Anti Fracking Left Colluded With Russia, 1709

After viewing the video clip above on how Russia has been paying money to anti-franking leftist groups in the US, understand it is a two-way street in the energy extraction business. Remember, Rex Tillerson came out of the oil giant ExxonMobil and although the laws may be different in each country, ExxonMobil also pays the Russian government and sometimes “to individuals in the government to feather their own nests” to extract oil in Russia. The following linked news article will make this clear. You can’t have it one way America, if you want access to energy pay offs are part of doing business.

Yes, ExxonMobil under Tillerson fought oil payment disclosure rule


Economic sanctions have been placed on Russia but do not doubt for a moment ExxonMobil did not overcome those economic sanctions allowing ExxonMobil to extract oil in Russia working with several Russian oil giants. Then to favor ExxonMobil, the US Treasury Department decided to prevent ExxonMobil from drilling for oil in Russia but only in areas the US Treasury Department decided.

Why ExxonMobil would want to get back into Russia

Treasury refuses to give Exxon Mobil special waiver to drill in sanctioned Russia

$500 billion opportunity for Exxon, Russia in Trump cabinet pick


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