Abel Danger Livestream March 4, 2019

During our Livestream show we suffered a denial of service attack but it doesn’t matter as an ally in Canada was broadcasting our live show on YouTube live.  Hit the link above next to green arrow and you can hear my indictments against Canada in first 8 minutes or so.  While the rest of the show was so threatening to the dissolving Cabal that they gave us a DoS, the only part relating to Canada’s cowardly attacks on Bob Romaine and Bob O’Dowd are in the first 8 minutes or so.  At some point I am hopeful that Trump’s 4  USMC generals and 2 US Army generals will demand an investigation of the murder of Colonel James Sabow USMC as ordered by ghwb.

I still have “expert witness status” and can appear in court anywhere, anytime to hammer the sissies who killed Colonel Sabow.  I have created a large foundation by frequent google pairings of this combination:  Colonel James Sabow USMC + ghwb + cocaine + murder + Phantom Wingman

Today there are thousands of google returns using some of those search terms.  There is no question that ghwb ordered the death of Colonel James Sabow and the murder of 248 army men in the crash of Arrow Air 1285 which both Stephen Harper ( gay ) and Justin Trudeau ( pedophile ) have refused to investigate.

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The above video is for today’s show, that was livestreamed via YouTube though on another YT channel. Followers may wish to add this YT Channel, Abel Danger livestream.

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