Arrow Air 1285 Sabotage

Government murder, gun running, cocaine trafficking and corruption are unacceptable ways to conduct the business of government in a civilized society. Some might argue that these activities are the ‘norm’ but they would have a hard time in the court of public opinion convincing citizens who expect their government to obey the rule of law and prosecute those who do not.

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The Canadian and US governments stood by the bogus story of ice on the wings, resulting in a loss of lift, causing a stall, and fatal crash of Arrow Air 1285 in Gander, killing 258 Americans. Les Filotas, a Ph.D. aeronautical engineer and member of the CASB, noted that there were no icing conditions at Gander when the McDonnell Douglas DC-8 63CF was on the ground. Even more convincing was that in aircraft accidents involving icing, “all planes were left largely intact. The type of malfunction which icing causes brings a plane down largely intact.” Arrow Air 1285 “was found with no large portions of the aircraft intact. First rescuers on the scene literally said, ‘Where’s the plane?’ because the fuselage had literally been blown to bits.” There was never any official sabotage investigation of the crash or an effort made to reconstruct the aircraft debris. The forensic evidence of lethal levels of carbon monoxide in the bodies of the dead supported fire and explosion on the airborne aircraft. This evidence was ignored. The FBI did very little at Gander; its files contain several hundred pages on the crash, most of them redacted. The motive, means and opportunity existed for terrorists to plant a bomb on the aircraft in Cairo but testimony from an Israeli American and former Mossad agent support that intelligence operatives placed explosives on the aircraft in Gander and remotely detonated them. Their motive was to kill everyone on the aircraft, remove from the crash scene the evidence of dead bodies in wooden boxes and remnants of a MK54 Special Atomic Demolition Munition (nuclear backpack), preventing those involved in the aborted covert mission from blowing-the-whistle on the ill-conceived and illegal covert mission to use a nuclear weapon in the Middle East. Those who ordered this mass murder and those who carried it out were sociopaths without a conscience.

Arleigh McCree, the head of the LAPD bomb squad and officer Ron Ball, were killed in a booby-trapped bomb pipe bomb in February 1986. McCree had connected the dots to the Arrow Air crash and reported his findings to the CIA or another federal agency. Donald Lee Morse, a Hollywood make-up artist with no military background in bomb deposal, was convicted of the murders of the two LAPD bomb squad officers. Morse was a patsy. He would have killed himself in making the slave and master pipe bombs that killed these two officers. Morse died in prison in May 2009.

Marine Colonel James E. Sabow was murdered in January 1991 to prevent him from blowing-the-whistle on the illegal cocaine trafficking into El Toro. Bryan Burnett, court-certified forensic scientist, discovered a fraudulent autopsy photo intended to mask the depressed skull fracture on the right side of Colonel Sabow’s head, which would automatically rule out suicide by a shotgun. Burnett reconstructed the crime scene used to stage the suicide with an intraoral shotgun blast. The UK Journal of Forensic Science published three articles supporting Burnett’s investigation. Dr. Robert MacLachlan, board-certified neurologist, described the initial assault from a blow to the head causing a large depressed skull fracture. A fatal brainstem injury followed. Because the colonel had already expired when an assailant shot him intraorally with a 12-gauge shotgun, and was without circulation, only a small amount of blood was part of the gunshot blowback. There was no suicide note, the shotgun was wiped clean of fingerprints, and three intruders with government IDs cleaned-up the crime scene. The forensic evidence supports homicide, crime scene tampering by federal agents, and a 27-year cover-up by the Defense Department.

The rule of law demands that those responsible for these murder be brought to justice. There is no place for them to hide. There is no statue of limitations on murder.

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