American Perspective: Britain as experimental lab – British culture destined for destruction – call the ‘experts’

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Revealed: The 20,000 Whitehall ‘experts’ costing us £2billion in wages

A staggering £2billion of taxpayers’ money is spent employing 20,000 government consultants on salaries as high as £600,000.

The Cabinet Office revealed the gargantuan size of the state payroll yesterday as part of a softening up exercise to convince voters that cuts are necessary.

In total government departments, their agencies and other public bodies employ more than 660,000 people.

Wielding the axe: David Cameron and Francis Maude have signalled that consultancy will be one of the first areas to trim in planned expenditure cuts

But in a clear sign of the way unnecessary costs were allowed to spiral under Labour, that includes 19,967 consultants, agency workers and private contractors.

In the 2009-10 financial year, the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority – a subsidiary of the Department for Work and Pensions – ran up a £9million bill.

But as of March 31, it employed just 14 individuals in such roles – suggesting an average cost per person of nearly £643,000.

The DWP claimed many more were employed throughout the year.

Whitehall: Altogether, 660,000 staff are employed by Whitehall departments and the bodies for which they are responsible
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  • Personal Accounts Delivery Authority


    one could cynically pronounce that acronym "PayDay".


  • I'll give Bill Clinton credit; first president in a long time that actually scared the British and their lackey grease-hair boys on Wall Street because he later regretted not bringing under control these exotic and fantastically complex derivatives.

    The British set up Bill Clinton for the fall…too bad, almost kicked British ass.

    They are going to come home to roost soon.