Americans, Get Over Your Conservatism Alright?

Ed.’s note: We’ve posted material before on the “conservative” pundit Ben Shapiro. Hopefully, this will be the last.

Source: The Unz Review

That Shapiro Meltdown: What It Says About Him—and Conservatism, Inc.

Ben Shapiro got DESTROYED, as one of his own fanboy videos might put it—and as he has admitted [Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro admits he was ‘destroyed’ after cutting short TV debate, by Rob Picheta, CNN, May 13, 2019]. Shapiro surprisingly lost his cool and cut short a BBC interview with UK media Big Foot Andrew Neil.

Back in the U.S., the Left and the Dissident Right were equally delighted (see here and here). But there’s more to say about how this exposes Conservatism Inc.’s inherent flaws—and Shapiro’s.

Shapiro, who appeared completely unprepared, committed several major blunders:

  • He bragged that “I’m popular, and no one has ever heard of you.” Neil, one of Britain’s most celebrated journalists, retorted (not particularly to his credit) that he had not heard of Shapiro either.
  • Shapiro pressed Neil to admit that the journalist was “on the left.” But Neil is a longtime conservative—Shapiro’s own website, The Daily Wire, had once praised him. [WATCH: British Journalist DESTROYS Argument That U.S. Sanctions, Not Socialism, Hurt Venezuela,February 7, 2019] Ironically, Neil’s “conservatism” has much in common with Shapiro’s: both were advocates of the Iraq War and are dogmatic immigration enthusiasts.
  • Neil successfully baited Shapiro by calling a recent anti-abortion bill in Georgia a return to the Dark Ages. Shapiro was thus pinned down on an allegedly hardline state law he didn’t seem to know anything about. However, he could have simply said that he was pro-life but couldn’t speak to the current status of state legislation, thus dodging the trap. Probably because of ego, he didn’t do this.
  • Neil casually mentioned that Shapiro is Jewish before confronting him with some rabidly pro-Israel tweets. Of course, this would never happen in the U.S., which has a vastly larger proportion of Jews than the U.K., and correspondingly stronger inhibitions. But Shapiro should not have been so rattled by this reference to something which is, after all, true—and arguably motivates his politics, from keeping the Middle East safe for Israel to sabotaging any expression of emerging white self-consciousness in America.

Please go to The Unz Review to read the entire article.


Previous material posted on Ben Shapiro. Our suggestion would be to dump him, you know, turn off the television sort of thing.

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