Abel Danger Requests Congress to Shut Down NAPA – Original Intent of NAPA Subverted – Perversion Compromises Emotional Stability

Suggest NAPA be shut down by Congress ASAP; the original intent of NAPA as founded by James Webb, has been completely subverted by DOJ Pride/LBGT. Under Webb’s leadership, he maintained that homosexuals, because of acts of perversion, lacked the normal stability essential to running the government. The original intent of NAPA has been completely subverted.

Webb was born in the hamlet of Tally Ho in Granville County, North Carolina. He completed his college education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he received an A.B. degree in education in 1928. He was a member of the Acacia Fraternity. Webb became a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, and he served as a Marine Corps pilot on active duty in 1930-32. Webb then studied law at the The George Washington University Law School in 1934-36, and he was admitted to the Bar of the District of Columbia in 1936 … After World War II, Webb returned to Washington and served as executive assistant to O. Max Gardner, by then an undersecretary in the U.S. Department of the Treasury, before being named as the director of the Bureau of the Budget in the Office of the President of the United States, a position that he held until 1949. President Harry S. Truman next nominated Webb to serve as an undersecretary of state in the U.S. Department of State. Serving as Undersecretary of State during the Era of McCarthy, Webb was instrumental in implementing stringent personnel requirements intended to prevent suspected anarchists, communists and homosexuals from employment with the Department of State. Webb singled out homosexuals in a later report, noting “It is generally believed that those who engage in overt acts of perversion lack the emotional stability of normal persons.” [Screening policy dismantled by Marcy with DOJ Pride to allow Obama to reach the White House] When the Truman administration ended in January 1953, Webb left Washington for a position in the Kerr-McGee Oil Corp. in Oklahoma City, but he was still active in government circles, for instance serving on the Draper Committee in 1958.”

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