Alain Soral en prison and the yellow vest movement

Ed. note: Another day in the dysfunctional empire of hate. The video clip below is in French with no subtitles. For those who can understand French, it is a must watch video (13 min). Observe carefully the yellow vest Alain Soral is wearing. Alain Soral is the French intellectual who was sentenced this week to one year in prison by a French court for “negationisme” (history revisionism). The idea of “thought police” coming into existence is very real and is up and fully running in what used to be “America” and of course Israel.

French envoy to US: Israel an ‘apartheid’ regime, Trump ‘peace’ plan doomed to fail

This is what the yellow vest movement is truly all about and this is what is making Macron the Jew and the Jews worldwide very anxious. This is why we are hearing antisemitism at every possible opportunity in political discussions in America. What is happening in France must be contained in France. Now that Americans have been gaslighted in the extreme with this Mueller “Russiagate” (it’s “Israelgate”) investigation political insanity (see “empire of bullshit“), notice there was absolutely no discussion of Jews and Israel throughout the entire two years of Mueller’s gaslighting operation. If this breaks out in America the political ramifications will be huge.

Six months after it begins, the oligarchs/Macron versus Gilets Jaunes battle is still raging and will keep on

23 Weeks And Counting: Major Turnout For Yellow Vest Protest in Paris – Hundreds Arrested & Injured by Police


MUST READ – Notre Dame De Paris And The Blaze of Jewish Hate

Thoughts on the Protected Race

If Ilhan Omar Is American, No One Is American

On Jews Being United

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Why are France’s yellow vest protests so white?

It is being looked into whether or not Marc Lamparello is Jewish considering information appeared his mother was identified as Jewish in an article about a group she was in that visited Israel. This still needs absolute confirmation in which we are looking into so don’t start slinging accusations around until confirmed.

Man Arrested With Gas Cans and Lighters at St. Patrick’s Cathedral Is a Philosophy Teacher

Marc Lamparello

Marc Lamparello: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

/pol/ – Politically Incorrect » Thread #210576398 – 4plebs

The revengeful Jew…

Radical rabbi says Notre Dame fire retribution for 13th-century Talmud burning

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