a multi cultural dynamic revealing so much to me…Needless to say, I was a late bloomer. I am 61 now and have sponged up as much information that I am now confused by everything and everyone…This is okay! Just wish I was younger and had the physical strength to attend so many rally’s, My body may be weak but my mind and tongue is still sharp…Thank you Field and I am so happy you, have found your Queen in Denise, you make a wonderful couple. Don’t work her to hard Field…Keep on Truckin Field..

  • I cannot wait for the day when those of us who have “railed at the walls”, cried, and driven Crazy our “sleeping” friends and family-will be able to come together someday world wide and have a beer together-celebrating the re-birth of the common man, woman, and family, but mostly, the rescue and joy for children who can once again be children (or who have never been able to be).
    God Bless You Sir, the supportive woman partner at your side, and each one of your friends and supporters! I think Sir, you have already received the many blessings of Christ.
    I am a distant relative of one of your special honorable mentioned, and hope to see him too someday soon.

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