A320 Germanwings Crash Was Remote Control

Attention All:

I explained GW9525 22 months ago in US, England, Germany and on the internet.

I have offered to present expert testimony to Trump Administration against FAA Director Huerta and the ALPA Legal Team that had Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) dismissed in a FRAUD UPON THE COURT in Judge Rosemary M. Collyer’s Court Room on 19 January 2011.

I am 100% confident members, plural, of Traump Transition Team will see this message no later than 1911/22Jan17.

It will also be key issue in tomorrow’s radio show.

Oh, I also know why SAM 28000 had three missed approaches at KPSP before it diverted to March AFB in Riverside, CA but I cannot explain it here as FAA Huerta and ALPA Kalfus are not trustworthy.

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See link below regarding remote control and the Italian fighter jet and the three French Mirage fighter jets. This is exactly what I described on 4-15-15 in this excellent interview in Germany when I went to present the case that Andreas Lubitz could not have done it and that it was a remote commandeering.

A320 Germanwings crash was remote control

A COMPLETELY ALONE Italian fighter jet issued a mayday call one minute before this Airbus went into it’s descent while in view of it, and then returned to base. This is documented, but the reason for the mayday call has never been published, and I know why: 

Because “SEVERAL” French fighter jets were in the area, on the edge of where this Italian fighter jet was allowed to go, taking over this airbus the second it entered French airspace, AND FOLLOWED IT ALL THE WAY TO THE CRASH SCENE. The Italian turned around after witnessing the remote takeover because he was not authorized to go into French airspace. How do we know this in irrefutable terms? Because witnesses on the ground saw these French fighter jets following this airbus all the way up until it crashed, and after the crash was a confirmed reality THEY BUGGED OUT RATHER THAN STAY AROUND AND ASSESS THE SITUATION.

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