AD2 – How Did Abel Danger Bridge The SACEUR Drag and Drop to Serco’s Spot-Fixed Captain Chic?

October 24, 2017

Michael Donley, Secretary of the Air Force, and Gen. Phillip Breedlove, Air Force Vice Chief of Staff, presented the Air Force Distinguished Public Service Award to retired Col. Tucker Fagan during a dinner in honor of the Air Force Chief of Staff Civic Leaders Feb. 2, 2001, at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (U.S. Air Force photo by Michael J. Pausic).

Missile Hitting the Pentagon on 911

SERCO GROUP PLC: List of Subsidiaries AND Shareholders! [Note agents for Northern Trust and the Teachers (TIAA) Pension Fund would have met with agents of the government of Saudi Arabia on the 47th floor of WTC 1 on 9/11]

“Foundation Helps Others Live 9/11 Pilot’s Dream
By Steve Vogel
Courtesy of The Washington Post
Sunday, September 21, 2003
Chic Burlingame was a boy of 6, living with his family in England, when he found some pieces of lumber in the alley behind their home and fashioned them into a plane.

Despite his age, he already had dreams of flying — and he would realize them eventually, attending the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, landing F-4 Phantom jets on aircraft carriers as a Navy pilot, and flying as a pilot for American Airlines.

On a beautiful morning two years ago, Charles “Chic” Burlingame III was the pilot of American Airlines Flight 77 when it was hijacked and flown into the Pentagon. The crash killed 125 people at the Pentagon and all 59 passengers and crew members on the flight, including Burlingame, 51, a resident of Fairfax County.”

“Philip Mark Breedlove (born September 21, 1955)[1] is a retired four-star General in the United States Air Force who served as the Commander, U.S. European Command, as well as the 17th Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) of NATO Allied Command Operations, from May 2013 until May 4, 2016. … In June 1999 and going to that next May, he was the executive officer to the Commander, Headquarters Air Combat Command, Langley Air Force Base, Virginia. … Beginning in June 2001 and lasting [through 9/11] for the next year, he was the senior military assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force, Headquarters United States Air Force, Washington D.C.[9] … In May 2013 Breedlove assumed command of U.S. European Command and NATO Allied Command Operations as the Supreme Allied Commander Europe. In that capacity, he was stationed at SHAPE Headquarters outside Mons, Belgium.”

“For immediate release: May 3, 2001 MDA Wins Key U.S. Aviation Contract
Richmond, B.C. – MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (TSE: MDA) announced today the company has been awarded a contract by the United States Air Force to develop a system to be used by specialists at Air Force bases to design Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs).

IAPs are published instructions to pilots specifying a series of aircraft maneuvers that must be executed for the aircraft to transition safely from an en route airway to a runway final approach when flying by instruments. MDA’s system ingests digital terrain and elevation data, air navigation data (such as the locations of navigation aids, runways, buildings and towers) to build and display a virtual model of the physical environment surrounding an airport. It then develops the complex surfaces that define a safe approach corridor for any of the dozens of IAP variants, and determines whether any of the defined surfaces are penetrated by terrain or man-made obstacles. It flags these incursions to the operator, who can quickly modify the approach procedure through a drag-and-drop user interface.

This initial award, valued at $2.9 million (CDN), consists of a fixed price element to develop, integrate, and test the system. The next phase will include installation, government testing, and operator training. The contract includes an option for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to adapt the system for their needs. The U.S. Air Force also has options to field the successful system at up to 108 air bases around the world, and to award T&M support contracts for up to 8 years. MDA plans to team up with Air Navigation Data (AND) of Ottawa to offer a custom solution, based on AND’s “Final Approach” product.

MDA President and CEO Daniel Friedmann said: “This is a significant project for MDA that has the potential to improve the safety of air transportation for many other air forces and civil aviation authorities world wide.”

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Serco Awarded $170 Million Air Traffic Control Contract with the Federal Aviation Administration
January 31, 2010
RESTON, VIRGINIA – February 1, 2010 – Serco, a provider of professional, technology, and management services to the federal government, announced today that the company has been awarded a contract to support the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Contract Tower (FCT) Program. Under this contract, Serco will provide air traffic control services at 64 sites in the United States and Pacific region. The contract is valued at approximately $170 million over 5 years.

Since 1994, Serco has managed approximately 55 towers. Through this contract win, Serco will now be responsible for a total of 64 sites spread across the western United States and Alaska, including new locations in Hawaii, Guam and Saipan. The company will provide air traffic control services in the tower to support the safety of incoming/outgoing aircraft, improve the efficiency of air traffic and provide information and support to the pilots.”

“VANCOUVER, B.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 29, 1995–MACDONALD, DETTWILER (TSE,VSE:MDA) MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates, Ltd. announced that its data communications unit, The PSC Group, has reached an agreement with Northern Telecom Ltd. of Mississauga, Ont. Under the pact, PSC is providing certain services for a new Nortel security product called Entrust. … PSC’s training is conducted from offices in Toronto, Washington D.C., London and Sydney, Australia. In addition, PSC sends instructors and portable laboratories from city to city to provide courses at locations convenient to customers. PSC has the capacity to teach in English, French, Spanish, Russian and several other languages. MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates provides technology-based solutions and services which address basic societal needs in earth observation, air navigation, defence applications and data communications markets.”

“Entrust pioneered public-key infrastructure (PKI) and was the first to integrate Privilege Management Infrastructure (PMI) technologies with PKI. Entrust extends this capability across multiple applications and platforms, for a variety of wired and wireless devices, and with other innovations. The company’s marquee client roster boasts more than 1,200 customers, including US Dept. of State, US Dept. of Energy, US Dept of Justice, the State of Illinois, NASA, JPMorgan Chase, the U.S. Coast Guard, the UK and U.S. postal services, Lloyd’s TSB, Merrill Lynch, the Government of Canada, and many more. No other Internet security enabler is better equipped to provide solutions built on the enhanced security services required for governments and businesses to move transactions online and deliver efficient and convenient e-government, e-procurement and e-commerce services. ….. The United States Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) was established to serve as a link between U.S. agencies for interoperable, secure E-Government transactions using digital identities. FBCA provides the capability to align the diverse policies and procedures of various departments and agencies, enabling each department or agency to set their own policies and procedures relative to their secure communication requirements. Entrust’s enhanced security solutions serve as a core element of the Federal Bridge, and demonstrate interoperability with all major Bridge vendors. Many agencies including the DoD, USDA, NASA, DoE, FDIC, and states such as Illinois are currently using or plan to utilize the Federal Bridge.”

SERCO: ‘The biggest company you’ve never heard of’
JULY 7, 2013 BY 21WIRE
21st Century Wire says…

As politicians asset-strip the public’s portfolio of properties, infrastructure and services, one multinational corporation has grown as a result – and its scope and reach may shock many people who have not been paying attention.

All around the globe, our governments are busy outsourcing public-sector services like health, education, police, prisons, money delivery and military – to the esteemed private sector. It’s sold to the public as a solution to avoiding higher taxes, while retaining better services. But it’s simply an accountancy shell game, where the government kicks the can down the road by spreading the bill to the taxpayer over a longer period of time, in order to avoid any large upfront payments – all the while, allowing a private corporation to extend its influence over society. This, by definition, is fascism.

They are called SERCO, and they run countries…

As well as thanking God for his success, CEO Chris Hyman is a Pentecostal Christian who has released a gospel album in America and fasts every Tuesday. Coincidentally he was in the World Trade Centre on 9/11 on the 47th floor addressing shareholders.”

Missile Hitting the Pentagon on 911

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