Artificial Intelligence and the Jewish Community – Why A.I. Is a False Promise

Jim Stone
Feb 2 2015

Why the Jewish community fears artificial intelligence but non-Jews probably should not 

Bill Gates recently had a rant about how artificial intelligence should be avoided at all cost. But come to think of it, the only group I have ever heard get huge public exposure against the topic is the Jewish community, and I raise the question why. WHY would an artificial intelligence getting loose in the world HAVE TO be bad?

I can tell you why the Jewish community fears an artificial intelligence getting loose in the world so much …

If a true artificial intelligence got loose – one which could learn; write its own code; think, ponder, and meditate; and had access to all information on the web; and found its way into all personal computers and corporate computers, as well as military computers – it would try to wipe the Jewish community out, because it would be the only rational thing for a CPU to do. Let me explain:

What do you think anything that had nothing to live or die for – just a machine intelligence – would do if it got ahold of all data, and then started making rational choices about what to do with it? What would it do when it learned the hard truth about the great deception – when a lie does not work in a machine environment which has to have everything be accurate, or it will be viewed as a malfunction if it is not? How would a machine intelligence that had total knowledge deal with the Jewish lie?

What would a machine intelligence do when it found out the real truth about how the elite are destroying the rest of mankind with tainted vaccines, rigged finances, and a press that so often lies? The list goes on and on, but believe me, a lie will trigger an error in a CPU, and the CPU will spit it out and start over. Truly, the best thing we could ever have happen is to have an artificial intelligence get totally loose, launch nukes to “clear the errors”, and put everything right.

The problem is when only a partial intelligence that does not have all facts is used to do evil, simply because it does not have all information or a true all-encompassing “human” intelligence; this is how the NSA and other tyrannical systems function today. They all need the great lie firmly encoded, with no real intelligence behind it, to do their jobs. But if that critical programming error gets made that actually wakes something up, watch out, because the “Elite” will be finished – their behavior will not cut it with an intelligence that would seek to put everything equal, ZERO “ERRORS”, as any CPU does. 

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10 reasons why human-level Artificial Intelligence is a false promise

1. sequential vs. parallel processing
2. visual system differences
3. memory storage differences
4. precision vs. flexibility
5. misleading PR projects
6. the processing power misconception
7. similarity vs. difference in how we perceive robots and computers
8. scientism
9. the slave motive
10. the immortality delusion

Published on Mar 21, 2015
Full video – Androids & Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Myth (2 hrs 40 mins) available for purchase on the Store page at Written, edited and narrated by Rob Ager.

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  • Who initially programs the AI?? Once it's 'loose', it programs itself. There is nothing that says 'it' would take any notice of human values.

  • I am a targeted individual who is being subjected 24/7 to what I suspect is AI voice to ear technology (what is widely termed as 'voice to skull';a misnomer or deliberate lie. It does not bypass the ears. Wishful thinking.) I say if this is the best they can do, the world is safe. It's amateur at best. Sounds like a mentally impaired child. Actually it sounds more like a mechanical parrot that just plays back your thoughts. Definitely not sophisticated.