America Is Becoming a Very Frightening Place

“As the speaker at the podium rallies to the crowd to restore America to its former greatness, an uncanny parallel to current events emerges, ending with the haunting images of Americans saluting the Third Reich. We’re watching history repeat itself.” – Monica Castillo, The Wrap

Source: On The Media

The crowd responds with a Hitler salute as uniformed members of a German-American Bund color guard march at a gathering in New York’s Madison Square Garden, Feb. 20, 1939.

Founded in 1936, the German-American Bund had approximately 25,000 members and 70 chapters around the country. While the Nazis were building concentration camps, the Bund held pro-Hitler retreats and summer camps. February 20th marks the 80th anniversary of the Bund’s most notorious event when 20,000 of its members gathered at Madison Square Garden for a “Pro-American Rally” featuring speeches and performances, staged in front of a 30-foot-high portrait of George Washington.

The rally is the subject of the Oscar-nominated documentary short “A Night at The Garden” by filmmaker Marshall Curry. In this On the Media podcast extra, Brooke talks with Curry about how the film’s themes resonate today and how a 30-second broadcast spot has had a media moment of its own.


Anyone need a sobering reminder?


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