All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

Written version N.B. The alleged quote by Woodrow Wilson (“I am a most unhappy man…”) is not genuine; and the 1933 “Business Plot” was likely a ruse.

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  • I read that the gold coin and silver coin originally were blank discs created by Earth dwellers of certain descent and knowledge and had esoteric meaning, The coins were used to prevent greed and self seeking for harmful reasons in a sense reminding the users of the higher mind and virtues of the personified heavenly bodies, Later likeness of leaders and the like of kings were stamped on the coins, symbols added and today it would seem the meanings quite a lot different concerning the coins and paper representations. One does have to wonder why yellow or silver metal or any other like item can be hold so much power and reverence as a central theme. Many things are like a double edged sword therein existing a healing and a destroying edge..

  • "The autopsy was conducted by the Orange County medical examiner without the presence of a Naval officer, a direct violation of Naval regulations."
    Obviously some people violated the law. Why aren't those individuals detained and taken to court for their crimes?