Are you familiar with Equifax and Serco and what they do for our government?

Source: Democratic Underground

July 7, 2013

In other words, what they do for us, the taxpayers?

Both are connected to the new health exchanges in the new Obamacare.

An article from the NY Times:

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has hired a credit reporting agency to help verify the incomes of people who apply for federal subsidies to buy insurance under the new health care law.

The company, Equifax Workforce Solutions, a unit of Equifax Inc., will provide information that is more current than what is available on federal income tax returns.

The use of a commercial information vendor comes as Congressional Republicans are expressing concern about the administration’s ability to verify data in subsidy applications. Subsidies, in the form of tax credits, will be available to millions of low- and moderate-income people who are not eligible for Medicaid and have not been offered affordable coverage by employers.

Federal officials moved Tuesday to tamp down concern about another company playing a major role in President Obama’s health care overhaul. The company, Serco, will help officials sift applications for health insurance and tax credits under the health care law.

…..much more.


Discussion on Equifax (Mandiant) “hack” starts about at the 23:30 point:

Bannon meets with ‘Yoda’ and Kissinger


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