Anwar Ibrahim: Malaysia’s “Satanic Savior” – Rothschild Agent George Soros’s “Open Society” Agenda – Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad Stood Up to Speculators, IMF, World Bank; Imposed Currency Controls – Subversive Anwar, “Shared Asset” of Al Gore & Paul Wolfowitz, Attempted a Financial Coup d’État Behind Mahathir’s Back – Oxford Sodomite Supremacists – British Neocolonial Dictates – 1997-98 IMF/Hedge Fund Looting of Southeast Asian Economies – Al Gore’s Racist, Anti-Development, Imperialist, Genocidal Policies – “We Should Fry Him”

Anwar Ibrahim: British Empire Tool to Recolonize Malaysia

by Mike Billington | Executive Intelligence Review | September 12, 2008

In most countries around the world, among the many which are now being subjected to political destabilization by the British and their asset George Soros, the guiding hand and the financing of the British Foreign Office is hidden behind the facade of “democratic” opposition forces demanding regime change over local issues, diverting attention from the global financial collapse and the danger of world war sweeping across the globe.

Not so in Malaysia, the former British colony, where a self-confessed agent of the economic and strategic policies of the new Brutish Empire, and its leading agents in the U.S. neoconservative and green-fascist movements, is openly declaring himself to be the new savior of Malaysia.

This satanic savior, well-financed after several years of lucrative positions in Washington and London neocon think tanks, universities, and cushy World Bank positions, has declared his intention to buy off (“persuade”) enough Members of Parliament to join his opposition coalition and take over the majority, making himself Prime Minister. He even won a byelection last month in Penang, making himself the official leader of the opposition in the Parliament.

Meet Anwar Ibrahim, known to readers of EIR as a spokesman for:

1. George Soros: When Soros led the speculative assault on Malaysia and its neighbors in 1997, then-Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, alone in Asia, stood up to the hedge funds, and the IMF and World Bank, by imposing currency controls against the speculators, thus saving his population from the devastation which crushed his neighbors in Asia. Anwar, who served as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister to Dr. Mahathir at the time, had demanded that the speculators be given free rein, and imposed “IMF conditions without the IMF,” until Mahathir fired him and imposed currency controls. Anwar defended the speculators, admitting that he had circulated Soros’s papers to policymakers in Malaysia, and defended Soros when Mahathir called Soros a thief and a moron. Soros went on a tirade against Mahathir, threatening that “the country will be destroyed,” and insisting that Mahathir “needs to be removed from office.” Anwar led anarchist demonstrations against Mahathir, calling him corrupt and undemocratic.

2. Paul Wolfowitz: The arch-neocon, and a leading architect of the illegal and insane war on Iraq on behalf of Britain’s Tony Blair and Dick Cheney, has been an outspoken defender of his friend Anwar, providing numerous employment opportunities for him in the United States when he was released from prison in 2004, after serving six years on corruption and sodomy charges. In 2005, when Wolfowitz was appointed by George W. Bush to head the World Bank, Anwar praised him as a man who “passionately believes in freedom, and understands the issues of poverty, environment degradation, living conditions, and health issues, which are very much a World Bank agenda.” At the World Bank, Wolfowitz set about cutting off funding for nations which refused to accept Anglo-American dictates, perhaps killing even more people than he had through his job at the U.S. Defense Department.

3. Al Gore: Even before his genocidal campaign to shut down Third World development under the war cry of the fraudulent “global warming” hoax, Gore travelled to Malaysia in November 1998, two months after Dr. Mahathir took his stand against the IMF and the speculators, to speak at an APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) meeting. Anwar was leading violent mobs on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, while Gore, speaking before Prime Minister Mahathir and leaders from across Asia and the Pacific, praised the anarchists on the streets as “the brave people of Malaysia” demanding “reform” – which to Gore and Anwar meant following IMF conditionalities, and allowing unrestrained foreign control of the economy. Malaysian Trade Minister Rafidah Aziz called it “the most disgusting speech I’ve heard in my life,” while Mahathir said, “We should fry him.”

Anwar Ibrahim and George Soros

Anwar Ibrahim with Paul Wolfowitz

Anwar Ibrahim with Al Gore in London, 2010

Anwar’s Money

Now, let’s look at some of Anwar’s employment in the years 2005-7, after his release from prison on his first sodomy charge:

1. Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), where his pal Wolfowitz had previously been the dean.

2. Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

3. St. Antony’s College, Oxford, where he met often with Al Gore, who was running a hedge fund [Generation Investment Management] in London, profiting from the fraudulent “carbon swaps” created by the global warming hoax.

4. Consultant to the World Bank, hired by Bank Director Paul Wolfowitz.

5. AccountAbility, London, Honorary President.

6. International Crisis Group, a leading Soros-financed NGO (Non-Governmental Organization).

7. Foundation for the Future, set up by Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz to promote regime change in Southwest Asia. Anwar allowed Wolfowitz to put his girlfriend [Shaha Riza] on the Foundation’s payroll, a bit of corruption which ultimately cost Wolfowitz his job at the World Bank.

As one Malaysian official told this writer upon hearing of Anwar’s numerous positions in Washington and London: “Ah, so this is how they plan to finance Anwar’s subversion of Malaysia!”

The “Satanic Savior”

Anwar Ibrahim with Al Gore at Generation Investment Management, London

James Wolfensohn (World Bank) with Anwar Ibrahim at Generation Investment Management, London

Anwar’s Policies

Anwar makes no effort to hide his intention to stop industrial and infrastructural development in Malaysia, and throughout the developing sector generally. Immediately after being ousted in 1998, Anwar told the Asian Wall Street Journal that developing countries should stop “pointing a finger at speculators and put their houses in order first,” by ending their “ambitious plans for outlandish projects.”

In response to a public question from this writer in 2005, Anwar defended his effort to impose IMF austerity and free-trade dictates on Malaysia, despite the fact that such policies subsequently destroyed the economies of Malaysia’s neighbors. The IMF policies were “beneficial,” he said, in trying to stop the major infrastructure projects of the Mahathir government, especially the Bakun Dam in Sarawak, which were only meant to enrich Mahathir’s “cronies.” “Yes, the growth was robust,” he said, “the people escaped poverty – but that was all on the surface. Underneath, there was corruption, no transparency, authoritarian leaders, and no free media.” He also told The Age of Australia that the 1997-98 IMF/hedge fund looting and destruction of the Southeast Asian economies was “a gale of creative destruction that shook the complacency of Asian societies and governments.”

So why is this British imperial agent still tolerated in Malaysia? The world financial system is collapsing, with speculation-driven hyperinflation driving up oil, raw materials, and food prices, beyond the control of any local government. The current government in Malaysia, led by Mahathir’s former deputy Abdullah Badawi, was at first unwilling to acknowledge that Malaysia would be crushed without taking emergency measures to protect against the impending crash. When fuel and food prices skyrocketed, popular discontent was aimed at the government, which allowed Anwar’s fascist diatribes to appeal to an angry population.

In the last few months, however, the Abdullah government has acknowledged the impact of the global crisis on his country, and adopted emergency measures to double food production, encouraged the first moves toward a serious nuclear power program, and coordinated with the other Southeast Asian countries on working with China and India on regional development projects and joint financial defense. These measures are necessary, but not adequate, to meet the crisis, but it is all too obvious what would happen if the British were to get their boy Anwar into power.

George Soros criticizes Mahathir Mohamad’s policy of currency controls

Gore’s Racist Assault Against Malaysia

by Michael Billington | Executive Intelligence Review | April 11, 2008

To anyone who is familiar with the history of Al Gore’s racist, anti-development, imperialist policies toward developing nations, it comes as no surprise to find him campaigning today against the phony “threat” of global warming allegedly posed by process of industrialization. His hatred of any developing nation that refuses to follow the orders of the Anglo-Dutch financiers’ “Washington Consensus” is particularly evident in the case of Malaysia. EIR has recently learned that Gore is again interfering in Malaysian internal affairs, conspiring again with Anwar Ibrahim (a “shared asset” of Gore and Paul Wolfowitz) to bring down the majority party in Malaysia and take control himself, on behalf of his colonial sponsors. Here is a brief overview of Gore’s past evil deeds in Malaysia:

In November 1998, President Clinton had to skip an important meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Kuala Lumpur, because of a military crisis in the Balkans (which had been instigated by Vice President Al Gore and his pal, diplomat and investment banker Richard Holbrooke). Clinton sent Gore in his place to represent the United States. Only two months earlier, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad had implemented currency controls and fixed currency rates, to counter the attack on the Asian currencies by George Soros and his fellow hedge fund speculators.

Clinton had been considering what he referred to as a “new international financial architecture,” which would have seen the Malaysian move towards currency controls as a possible model for developing nations to protect themselves within a new monetary framework.

However, rather than building the needed relationship between the United States and Malaysia, Gore launched a public assault on Prime Minister Mahathir, and in defense of the deposed former Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim, who had defended the IMF’s conditionalities and rejected Mahathir’s sovereign controls. As Finance Minister (and Deputy Prime Minister), Anwar had implemented an “IMF austerity policy without the IMF,” before Mahathir dumped him.

‘We Should Fry Him’ 

Gore was the featured speaker at the APEC forum on Nov. 16, sharing the podium with Mahathir. Outside the conference center, anarchists supporting Anwar were rioting in the streets, making calls to bring down the government. Claiming that Malaysia could not protect his security, Gore demanded that the hotel management shut down the air conditioning, supposedly to prevent his enemies from putting poison in the ventilation system. Then, before a sweaty audience, Gore incited the anarchists: “Democracy confers a stamp of legitimacy that reforms must have in order to be effective; and so, among nations suffering economic crises, we continue to hear calls for democracy, and reform, in many languages. People’s power. Doi Moi. Reformasi. We hear them today, right here, right now, among the brave people of Malaysia.”

Trade Minister Rafidah Aziz called it “the most disgusting speech I’ve heard in my life,” while Foreign Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (now the Prime Minister) said: “Malaysia finds the incitement by the U.S. government to lawlessness by certain elements within the country, to use undemocratic means in order to overthrow a constitutionally elected government, most abhorrent. Malaysians do not take kindly to sanctimonious sermonizing from any foreign quarter, especially the United States, a country which is known to have committed gross violations of human rights.”

Dr. Mahathir was more direct: “We should fry him. Al Gore does not love Malaysia nor its people. Al Gore and his government only want to manipulate and control our country.”

Gore did not apologize, but told Russian Prime Minister Yevgeni Primakov (another target for Gore’s intended “regime change”), “That is the American message, and I am proud to deliver it here and anywhere I go. Moving into the 21st century with a strong economy really requires democracy and self-government.”

Many would believe that Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had sincerely meant to thank Al Gore, after the US Vice President’s inappropriate remarks during the previous night’s dinner hosted by Dr. Mahathir during the 1998 APEC summit held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Anwar’s Friends to the Rescue

Two days after the 1998 Gore tirade in Kuala Lumpur, when the Asian Wall Street Journal offered the jailed Anwar Ibrahim its editorial page, Anwar showed his allegiance to the international financial institutions, and to colonial policy: “Instead of pointing the finger at speculators and blaming ‘unrealistic demands’ set by international agencies acting as lenders of last resort, Asian nations would do well to put their houses in order first,” he wrote. Asian nations must end “ambitious plans for outlandish projects,” commit themselves “to wiping out corruption and nepotism,” remove tariff barriers, and eradicate “subsidies, monopolies and favoritism…. So many vested interests are at stake. Unless the gale of creative destruction is unleashed on these rent-seeking and parasitic corporate activities [i.e., national industries], the Asian economy will never regain its past vigor.”

It is clear he means the “past vigor” of the colonial era, with the colonies providing raw materials and cheap labor, but certainly no “ambitious plans for outlandish projects” in their own self-interest.

A few weeks later, speculator George Soros returned the favor in a speech at Johns Hopkins University, calling for Anwar to be released, while accusing Dr. Mahathir of supporting his “cronies” at the expense of the economy, concluding: “So I think what needs to happen, is, he needs to be removed from power.”

In August 2000, when Anwar Ibrahim was convicted of corruption and sodomy after a 14-month trial, his pal Al Gore, then in the heat of his Presidential campaign against George W. Bush, took time out from his campaign to speak out against the rule of law: “I am deeply disturbed by the verdicts handed down in Malaysia in the case of Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim…. The show trial [he was] forced to endure mocked the international standards of justice.”

Anwar Ibrahim (center) meets with buddy Paul Wolfowitz (with back to camera). Anwar is working with a small group in Malaysia to oust the governing coalition.

Among Friends in Washington

When Anwar was released from prison in 2004, he was greeted by his two closest allies in the West, Al Gore and Paul Wolfowitz. It was probably Wolfowitz, then at the center of running a military version of “regime change” in Iraq, who arranged for Anwar to get a position at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, where Wolfowitz had previously been the dean. Anwar also got a position at St. Antony’s College at Oxford, England, where he met with Gore, who was by this time running a hedge fund in London, Generation Investment Management. Anwar also spent time with his old friends from the British oligarchy, Chris Patten, former high lord of Hong Kong, and Gordon Brown, the current prime minister.

William Cohen, Anwar Ibrahim, Paul Wolfowitz

Returning to Washington, Anwar found another lucrative position working for Wolfowitz at the World Bank, imposing conditions on developing nations that reject his warped form of “democracy.” He also took on the leadership of a project promoted by Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz, for “regime change” through subversion in the Arab world, called Foundation for the Future. When Wolfowitz had to find a place to send his then-girlfriend because of a potential conflict of interest at the World Bank, Anwar took her in with open arms, turning his “anti-corruption” head the other way when Wolfowitz corruptly arranged to pay her a bloated tax-free salary on the World Bank tab. Wolfowitz was soon ousted from his post over this hypocritical stunt, although the representatives of the developing nations at the World Bank had plenty of other, more serious, reasons to throw the bum out.

In February 2006, Gore shared the stage with Anwar at the Jeddah Economic Forum in Saudi Arabia. Gore shared another position with a different Malaysian in 2007: both he and Dr. Mahathir were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Although Gore won, for the genocidal pack of lies in his film An Inconvenient Truth, the real inconvenient truth is that Gore is committed to the “Peace of the Grave” for millions of the world’s poor.

Anwar Ibrahim is back in politics in Malaysia now. He has pasted together a coalition of his own small following, with the Islamic fundamentalist party and the racial parties representing the fraction of the Chinese and Indian minorities who refuse to work with the government coalition. Although these parties won only a third of the parliamentary seats, that is far more than the opposition has won in recent elections, and Anwar is bragging that he can “persuade” some government MPs to switch sides. Is the green fascist Al Gore part of that persuasion?

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Paul Wolfowitz, Anwar Ibrahim, Al Gore

Paul Wolfowitz with Anwar Ibrahim in Munich

George Soros and Anwar Ibrahim

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  • More background on Anwar/Mahathir conflict (Wiki):

    In 1993, Anwar became Mahathir's Deputy Prime Minister after winning the Deputy Presidency of UMNO against Ghafar Baba. There are reports of Anwar having used large cash payments to win support. Anwar is alleged to have resorted to money politics to secure his position as deputy president of UMNO. Anwar's followers were witnessed, even by foreign journalists, handing out packets of money to acquire support of UMNO division leaders. These followers were said to be working under Anwar's instructions.[4] Anwar was being groomed to succeed Mahathir as prime minister, and frequently alluded in public to his "son-father" relationship with Mahathir; in early 1997, Mahathir appointed Anwar to be acting Prime Minister while he took a two-month holiday. Towards the end of the 1990s, however, the relationship with Mahathir had begun to deteriorate, triggered by their conflicting views on governance. In Mahathir's absence, Anwar had independently taken radical steps, which were in direct conflict with Mahathir's policies, to change the country's governing mechanisms. Issues such as how Malaysia would respond to a financial crisis were often at the forefront of this conflict.

  • As for Al Gore, if I had had any doubt about whether he deserves my vote, he managed to run right over it with his out-of-control, ham-laden 18-wheeler. What a loathsome, smug, preening, juvenile character! The supposedly great debater babbled out of turn; snickered, snorted and sneered; panted and sighed like a bellows; and rocked to and fro and ripped paper like a patient in a mental ward. And Gore looked positively repellent with his dark mat of dyed hair, garish orange makeup and flippantly twisting, strangely female features: I kept on thinking of the bewigged, transvestite Norman Bates as Mother in “Psycho”. – Camille Paglia

  • Soros once stated if he gwets shot bringing down USA then he is not worried . Gotre is the great con of the century , even looks Chinese if you ask me . His mate MAURICE STRONG hiding out in China tells the story given China has agreed to put 30,000 troops in the UN which will be funded by the green fraud loot . Paying for another UK Hitler job i presume only the Chinese are far better at killing anyone . 60 – 80 million is a lot of people to murder a world record yet no one has ver said a thing , all we ever hear is 6 million jews as if they were the ony ones on the planet . They have now deleted the original document.

  • From what i can understand the UK uses any idiot it can get to do the dirty work then acts as saviour to kill a few more peasents in the name of freedom they will never get . real copy found The enemy is clear but covered in a fog of confusion . Only when the elite pay for their crimes will anyone be truly free .

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  • re: Concerning Paul Wolfowitz

    Russia's Vladimir Putin has just put an end to the Wolfowitz Doctrine:

    Wolfowitz Doctrine:

    Note to Big "Z": Why not just retire and disappear to some Polish cafe to sip some Wyborowa Polska wódka to relax? You can sip the vodka at some hopefully obscure cafe and watch Poland rearm under the dysfunctional and criminal NATO Corporation. Then write your memoirs drunk.