ALPA Offered $1.3 For Abel Silence – Air Bus and Air France Not The Problem – ‘Whistleblowing’ Airline Pilots Silenced – Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)Civ


ALPA offered $1.3M For Abel Silence

12 August 2011

Thanks a million. A banner day for Abel Danger, check

Also, I posted this comment on the UK newspaper, hope they have the (&%$*s) to print it.

I flew thirty-one years for airlines. I have a type rating in A330 and 3700 hours in command of A320s. I filed 3 federal lawsuits over the illegal modifications to glass cockpit airliners. See Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) and you will see that I had an active lawsuit (filed September, 2008) at the time of the Air France incident. With 23,000 hours of safe flying I felt compelled to write a chapter on the AF447 incident as Senator Byron Dorgan would not allow ‘whistleblowing’ airline pilots to testify at a Safety Hearing on 10 and 17 June, 2009. Here is the Chapter 9 of our Book 4 that was delivered to ALPA, FBI, FAA, Northwest Airlines and the internet on 17 June, 2009:

The following morning ALPA offered me $1.3M to drop my suit. I do not believe Air France or Airbus are the problem here folks.

Captain Field McConnell

23,000 hours of safety

+001 715 307 8222.

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