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AD has a very large video archive (757 videos).  After the original channel was deleted by YouTube we reuploaded many great videos.  Few get the degree of recognition they should.  Especially the oldest ones. AD spent many hours honing those early vids with images aligned to David and Field’s outputs.

Gems like this one have been buried.

Or death by Stratum Zero.

Probably one Field forgot.

Honor Thy Parents – Field McConnell

or this one…Field on Rapid Fire

Again, 757 videos. We’ve covered a lot of ground.

Point being, when AD did a massive reupload, all previous views and hits were wiped so our reupload dump got limited fan fare.  AD started a brand new channel with 0 subscribers and added likely over a 100 new videos+ in one day.  So they received minimal attention.

My suggestion is for David to scan through old broadcasts and consider their use for current posts.  The fact David has covered so much that it takes merit to tie back his old intel with new intel.  He’s oft been spot on.

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