Andrew Saxton Père et Fils Hires Mary Elizabeth Harriman and Russell Williams – Global Pedophile Trade – Dubai Jockey Boys – SOS Children’s Villages

For those awake whom it may concern

April 17, 2011

Harper pilot hired by Saxtons for Small Business pedophile trade

Abel Danger and Hawks CAFE presume that Stephen Harper’s former pilot Russell Williams, and Williams’ former wife, Mary Elizabeth Harriman, were hired by Andrew Saxton Père et Fils to develop a global pedophile trade (c.f. Dubai Jockey Boys) in a joint venture with the U.S. Small Business Administration as restructured by Kristine Marcy, HSBC as the major bank sponsor of SOS Children’s Villages, and the Canadian Commercial Corporation.

Mary Elizabeth Harriman – Russell Williams – 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games – Pedophile Snuff Films – Mothers of SOS Children’s Villages

[Andrew Saxton – Père et Fils – allegedly integrated Bombardier electronic warfare systems through the Canadian Commercial Corporation and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to conceal and support ‘small-business’ pedophile trades with HSBC and SOS Children’s Villages] 2010 NATIBO Annual Steering Committee Meeting 17 June 2010 The 2010 NATIBO Steering Committee met on 17 June 2010, in Washington, DC. This meeting was held in conjunction with the 2010 Defense Industrial Base (IB) Seminar and Workshops held on 15-16 June. The U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense hosted the NATIBO annual meeting. Representatives from the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND), Office of the Secretary of Defense (AT&L (Industrial Policy)), the U.S. Joint Services, the Defense Contracts Management Agency, the Defense Logistics Agency, Missile Defense Agency, Industry Canada, and the Canadian Commercial Corporation participated in the meeting. The meeting served to update the NATIBO Steering Committee on the ongoing initiatives of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Canadian DND, under the auspices of NATIBO and to receive strategic guidance for the coming year. Discussion topics included: the current environment within the U.S. and Canada, the Alternative Fuels Industrial Base Assessment, the activities of the Defense Industrial Base/Critical Infrastructure Working Group, and the proposed NATIBO Munitions Working Group. The guest speaker from the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Systems Center in San Diego provided a report on technology “clusters” that have been formed to bring industry, government and academia together, in concert with the Small Business Administration (SBA) [Marcy was COO on 911], to develop advanced technologies [and integrate electronic warfare systems]. The idea evolved from the OSD robotics initiative. These regional clusters are focused on robotics technology initiatives and offer an excellent opportunity to support economic recovery and develop sustainable regional economies; to increase collaboration across agencies among strategic partners such as the DoD and SBA; and to support the growth of technology-based [pedophile-owned] small businesses vital in the reset [liquidation] of the American economy. The 2011 annual meeting will be hosted by Canada’s Department of National Defence.”

“You see Watson but you do not observe!”

Andrew E. Saxton: entry in Canadian Who’s Who 2011

SAXTON, Andrew E.; business executive; b. Szeged, Hungary 24 Sept. 1929; e. Univ. of British Columbia; m. Sophie Tetenburg; children: Richard, Shelley, Andrew Jr., Anne-Marie; CHAIR, KING GEORGE FINANCIAL CORPORATION; came to Canada 1947; Cdn. citizen 1953; began career as acct. with Canada Packers; past career activities incl: Extve. & Vice-Pres., Laurentide Finan. Corp. Ltd.; Pres., Elite Ins. Co; Chair, Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd.; Dir., Commonwealth Bank, Nassau; Dir., Laurentide Finan. Trust, London, U.K.; currently also: Pres., Andrew Saxton & Sons Ltd.; Dir., Cdn. Commercial Corporation (Federal Crown Corp.); former Dir., Insurance Corp. of B.C. and Chair, Investment Ctte.; former Adv. Bd., HSBC Capital Canada, Private Equity Fund; honours & awards incl. Distinguished Service Award, Heart & Stroke Fdn. of Canada; Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal 1977; Canada 125 Medal 1992; Hon. Mem., Royal Cdn. Legion; former Mem., President’s Community Adv. Council, Univ. of B.C.; former Dir., Univ. of British Columbia Investment Mgmt. Trust; former Pres., B.C. Heart Fdn.; former Dir., Cdn. Heart Fdn.; recreations: charitable work, boating; clubs: Royal Vancouver Yacht; Vancouver Tennis; Bohemian (San Francisco); The Vancouver; Home: Vancouver, B.C.; Office: 1 – 905 W, Pender St., Vancouver, B.C. V6C1L6.

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