America as a Betting parlor – intentional collapse – reshuffling financial control

Source: The Economic Collapse

Readers of the Abel Danger blog and the work of Hawks Cafe, Captain Sherlock and Abel Danger should realize by now that there is an epic economic struggle taking place to wrestle back control of financial power from America by what has been referred to as the ‘SCRAP Merchant’ and the City of London. This article demonstrates clearly this struggle outlining how America’s own leaders/banks are betting on the economic destruction of America turning the economy into nothing less than a ‘betting parlor.’

As this article shows, how can America’s economy succeed when its own politicians and banks are betting against it? As has been discussed by Hawks Cafe, Captain Sherlock and Abel Danger, is this what is being done with 70 trillion dollars now parked at 10 Downing Street? Speculation but is it possible that once America’s economy collapses a new currency will be introduced based on carbon credits which might explain this ‘must be’ of carbon emissions trading despite the now proven collapse of ‘global warming’ science?


How Is The U.S. Economy Supposed To Succeed When Our Politicians And The Big Banks Are Making Billions Of Dollars Betting Against It?

Most people around the globe think of America as a great “capitalist” economic machine, but the truth is that the U.S. financial system is essentially one massive betting parlor at this point. In fact, there has been a whole lot of easy money made in this betting parlor over the past several years by our politicians and by the big financial players down on Wall Street. So how did they make all of this money?

They did it by betting against America. By betting that the U.S. economy would do badly, a lot of very powerful people have gotten insanely wealthy. Literally billions of dollars have been made over the past five years simply by betting that the U.S. housing market would go into the toilet. But is all of this “short selling” and are all of these “side bets” actually good for the American economy? How is the U.S. economy supposed to succeed when the big banks and so many of our politicians are actively making bets against it?

Just take a moment and check out some of the folks that have been betting against America….

*A Wall Street Journal analysis of congressional disclosures shows that 13 members of the U.S. Congress or their wives were engaged in substantial short selling during the financial crisis of 2008.

*An individual by the name of Jeff Greene made hundreds of millions of dollars during the real estate collapse by making huge bets against the residential housing market. Now he wants to use some of that money to run for the U.S. Senate in Florida.

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  • scaremongering see comments in original article

  • The rig that blew up was over-insured by $270 million. Fascinating coincidence!

    Hmm. Did BP hold dead peasant insurance on the rig workers who died?

    Via: Politico:

    Eighteen Democratic senators have asked the Justice Department to investigate the operator of the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig after the company announced it would dole out $1 billion to shareholders as oil continues to pour into the Gulf of Mexico.

    Transocean, according to the letter from the senators, plans to distribute dividends to its stockholders. And the senators are concerned that the payments might make it harder to collect liability payouts related to the massive oil spill.

    Transocean, according to the letter, also says it will make a $270 million profit on the insurance policy for the rig. And the senators claim the rig was insured for more than it was worth.

  • April 20 hmmm.

    11 deaths

    the platform was sunk after the fire had been extinguished.

    order out of Chaos.

    Goldman Sachs shorted all stocks related to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Reuters – Halliburton agrees to buy Boots & Coots (Oil Cleanup Company) 10 days before Oil Spill

    Reuters – Halliburton performed cementing work on the well just before it ruptured

    Halliburton consulted a local B.C. man about using zeolite to make "lightweight concrete". There is only one way to break down concrete that uses zeolite as a pozzalin. Expose it to salt.

    BP filled the pipe with saltwater after it had been advised to fill it with drilling mud.

  • Trippity-trop, trippity-trop

  • The zionists are not mentioned at all…

    When will the power they have over our 'representatives' come to a head?

    I am thinking real soon…