Accept persecuted white South Africans to Australia!


White South Africans are currently suffering from persecution at the hands of an oppressive black government. Their lives are at risk, livelihoods are destroyed and property under threat thanks to being treated as second class citizens due to anti-white racial hatred. Even the mainstream media is focusing on this issue, and it’s about time they do.

The situation has deteriorated so much that a significant proportion of the country’s white population has resorted to living in make-shift camps. There are approximately 80 of these “squatter camps” in South Africa, where white people live below the poverty line. They are a legacy of the affirmative action measures taken by the ruling African National Congress in order to promote jobs for blacks simply because of their skin colour.

It is our responsibility to help fellow white people in South Africa. White lives matter, and thus we call the Australian Government to halt its usual refugee intake in favour of accepting white South Africans who are suffering unjust hardship and turbulence. If Malcolm Turnbull really cares about true social justice, then he will at least consider taking in white South Africans in order to help them escape oppression.


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  • Strange thing about White South Africans in Australia is they have a party there called the shooters and fishers party but vote and make deals with the anti white Green Labor party , you have to ask yourself who are they working for i wonder because they never stand up for white people ???? When they were in power in Sth Africa they sure treated the black people badly so for the Africans its payback time i guess , but the British who caused most of the trouble in Africa, educated and trained the black Africans to do what they are doing and got off scott free for the horrors they caused .. Mandella was nothing but a mad killer even though his intentions might have been good to start with , he was treated like a hero by the British . It is one mixed up place …

  • Please view this. It faces us and our youth – as in Sweden if we allow it. Rapes uncontrollable. What then?

    The video is a MUST. Shows plans from Islam we never dreamed of. Should know.

    Our local chemist is from Zimbabwe – my husband asked him/ How are things there? Wonderful. He is black