America Is a Conquered Country

Ed.’s note: America is a conquered country but that’s alright because Trump will make everyone feel good. The reason why President Trump who works for Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s greater interests referred to Rep. Ilhan Omar as being “antisemitic,” is because Omar has introduced a resolution to uphold the right to boycott Israel. Boycotting Israel would have a huge impact on massive capital investment in Israel’s tech firms and Israel’s ability to bring American technology to Israel as the “start-up nation.” Notice the intense campaign against Ilhan Omar that is heating up which requires a completely different investigation into. This article is written by David Steinberg so it will require some methodical going over to verify its accuracy. If you’re in this game, it would be known David Steinberg is connected to the Islamophobia crowd through Aubrey Chernick’s PJ Media. It has an Islamophobia intravenous drip right into America’s main arteries. They will destroy Omar faster than then you can say Bar mitzvah.

How Much Pro-Israel Money Politicians Attacking Ilhan Omar Received

David Steinberg: Tying up loose threads in the curious case

However, for those of us paying very close attention here, Israel wins. You divide the American people and Israel wins. Build a wall – after all, Israel has a wall – and Israel wins. Disenfranchise blacks and Israel wins. Split the political left and Israel wins. Split the political right and Israel wins. Empower the white voting block (Christian-Zionists) for Trump and Israel wins. And finally, if people think Israel and Jews are vicious (Neocons), just wait until Israel controls all technological developments from Israel including space-based energy weapons. So much as make a peep about Israel and you will find yourself ZAPPED! Just like Elijah on his barbecue pit. That’s why Ilhan Omar wants a resolution upholding the right to boycott Israel. So Dumpster and his fanatical Christian-Zio vice president call Omar “antisemitic.”

We are in…

What exactly does “make America great again” supposed to entail? Going to Trump political campaigns holding placards up that say “make America great again” and “women for Trump” while chanting in unison “send her back” and “USA, USA, USA?” What’s the deal here anyway? You mean if someone doesn’t agree with that scenario we’re supposed to “leave America?” Think about this for one very serious minute: What would happen if more cooperative secular Christians – minus the Christian-Zio lunatics – Muslims and Jews all came together on these issues confronting us?

Ilhan Omar introduces resolution upholding right to boycott

How is it possible that the Right Wing Fox News asks all the right questions?

Fox News Operates Like an Intelligence Agency

As anti-Israel sentiment continues growing across the political divide in America and inside the Democratic Party, there will be a corresponding increase in provocations against Iran. The Iranians have denied they lost any of their aircraft. Did the US shoot down one of their own drones? Iran must be trolling the US.

MAJOR: Persian Gulf heating up again – U.S. Navy ship shot down Iranian drone

What is powering President Trump is a largely white American Christian-Zionist backing with their dysfunctional and perverted epistemology. Although Trump once seemed little interested by religious questions, he has apparently moved closer to the Christian-Zionists and is now under the influence of his vice-President, the Evangelical Christian Mike Pence, and one of his sponsors, the Jewish casino-operator Sheldon Adelson long with Adleson’s wife who says “she will get Trump in the bible if he nukes Iran.”

Adelson himself, is totally committed to Israel and financially sponsors the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship (a “start-up school for a start-up nation”) in Israel. It is mostly the Jewish oligarch Sheldon Adelson who would have “preferred an IDF uniform over a US military uniform” who is behind Trump’s decisions on Israel. Adelson also supports The Adelson School of Medicine at Ariel University in Israel. Sheldon Adelson also pledged $13 million on top of the money he has already provided for Israel’s Birthright programs in which there is a constant waiting list. If you are a wealthy Jewish oligarch, the best way to vector attention away from Israel, is to provide $500,000 for a defense fund for Robert Mueller’s “targets.”

Israeli & Christian Zionists Eye up War on Iran: A Conundrum Of Evil

When the left is divided by Jewish groups this will reduce significantly the opposition to Israel in America as the left including blacks allying with Palestinians will try to be prevented. What Jewish groups in America are doing also is to “advocate for delegitimizing Jews deemed too supportive of Palestinian rights.” There is a growing backlash to Israel gaining momentum and the last thing Israel can afford to happen is for this discourse to break out into the general population of America. Without mincing words Trump’s job is fairly clear: make Israel the greatest while maintaining the political theater of “making America great again” to pacify the broad spectrum of his supporters. Do you know what a good start would be in “making America great again?” Start by removing the Newsom, Brown, Pelosi and Feinstein crime family syndicates from power in California.

Israel lobby groups hatch plan to divide the left

Another imposing contradiction in our ongoing work that needs a look into, is what can explain Israel and Jews, if according to Professor Shlomo Sand, Jews are a “modern invention?” Anyway, as this all becomes more confusing, let’s replace the American National Anthem in America with Israel’s National Anthem and call it a day.


Source: Tikun Olam

Jews Without Mercy in Seattle and Washington DC

July 12, 2019 | by Richard Silverstein | 24 Comments

Earl Schorris wrote a wonderful book a few decades ago called Jews Without Mercy.  It was a savage, incantatory attack in the era of Reagan on the Jews who first advanced neoconservatism and brought it to a wider audience.  I thought of his evocative title when conceiving this blog post about the response of some Jews both in America and Israel to the moral, societal and political challenges of our age.

There has always been a tension between universalism and particularity in our tradition going back to the prophets, if not earlier.  One pole in Jewish thought reaches out to the world and seeks to engage with it, influence it, make it better.  The opposite pole closes in on itself, cares only for the fate and welfare of Jews, argues that turning outward has only brought Jews suffering.  That pole says that Jews can only depend on themselves; and that we may only look outward for the aid of a non-Jew to the extent he can advance our own particular Jewish interests.

Jewish neo-conservatives both in Israel and the U.S. embraced the latter position.  You’ll remember that Irving Kristol, one of the fathers of neoconservatism, memorably said that “a neoconservative is a liberal who’s been mugged by reality.”  Meir Kahane was an extreme version of this position.  He was a neocon with guns.

Today, with the ascension of Donald Trump, a certain class of Jews advances the same set of cruel, insular values.  Just as the GOP and its media darlings at FoxNews have transformed immigrants into the whipping boy to advance their agenda; just as they’ve churned up a hysterical fear of refugees and foreigners, these same forces have set upon the homeless as another scourge supposedly threatening our cities and our American Way of Life.

In Seattle, we’ve seen that with the anti-homeless movement organized around the group, Safe Seattle.  It played a key role in the infamous TV documentary, Seattle is Dying? produced for the local Sinclair affiliate, KOMO.  Safe Seattle and its leaders were prominently featured in it and they painted a similar apocalyptic vision to the one portrayed by Trump in his Inaugural Address.  Remember “American Carnage?”

…The crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.

The TV documentary painted a dark foreboding picture of Seattle as urban wasteland.  A city taken over by thugs bent on violence.  A city trashed and abandoned to its own fate.  This is, of course, a false portrait.  Seattle is nowhere near dying.  While there is a major problem of homelessness, the homeless are not our enemies.  They are victims abandoned by society.  They require services, housing and treatment rather than harsh justice.

In truth, if anything is killing Seattle it is the runaway growth promoted by Bezos and other corporate titans expanding their businesses here.  Tens of thousands of jobs beckon to young people fresh out of college seeking to join the tech March of Progress.  There is not enough housing, not enough infrastructure, not enough mass transit, not enough schools to support this massive surge.  As a result, the quality of life here suffers.  New York City: be glad you stood up to Amazon. Beware of mega-corporations bearing “gifts.”

Tough-guy Ari Hoffman (2nd from right) standing guard with Israeli-style commandos at gates of Bikur Cholim synagogue.

Much like Trump wants to rid America of immigrants, and the Euro-right wants to rid its lands of Muslim refugees, and Israel wants to rid itself of both African refugees and Palestinians, Seattle anti-homeless movement wants to rid the city of the homeless.  Rather, it wants to make the city safe for Big Business, the techies drawn here for Amazon and Microsoft jobs, and the rest of us white folk.

Ari Hoffman: Seattle City Council Candidate and a Jew Without Mercy

One of the leaders of this local initiative is Ari Hoffman, who’s running for a City Council seat in District 2 (Seward Park and South Seattle).  Hoffman is an Orthodox Jew and militantly pro-Israel.  He is a real estate developer, whose father-in-law, another wealthy developer, Larry Russak, is rumored to have bought his business for him.  Russak is the president of the main Orthodox Ashkenazi synagogue in Seward Park, Bikur Cholim. Russak was responsible for ousting the synagogue’s distinguished Rabbi Moshe Kletenik just as he began a term as president of the national Orthodox rabbinical association.  A synagogue member wrote that the rabbi had penalized him for violating Jewish law and refused him the honor of blowing the shofar on the High Holidays.  A slight Russak supposedly never forgave.

Among the frauds Hoffman has perpetrated is to invent a homeless murder that never happened. He also made a 911 call falsely accusing a potential constituent of stealing yard signs.

In addition to his anti-homeless activism, he runs the local Orthodox Jewish youth group, NCSY.  The organization runs more than 100 such clubs at public high schools throughout the country, including five in Seattle.  These after-school organizations draw non-Orthodox Jewish youth, who are fed a diet of pro-Israel propaganda sponsored by organizations like StandWithUs.  Hoffman is fond of Praeger University videos, which portray Israel as beset by menacing Arabs seeking its destruction.  Hoffman offers students free Orthodox-sponsored trips to Israel and also recruits them to study Torah with him.  These are all known missionary strategies (known as kiruv in Hebrew) used by Orthodox Jews to convert secular and non-Orthodox Jews to Orthodoxy.  When I criticized Hoffman for these practices directed at my son, he responded with insults and invective.  Later, he tweeted that I was depriving Jewish youth of doughnuts!

Please go to Tikun Olam to read the entire article.


Source: The Jerusalem Post

Cyprus rape case: 3 Israelis admit intercourse, 9 deny being there

Cyprus police is investigating a complaint by a young woman who claimed she was raped by Israelis in the coastal town of Ayia Napa.


Rape [illustration] 370. (photo credit: Ingimage)

Out of the 12 teen Israelis suspected of allegedly raping a 19-year-old British tourist on Tuesday night at an Ayia Napa hotel, three claim to have had sex with her, while 9 claim to have nothing to do with the incident.

The investigation is being handled by Famagusta police which was able to find forensic evidence linking the youths to the scene of the alleged crime, Channel 12 reported. All of the Israelis were arrested at the hotel on Wednesday morning.  

 The 12 alleged offenders appeared in court on Thursday and were remanded for an additional eight days. KAN Radio reported that some of the suspects told their parents that they were being mistreated by the Cypriot authorities. One of the mothers of the Israeli youths told Channel 12 that her son doesn’t speak English well and can’t understand the legal process he is subjected to. According to her he called her “in tears” and said “I didn’t do anything.”      

Please go to The Jerusalem Post to read the entire article.


Source: The Unz Review

Jews, Not Italians, Dominated American Organized Crime, Which Was Far More Powerful Than People Realize

How a Young Syndicate Lawyer from Chicago Earned a Fortune Looting the Property of the Japanese-Americans, then Lived Happily Ever After as America’s Most Respected Civil Libertarian Federal Appellate Court Judge

By Ron Unz • July 15, 2019 • 447 Comments • 314 New

The Honorable David L. Bazelon, Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia

As I was growing up in the suburban San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles during the 1960s and 1970s, organized crime seemed like a very distant thing, confined to the densely-populated cities of the East Coast or to America’s past, much like the corrupt political machines with which it was usually associated.

I never heard any stories of ballot-box stuffing or political precinct captains controlling a swath of no-show city jobs or traffic tickets being “fixed” by a friend at City Hall. The notion of local grocery stores paying protection money or taking numbers bets from their clientele on behalf of bookies would have seemed quite outlandish to me.

All these personal impressions were strongly reinforced by the electronic media that so heavily shapes our perceptions of reality. A couple of the popular shows I sometimes watched in reruns were the police procedural dramas Dragnet and Adam-12, both set in Southern California, and although each episode focused on one or more serious crimes, these were almost never of the “organized” variety. The same was true for Perry Mason episodes, although those longer courtroom dramas would have been naturally suited to the plotting of Syndicate members. The popular Rockford Files of the late 1970s did sometimes feature mobsters, but these individuals were almost always temporary visitors to LA from New York or Chicago or Las Vegas, with the plotlines sometimes humorously treating these gangsters as struggling fish out of water in the very different world of sunny Southern California. By contrast, a contemporaneous detective show set in New York like Kojak seemed to feature mafioso characters in every third or fourth episode.

The offerings of the Silver Screen generally followed the same pattern. Gangster films, ranging from the crudest B-flick to the Academy Award-winning Godfather masterpieces, were almost never set on the West Coast. And although a film like Roman Polanski’s Chinatown might be focused on the deadly criminal intrigues of the 1930s Los Angeles financial elitess, the villain was just a ruthless businessman, employing a couple of murderous hired thugs.

Children soon become aware that the dramatic concoctions of Hollywood are not necessarily accurate, but when everything we see on screens big and small so closely matches our direct personal experience, that amalgamation of images and daily life produces a very firm sense of reality.

Even the occasional exception seemed to support the general rule. In the 1970s, I remember once watching a local television news crew interview an elderly Jewish man named Mickey Cohen on a local park bench, breathlessly describing him as having once been the reigning mobster king of Los Angeles. While I didn’t doubt that in bygone days the crotchety little fellow had once been a hardened criminal, I remained somewhat skeptical that LA had ever contained enough gangsters to warrant having a king, let alone that such a figure would have been drawn from our notoriously law-abiding Jewish community.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s crime became a steadily rising problem in the once-quiet suburbs of Los Angeles, but virtually none of those incidents seemed much like a Francis Ford Coppola epic. The Crips and Bloods of South-Central regularly killed each other and innocent bystanders, while burglaries and robberies—as well as occasional rapes and murders—sometimes spilled over the Hollywood Hills into the Valley. Terrifying serial killers like the Hillside Strangler provoked widespread fear as did the horrible deeds of the Manson Family, while the fiery final shootout of the Symbionese Liberation Army near Inglewood drew national headlines; but none of this seemed much like activities of the Gambinos or Columbos of NYC. Indeed, I and my friends would sometimes joke that since the Mafia was supposedly so effective at keeping street crime away from its New York neighborhoods, perhaps LA would have been better off if it had had a sizeable Sicilian population.

When I sometimes gave the matter a little thought, the utter lack of any organized crime in California seemed fairly easy to explain. East Coast cities had been settled by waves of foreign immigrants, impoverished newcomers who spoke no English, and their total ignorance of American ways left them quite vulnerable to criminal exploitation. Such situations were an ideal breeding ground for corruption, political machines, and crime syndicates, with the centuries-old secret societies of Sicily and Southern Italy providing the obvious seeds for the last of those. Meanwhile, most of California had been settled by longstanding American citizens, often relocating from the placid Midwest, with Iowans who spoke perfect English and whose families had been voting in U.S. elections for six generations being far less vulnerable to political intimidation or criminal exploitation.

Since organized crime obviously did not exist in California, I was never quite sure how much to believe about its supposed size and power elsewhere in the country. Al Capone had been imprisoned and died decades before I was born and with the end of Roaring Twenties, violent gangsterism seemed to have mostly disappeared as well. Every now and then the newspapers might carry the story of an Eastern Mafia chieftain killed by his rivals, but those occasional events provided little indication about the power those individuals had wielded while alive. In 1977, teenage members of an obscure Chinese immigrant street gang in San Francisco used automatic weapons to attack their rivals at a local restaurant, leaving sixteen dead or wounded, a body-count that seemed comparable to the total number of traditional Mafia killings nationwide over a period of several years.

During the 1970s I also starting hearing lurid tales that the Mafia had stolen the 1960 election for President John F. Kennedy and might even have been involved in his subsequent assassination, but the respectable media seemed to treat those claims with enormous scorn, so I tended to regard them as National Enquirer type nonsense, not much different than ridiculous UFO stories. Growing up when I did, the Kennedys had seemed like America’s own royal family, and I was very skeptical that control of the White House at the absolute height of the American Century had been swung by Mafia bosses. There were stories that Old Joe Kennedy, the family patriarch, had dabbled in bootlegging during the 1920s, but that had been during Prohibition, a very different era than the aftermath of the quiet and prosperous Eisenhower years of the 1950s.

Twentieth century American history had never been of much interest to me, so I am not entirely sure at what point my understanding of these issues began to change. I think it may have been just a few years ago, when I was absolutely shocked to discover that there was overwhelming evidence that the JFK Assassination had indeed been part of a large conspiracy, a revelation absolutely contrary to what I had always been led to believe by the media throughout my life. But when a highly-regarded national journalist such as David Talbot gathered the copious evidence in his book Brothers, and his conclusions were endorsed by an eminent presidential historian such as Alan Brinkley writing in the pages of the august New York Times, such a shift became unavoidable. And it seemed clear that elements of organized crime had been heavily involved in that presidential assassination.

Please go to The Unz Review to read the entire article.



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Report from the Gatekeeper’s Ball – Yoram Hazony Really Hates The Right; Zionist Attempt To Co-opt National Conservatism Will Fail.

Since 2000 Israel’s Military Has Scoured Local Archives and Removed Evidence of 1948 Massacres and Expulsions

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