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Florida’s (Israel’s) corporate proxy in the US Senate Marco Rubio (an agent of a foreign country and should be registered) who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee argues about “world-wide threats” selling the idea the only way apparently for the US to be protected by Israel, sorry, we mean from “world-wide threats”, is for Senate bill, known as S.1 – Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019 be passed. Like a good salesman for AIPAC and Israel’s interests, Rubio’s sales pitch is that America’s interests come last just in case anyone hasn’t figured that out yet, despite President Trump’s rhetoric on “making America great again.” This bill is about “making Israel greater”.

As expected since the Republican Party is run by the Israeli Knesset, the majority of republicans support the S.1., the first bill introduced in the new year. Maybe Marco Rubio is still upset the Jewish Henrique Capriles lost to President Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela’s 2013 election? Isn’t Florida where the Venezuelan opposition party are headquartered planning their next move in Venezuela? For Marco Rubio, Florida is a special state. The State of Florida boosted Israel bond holdings to a record $50 million, it recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and as the people of Florida are being told, Florida’s ties to Israel will make Florida a more innovative state. Watch technology start disappearing out of Florida headed to Israel with the Israeli-Florida Innovation Alliance agreed on through an MoU in 2013. Florida’s Governor Rick Scott was onboard alright. Way to go Florida! Israel will need the money to fund one quarter of the total cyber private investment in cybersecurity in the world. And if you are running a company located in Florida that speaks out on anything critical of Israel, your company will get decimated like Airbnb did.

Florida recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital

Americans are being led to think this anti-BDS bill is related to the Palestinian-led BDS movement created to “pressure Israel to comply with international law by withdrawing all economic support for both Israeli and international entities involved in violating Palestinian rights.” Some view the BDS movement as a non-violent political movement for human rights while there is concern that the movement is anti-Semitism because it identifies only Israel (news coverage will refer to Israel as a “Jewish state” to garnish sympathy for their control of the discourse; is America called a “Christian state”?) while ignoring human rights abuses in other countries.

The US Senate Just Quietly Advanced A Free Speech Busting Anti-BDS Bill

This anti-BDS bill isn’t about anti-Semitism, free speech, it’s not about human rights or the way Israel treats Palestinians in Gaza, or any of this type of convenient claptrap. This is all political subterfuge and will be demonstrated at some point in the future when Israel is prepared, by steamrolling right through Gaza to flatten the place. That’s how the IDF works. The IDF is Israel’s prized institution. The IDF’s officers walk in and out of the Pentagon anytime they want to. They will go extremely aggressive then back off, then when they are prepared, will strike again with even more ferocity.

What this anti-BDS bill is attempting to do is to prevent Israel from being shut off from security assistance, approximately $3.8 billion a year in aid, and more importantly American technology. To counter young liberal Democrats who are moving away from support for Israel, several Democratic party members formed the Democratic Majority for Israel. Another PAC to support pro-Israel candidates and legislation leading up to the 2020 elections. Notice a powerful PAC will never be formed to protect American technology from being transferred to Israel. This is the real issue that is not being discussed anywhere except perhaps within the intelligence agencies.

If a Google search (try not to use Google if possible) for the term “anti-BDS bill” is done, readers will notice American-based news sites don’t come up in the search. What mostly comes up are Israel-based news sites reporting on the status of this anti-BDS bill. So while Intel will invest $5 billion in Israel, it will now build a new microprocessor plant worth $11 billion employing 1,000 Israelis while Trump is “making America great again.” Have we missed something here? Or maybe we should rely on “Q” to help us get through this? Or wait, what about that YouTube-based X22 Report guy who reports on “Trump doing 5D chess with the deep state”? Or the latest: Wikileaks releasing documents on the Vatican and the Knights of Malta. Have we lost it?

There is only one description that comes to mind when we consider the election of Donald Trump and the catastrophic consequences: ambushed. Is it finally sinking in yet as Americans stand in line to apathetically vote for Marco Rubio as he tells us how great and significant Israel really is to America?

Source: Haaretz

Anti-BDS Bill Passes Another Senate Hurdle in Additional Vote

Seventy-six senators vote in favor of bill put forth by Sen. Marco Rubio, including a majority of Senate Democrats

by Amir Tibon • Washington • January 30, 2019

Senator Marco Rubio questions witnesses before the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing about “worldwide threats” on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., January 29, 2019.

WASHINGTON – The Senate further advanced a package of bills related to the Middle East on Tuesday, including one that encourages state governments to demand that contractors declare they don’t support boycotts of Israel or its settlements in the West Bank.

Seventy-six senators voted in favor of the bill, including a majority of Senate Democrats; 22 senators voted against it, including a number of prominent Democrats who could seek the party’s presidential nomination in the 2020 election.

Democrats who voted against the bill included senators Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Sherrod Brown, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders (an independent who caucuses with the Democrats) – all potential candidates for 2020. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who is also mentioned as a potential 2020 candidate, was among the 24 Democrats who backed the bill. So too did Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and newly elected senators Kyrsten Sinema and Jacky Rosen.

The Senate bill, known as S.1 – Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019, is a package of bills, including the controversial anti-boycott law. The bill essentially encourages support for local legislation passed by U.S. states against the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

Please go to Haaretz to red the entire article.


Ed. note: This is the real issue: technology.

Source: Anand Tech

Intel Considers $11 Billion Fab in Israel

by Anton Shilov • January 29, 2019

Late last year Intel announced massive plans to increase its global chip production capacities by upgrading, expanding, and equipping four of its fabs. As it turns out, the company is not going to stop there and is considering to build a brand new fab in Israel, which will cost $11 billion.

Moshe Kahlon, Israeli Finance Minister, on Tuesday confirmed that Intel had applied for a grant of about $1 billion from the government for its new investment plan to build a fab that would cost $11 billion. If everything goes as planned, the investment will not only be the biggest of its kind in Israel, but Intel will also build the largest semiconductor fab in the region. Furthermore, the expansion will add 1,000 new employees to Intel’s staff of approximately 13,000 in Israel.

“The moment the company comes to Israel and invests $10 billion, and it receives a grant of 9%, that means 91% of it stays here,” said Mr. Kahlon in an interview on Army Radio. “There are always such discounts, there are always incentives.”

Intel and Ministry of Finance reportedly started talks about the new fab several weeks ago, so the production facility is a few years away. In addition to securing incentives from the Israeli government, Intel will have to apply for permissions from various local authorities. That said, peculiarities of the fab as well as process technologies that it will use remain to be seen.

Please go to Anand Tech to read the entire article.


Ed. note: Intel is shifting its operations to Israel. Intel is heavily invested in the company ASML that manufacturers the highly refined state of the art equipment used for manufacturing microprocessors using the latest technological advancement of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) scanners (“optical lithography” or “UV lithography“). Intel will use these ASML scanners at their plants for manufacturing highly advanced microprocessors in Israel. Readers will probably right about now be wondering to themselves, and rightfully so, instead of Marco Rubio arguing for the passing of his anti-BDS bill, he would instead be arguing the case for Intel to build a microprocessor plant in the state of Florida.

Here is what we are up against. In this long in depth article from the Unz Review linked below, the article explains in great detail what this coming technological revolution will look like with this related technology like IoT (Internet of Things), robotics, 5G, wireless, microprocessors, autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and just about every technological advancement known.

Israel’s innovation story is extraordinary, but just assuming it will continue would be a big mistake

The following clip is just one more alternative view of Isrel’s dominance of cybersecurity.

Where do people think China is getting all of this technology from including those 11,152 core patents Huawei currently holds that came out of the US? The 5G technology was designed in Israel yet the Unz Review article goes on to say China holds the “intellectual property rights on 5G technology.” Somebody has some explaining to do as to how China has received all this technology that is now being applied in China. Don’t ask Donald Trump. He is obviously clueless. Qualcomm although ostensibly an “American-based” major tech corporation is run out of Israel, something the Unz Review article doesn’t mention. This is what we lack: an adequate assessment. Thankfully however, the Unz Review has redeemed itself with this recent article written by Philip Giraldi on “Israel’s Story.” And who is influencing who concerning the US State Department on Israel, Mike Pompeo or Sheldon Adelson?

Israel’s Story

Adelson has ‘more influence’ than Pompeo, ‘controlling’ State Dep’t on Israel, says ‘NYT’ columnist Egan

As China rolls out its $1 trillion Belt & Road Initiative, Israel will be providing the technological infrastructure. And although Israel is not going to get involved in a trade war with China unlike the US, that was Trump’s plan all along: trade war with China to clear the way for further technology transfers to China by Israel. If one stops to seriously consider this for a moment, it is as if America is being gutted while the front man Donald Trump “plays 5D chess with the deep state.” The more this material and connections are carefully reviewed this can be the only startling conclusion.

Huawei, 5G and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

China to overtake US as biggest investor in Israel

Paving the Way for Israeli Firms Entering the Chinese Market Providing Professional Services and Facilities.

5G mobile revolution designed in Israel

Israel Avoids Trade Wars, but Keeps Chinese and Russia Tech Companies at Arm’s Length

If readers clicked on that link in the paragraph just above they will have found themselves at the Hudson Institute. After reading the long essay on relations between China and Israel at that link, the final conclusion is that this continuing China-Israel partnership is good for everyone involved. But if readers continue looking deeper, the Hudson Institute is connected to the RAND Corp. The current head of the Hudson Institute is Kenneth R.KenWeinstein, the president and chief executive officer. Kenneth Weinstein who lives in Washington DC and who is Jewish, is a member of the Kesher Israel Synagogue (the Georgetown Synagogue).

Does anyone honestly think for an American minute the Hudson Institute would deliver a policy study on Israel’s relationship with China would compromise Israel? What that Hudson Institute piece didn’t mention was that while Israel and China are becoming partners to build China’s Belt & road Initiative (BRI), China is providing Iran (Israel’s hated enemy in the region; without enemies the technology can’t be advanced) with lines of credit to bring Iran into its “new silk road.”

Source: Anand Tech

ASML to Ship 30 EUV Scanners in 2019: Faster EUV Tools Coming

by Anton ShilovJanuary 28, 2019

ASML said last week that it planned to ship 30 extreme ultraviolet scanners in 2019, up significantly from 2018. The plan is not surprising, as demand for EUV lithography tools is rising and semiconductors manufacturers are building new fabs. In addition, ASML indicated plans to introduce a new EUV scanner that will offer a higher production throughput, the NXE: 3400C.

Last year ASML shipped (only) 18 Twinscan NXE: 3400B EUV scanners. This was slightly below its expectations, to supply 20 machines. In total, as of July 2018, there were 31 EUV scanners installed at various fabs across the world, including several machines in various semiconductor research organizations, including imec. If everything goes as planned, ASML will ship more extreme ultraviolet scanners in 2019 than it did in in years before that.

Please go to Anand Tech to read the entire article.



Tel Aviv Gifts US Chipmaker Intel $1bn Grant to Expand Operations Across Israel

Intel and ASML Reach Agreements to Accelerate Key Next-Generation Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies

There is a covert war going on over technology

Did you feed the BIRD in your backyard? Florida did…

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