America Is a “Gay Disco”

Ed. note: Let’s take a serious look at this for a minute. Look at what you might ask? The entire gay, LGBT, transgender and homosexual social context of what is happening here. We’ll start off with the US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell. Why Grenell? Because Grenell is gay. He briefly served as the national security spokesman for Mitt Romney in Romney’s 2012 campaign for President of the United States. As such, he became the first openly gay spokesman for a Republican presidential candidate. Grenell has done his part to thoroughly antagonize the entire German nation. In February, 2019 the Trump administration launched a global effort to end criminalization of sodomy, sorry, we mean homosexuality. Grenell’s mission in Germany and in Europe: provoking right and left wing political tensions and being gay brings certain tyrannical clout as we will see.

New US ambassador to Germany under fire for rightwing support

This global effort is headed by the US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell. So the US under the Trump administration kicked off a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality when its vice president, Mike Pence who claims to be a Christian, is offended by homosexuals? As readers will see, one aspect of this campaign is another step towards bringing Iran down just as the US declared Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Now that Grenell is upsetting the host nation of Germany on defense issues and how much Germany should be spending on its military as a percentage of its GDP, which isn’t our focus, we will instead take a look at the issue of being gay.

Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality

Now let’s take a swing from Germany with Richard Grenell to South Bend, Indiana and look at the mayor of that small American city Pete Buttigieg. There is no doubt by this guy’s bio he is a pretty smart guy. Buttigieg graduated from Harvard University and Pembroke College, Oxford, which he attended on a Rhodes Scholarship. He later went on to serve as a reserve officer in the US Navy in Naval Intelligence. Just like Barack Obama who was groomed for the presidency by the Chicago mob with David Axelrod using the Jewish Pritzker family money, Pete Buttigieg is being groomed for the presidency in 2020 under the Democratic Party. Listen to how Buttigieg is compared to Barack Obama and his sudden political “stardom.”

His PR campaign has been kicked off and is being promoted all across the mainstream media and social media including with the BBC, so you just know this is being carefully cultivated. The BBC is where oligarchs tell the rest of us what’s coming. The vast number of Americans have never even heard of Bettigieg just as the vast number of Americans never heard of Obama until he suddenly became a “star.” Only in America can a mayor from the small town of South Bend, Indiana go directly to the White House. See how the oligarchs can take a nobody and bring them into national fame and “stardom” even with a “naked resume?” Here’s the clincher on his resume: Pete Buttigieg is gay.

Pete Buttigieg: How a young, gay mayor became a Democratic star

Who Is Pete Buttigieg, the Gay Millennial Mayor the Democrats Didn’t See Coming?

Gay Mayor Peter Buttigieg Married His Comedian Boyfriend Chasten Glezman

What is going on with all these gay politicians taking up positions as mayors of American cities and governors of states like in Colorado? It is sort of like saying this is “sodomy-driven politics” but we should be looking much deeper as to the reasons why.

Colorado’s Jared Polis makes history as gay governor

What is happening here is that oligarchs are financially backing and promoting gay politicians so that you can’t question their tyranny. If gay politicians can redefine for themselves what the specific functions are for the body, like the rectum was designed for anal sex, they can also then redefine anything they want to according to their own principles. These gay politicians being homosexuals are now completely immune to any type of criticism. The more these people like the Governor of Colorado Jared Polis, the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg and the US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell gain power, the more they will force you to go along with their own man-made laws as a “normal way of life.” Politicians like this are completely compromised and make for the perfect commissars created by their oligarchic masters to rule over the rest of us. Every homosexual in government is a commissar fighting for oligarchs to keep you under control.

The new proxy group that replaced blacks in America are the homosexuals. A group has been organized to completely overturn the social order because the life of a homosexual is lived in contradiction to social order. It is a life of chaos and confusion to the rest of society. As free and as diverse as homosexuals think they really are, they are in reality slaves to their oligarchic masters. Homosexuality is a form of control opening themselves up to all kinds of manipulation for reasons completely out of the control of homosexuals themselves. They’ve abandoned all moral law and therefore have abandoned all reason. Call homosexuals “proxy warriors” for lack of a better description. Oligarchs are saying to homosexuals especially placed in positions of authority like in politics, “Look, you can run rampant in your homosexual bathhouses as along as you don’t question our tyranny.”

As we explore Pete Buttigieg who is being heavily promoted by the corporate media and who is a “political chameleon”, we just knew there would be a connection to Israel indicating to us Jewish oligarchs are once again in full control of the political direction of the American people. What is it that oligarchs want more than anything else? Come on now, think hard? Why security of course, so Bittigieg promotes how the Israelis do security. Readers, if nothing else in this post, you really do need to read this article. Our model: apartheid Israel. It’s funny, E. Michael Jones calls Pete Buttigieg an “oligarch carpetbagger.” And with the last name beginning with “butt”, one can’t help wonder if that carpetbagger doesn’t have a good lubricant in his bag.

Candidate Pete Buttigieg: Israel’s Security Policy Offers “Important Lessons” for the US

What Netanyahu Hopes to Gain from Attacking Palestinian Prisoners

The homosexual-driven social engineering going on to prevent questioning oligarchic tyranny by placing gay politicians in key positions possibly even the presidency of the US in 2020, is even being promoted by major American corporations like Dow Chemical. Dow Chemical, the manufacture of Agent Orange used in Vietnam and responsible for the Bhopal disaster in India, is now “woke.”

Dow Chemical’s Gay CEO is the Latest Example of Phony “Woke” Corporations

Are you in the military? Are you ready to die for the “gay disco?” If you are you are on the wrong side of heaven and on the right side of hell.

We are noticing very clearly what is going on here. We see every homosexual as a commissar, a proxy warrior fighting for oligarchs to keep the population under control. This is what Pete Buttigieg is with the best resume in politics today, a corporate media that is gearing up to promote him big time with one serious flaw: he doesn’t represent the interests of anyone in Indiana. South Bend, Indiana is his stepping stone for his self-serving narcissistic political fantasies financed by oligarchs. Watch closely over the coming months as Buttigieg very carefully plots out his political run for the White House by first stating his extreme that being gay for his oligarchic masters. All based on a carefully constructed past including being a “war hero” in Afghanistan.

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