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Source: True Pundit

EXCLUSIVE: Russian At Donald Trump Jr. Meeting Worked With FBI While Special Counsel Robert Mueller Was FBI Director

July 17, 2017
by Investigative Bureau

The Russian translator at the Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr. worked with the State Department and the FBI during Robert Mueller’s tenure as Director of the Bureau, according to documents obtained by True Pundit.

Mueller, the former FBI director, is currently the United States Special Counsel investigating President Donald Trump’s administration and White House aides for alleged connections to supposed Russian factions. While Big Media has tried to portray Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr., as having orchestrated a clandestine meeting with the Russians to attempt to find dirt on Hillary Clinton, few can seem to explain how a person linked to the FBI and Mueller, who was calling the shots for the Bureau at the time, ended up at the very same Trump Tower sit down.

Mueller’s office did not return calls for comment. The translator, Anatoli Samochornov, who also worked for the US State Department until recently, could not be reached for comment either. Former FBI officials with knowledge of the meeting and possible other FBI work performed by Samochornov refused to go on the record.

Please go to True Pundit to read the entire article.

Russian Lawyer Translator Anatoli Samochornov in
Trump Tower – the Clinton Connection?


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