Abel Danger Receives ‘Insightful’ Email – Worth Reviewing – “They Love Dumb F#&ks Like Us” – It’s About Economic Forensics

Email to Abel Danger; what do readers of Abel Danger think?

Abel Danger blog has been archiving the economic forensics of the attack on America for two of the approximately seven years of the existence of Hawks Cafe and Captain Sherlock. We – Abel Danger Global – are not organized around cataloging and archiving racial, religious, and ideological affiliations. This email is for posterity and a reference posted as a reminder of the opinions and attitudes confronted by Hawks Cafe, Captain Sherlock and Abel Danger researching forensic economics related to the events of 9/11: an email criticizing Abel Danger for not “identifying Jews correctly.”

“You know, you guys [Hawks Cafe; Captain Sherlock; Abel Danger] have it almost right. It isn’t the “nazis” , stupid, it’s the jews. kennedy was assassinated because he was going to deny the jews the atomic bomb. [secret papers indicated Britain helped Israel make the A-bomb in the 1960s, supplying tons of vital chemicals including plutonium and uranium; Abel Danger has covered this fact] To paraphrase some famous person, “if you can’t name the jew, you can’t be believed”. In case you dip shits haven’t noticed, our illustrious president is surrounded by jews. can you say “rahm emmanuel”, billy ayers, Bernardine Dohrn,(née Ohrnstein; born January 12, 1942) et, al,. I won’t even bother to inform you fucks about the jew Bolsheviks, as I am sure you are only too familiar with the ethnicity of the “russian” revolutionaries that took over russia. And proceeded to slaughter millions of russians, Ukrainians, latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, finns, et,al,.

So as usual, I am sure that you are well meaning, [Hawks Cafe, Captain Sherlock and Abel Danger are not concerned about the sentimentality of “well meaning”] but trying to out whit the jews by pretending that it’s the “nazis” won’t work. Really, do you think the juden are that stupid? They love dumb fucks like you. You help keep the lumpen proletariat in line. Try just getting real. Name the jew.

911 was a jew/mossad operation, just like the rest of the White genocide being perpetrated in this country. Ask the Palestinians about the jews. If you chicken shit creeps can’t name the jews then shut the fuck up.”

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  • To the e-mail author, listen to jewish Mrs Doreen Dotan who is living in Israel, and her testimonies will show that your opinion in totally wrong,
    Greg Szymanski Interviews Doreen Dotan

    I can give you more information that confirm these facts if you need it. You are a victim of the planned Joseph Goebbels' type false propaganda fermented during last 76+ years, and you are unfortunately not alone, the referred propaganda is also falsely beeing used against muslims as a group, for the same purpose, mislead the world's population with lies and deceit to gain power, money, resources and supremacy, the most evil, selfish, destructive and unintelligent act perpetrated during all history

  • Previous comment written late in night, correction: To the e-mail author, listen to jewish Mrs Doreen Dotan who is living in Israel, and her testimonies will show that your opinion is totally wrong,
    Greg Szymanski Interviews Doreen Dotan
    Eric Clapton – I Shot the Sheriff

  • It should by now be quite clear that most of the Crown Sisters are jewish. Jews hate all gentiles period. They are brought up to believe that all gentiles hate them when in reality most gentiles have no clue about the jewish menace. These jews are like roaches in America. They are everywhere but when you turn on the lights they scatter and hide in their synagogues which are not religious temples but planning centers on how to destroy the gentile goyim. London (El on the Don) seems to be their main hideout but they infest Rome and Washington DC also. With spider like precision, the jew spins his web about the host people using all means of deceit to entrap them in its web. When the web is complete and the host is unable to move the fatal poison is administered. Anyone who doubts this is an ignorant fool and will suffer accordingly. 14th Amendment law is their Noahide law for the goyim in the USA. Until real common law is understood by millions the situation will remain hopeless. Field and Hawkins are doing a great job but it will not correct the overall situation that the world is facing.

  • How did this screed get published on AD?