Affidavit Regarding the Cover Up of Murder Upon Colonel James Sabow USMC – Submitted by Field McConnell 7th October, 2015

Note: The Burnett Forensic Analysis and Report clearly
shows HOMICIDE and so do several non NIS investigators. We know several
local Government officials (active and retired) were to “Leave this one
alone” …. As recently as this week.


Field McConnell Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)
Air Line Pilots Association  
I, Field McConnell, of Plum City, Wisconsin, MAKE OATH AND SAY THAT:
  1. While registered at Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii in 1967 I was FIELD MCCONNELL, Christian, U S citizen.
  2. In the Punahou School class of 1979 a student was registered as Barry Soetoro, Muslim, Indonesian.
  3. My
    only sibling, Kristine Marcy, has committed serial treasons against the
    United States of America and those treasons were reported to General
    Joseph Dunford, USMC, in August, 2015.
  4. I,
     Field McConnell, also reported to General Dunford information
    regarding the murder of Colonel James Edward Sabow USMC on 22 January,
    1991, the day  a war began in Iraq.
  5. General Wayne T.  Adams Suicide Telex to CMC drafted 8 hours before murder, was the general complicit or prescient?.
  6. Dr. Werner Spitz, Forensic Pathologist submitted Affidavit to NCIS stating homicide and crime scene tampering.
  7. Assassins tampered with evidence and altered crime scene with NIS present to support false suicide manner of death.
  8. Death certificate executed same day as Autopsy with manner of death as suicide without crime scene investigation results.
  9. Forensic analysis of Crime Scene blood spatter and GUN SHOT RESIDUE by Bryan Burnett concludes Colonel Sabow’s  death a homicide with crime scene tampering.  Field McConnell concurs with Burnett. 
  1. Colonel Rich and Colonel Lange orchestrated meeting with Dr Sabow to convince Dr Sabow that Colonel Sabow was criminal.
  2. Autopsy
    head photo of Colonel Sabow doctored to hide severe bruising and
    conceal crushed skull fracture inflicted prior to homicide by shotgun
    blast .
  3. No fingerprints on shotgun inconsistent with suicide as Colonel James Sabow USMC was not wearing gloves at time of his murder.
  4. There is no statute of limitations on murder or the conspiracy to commit murder.  The facts support homicide of Colonel James E. Sabow and the cover up of this heinous crime by senior Navy, Marine Corps personnel, non-military Government officials and civilians.  Several who knew the colonel was murdered, obfuscated evidence, lied or changed their information to protect themselves from retaliation.  NIS was in charge of this investigation which is a quagmire of deception.   
  5. I,
    Field McConnell, allege that the United States Military has been
    decimated during the time frame January, 2009 to current day 7 October,
    2015 and during that time over 2200 wrongful deaths have occurred in
    Afghanistan.  I suggest that the remedy is the immediate arrests of
    Kristine Marcy and Barry Soetoro.  Further affiant sayeth not.

BEFORE ME, on the )  
7th day of October, 2015 )  
______________________________ ) ______________________________
NOTARY PUBLIC ) Field McConnell
My Commission expires: _______________
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