A Rethinking of Christianity is Needed In America – Check Your Eschatology at the Door and Turn off Your Smart Phones

“Little-known outside his home state until Donald Trump made him his running mate, Mike Pence–who proclaims himself a Christian first, a conservative second, and a Republican third–has long worn a carefully-constructed mask of Midwestern nice. Behind his self-proclaimed humility and self-abasing deference, however, hides a man whose own presidential ambitions have blazed since high school. Pence’s drive for power, perhaps inspired by his belief that God might have big plans for him, explains why he shocked his allies by lending Christian credibility to a scandal-plagued candidate like Trump.https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40544936-the-shadow-president

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is an American Christian organization that supports Israel. Its statement of purpose is “to provide a national association through which every pro-Israel church, parachurch organization, ministry or individual in America can speak and act with one voice in support of Israel in matters related to Biblical issues.” It is the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States, with 4.5 million members. It operates under the leadership of John Hagee as founder and Chairman along with Diana Hagee and Shari Dollinger as Co-Executive Directors.

Israel’s direction is inimical to America. John Hagee and CUFI does not speak for this editor. It is a gross injustice for John Hagee to say that “CUFI speaks for the United States of America”. That is not acceptable. It is time for Americans to rethink their relationship with Israel. With 4.5 million CUFI Christians they have put the content of the following talk Benjamin Netanyahu gave at the Sheldon Adelson School of Entrepreneurship into hyper drive:

The Anti-BDS bill although stated was because of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement) being “antisemitic” (always a good card to play), it has more to do with Israel’s fear of losing access to private equity investments and its ability to remove technology from America. Which has been going on for the past 50 years. Most of the people behind this Anti-BDS bill were Christian-Zionists. It was Senator Marco Rubio who along with Senators Lindsay Graham and Dean Heller who urged the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the relocation of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.‎

The reason why Senator Marco Rubio supports John Hagee’s Christian-Zionist outfit is for the future votes he can obtain. It is politically expedient for him. Rubio has bounced around all over the religious gambit, from being a Catholic turning to Mormonism then to southern Baptism and then back to Catholicism like a real politician true to his office. Maybe at one point Rubio will try a conversion to Judaism. He’s off to a good start. Marco Rubio doesn’t have “dreams for America”, he dreams for Israel which in turn will lead to an American nightmare.

No, we’re not antisemitic, we’re anti-Rubioitic. Before we forget Marco, does your desk top computer at your senate office in Washington have an Intel microprocessor loaded into it? Rubio working diligently for American nightmares is also behind a bill that would strip states of their power to protect the privacy of citizens by big tech giants. That wouldn’t be because most of these big tech cartels including Google depend on Israel for their R&D would it? Rubio is so good at being a politician he will say almost anything including “Israel will have no greater friend than me.” Considering Rubio has the worst voting record of any senator from Florida in 50 years, his “American dreams” idea will need a bit of work. It appears time for the people in Florida to become a little anti-Rubioitic. Rubio is another in a long list of proxies for Israel’s interests demonstrating once again anything is for sale in America.

In January 2017, Senator Den Heller introduced the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act, legislation that did just that forcing the U.S. Department of State to fulfill its promise relocating the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem or they woud have faced a penalty. A penalty enforced by who? Donald Trump with Christian-Zionist backing, fulfilled this “promise.” Hagee’s Cornerstone Church, which is now run by his son, Executive Pastor Matt Hagee, has some 22,000 members and through JHM (John Hagee Ministries) has donated more than $100 million to charities in Israel. Senator Marco Rubio, the bouncing religious politician regularly attends John Hagee Christian-Zionist functions when it is politically expedient.

This Is Why the Anti-BDS Bill Was Defeated (Technology)

The Repression of BDS Shows How the American and Israeli Ruling Classes Are Deeply Enmeshed

How is this for being “Christians?” This Christian-Zionism’s biblical prophecy is to move all diaspora Jews of the world to Israel. What will be the driving force to get Jews back to Israel? Technology. These evangelical Christians are hell bent on driving the Palestinians from Israel so that Israel can prepare for the “final battle.” The “final battle” will culminate when Israel dominates the world in high technology. Jesus will show up later and ask for a tour of Sheldon Adelson’s School of Entrepreneurs at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. The US State Department not only fulfilled its promise on the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, it also cut off $200 million in funding for the Palestinians. Those John Hagee-inspired Christian-Zionists sure do like expressing their love and compassion through the US State Department don’t they?

Trump cuts more than $200 million in U.S. aid to Palestinians

Christian pro-Israel group lobbies to cut funding to Palestinians

Some previously posted remedial reading:

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Israel has become the driving force behind this technological drive to global supremacy including autonomous systems, A.I. technology, robotics, 5G technology, 3D printing technology, Windows NT and XP Operating Systems, USB flash drives, waze, Intel microprocessors, advanced drone technology, microprocessor manufacturing, domination of cybersecurity, nanotechnology and we’re supposed to consider even for a minute this is all so “Jesus can return to the Mount of Olives in the Valley Kidron”? As Israel leads the world in high technology maybe when Jesus returns to the Mount of Olives he will need a Samsung Galaxy loaded with all that Israeli-designed technology so he can get some great images of Silicon Wadi to post to his Instagram, Facebook and twitter accounts.

Are we out of our collective minds? Technology is the driving force to their “end times Armageddon” dystopian schemes playing out inside John Hagee’s church. This Christian-Zionist religious “spirit of the times” is being used to piggyback technological dominance straight to Israel from American corporations like in Silicon Valley and institutions like MIT. Are these people serious? Listen to Nikki Haley speak at John Hagee’s National Night to Honor Israel, CUFI Summit in 2018. When you listen to this it is as though America owes its entire existence to Israel for the sole benefit of Israel since its founding in 1948. If readers want to know why Nikki Haley was speaking at John Hagee’s CYFI Summitt, it might have something to do with Haley being invited by the Sanhedrin to be their Honorary President of Organization of 70 Nations at the UN.

It is going to take complete technological dominance to “rule the world from Israel” as these Christian-Zionists are inadvertently and quite by intent assisting Israel in becoming the leading global technological power. Watch the clip on Benjamin Netanyahu speaking at the Sheldon Adelson School of Entrepreneurship and listen to when he says: “Cyber is the real domain of power. What do John Hagee and Marco Rubio think Natanyahu is referring to? Jesus is going to return to the Mount of Olives after Israel clears the way for his return giving him power through Israel’s dominance of cybersecurity?

End Times Ministries

Oxford Comes Into Focus – Cyrus I. Scofield Subverts the Christian Bible – Reevaluating Christian Zionism – America Has Ceased to Be ‘Good’

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Ed note: Rapture me baby, rapture me.

Source: Haaretz

Christian Zionist Lobby Makes Its Case to Washington’s Liberal Jews

What persists among liberal pro-Israel groups, however, is wariness of CUFI’s alliances with the broader American right wing

JTA and Ron Kampeas • Jan 10, 2019

American Evangelist and CUFI head John Hagee addresses a rally in Jerusalem having just declared Israel must remain in control of all of Jerusalem. April 6, 2008 AP

Christians United for Israel is no stranger in this city: It has become a key player in recent years in Congress’ passing of pro-Israel legislation, often of the kind favored by the more hawkish elements of the pro-Israel community.

It’s that reputation that this week brought a small delegation to the capital — but not to advance any new bill. Instead, two top officials were meeting with officials of one of the country’s most liberal Jewish communities in order to assure them that whatever else they’ve heard, CUFI is on their side.

Reaching out to Jewish communities is hardly unprecedented for the organization: CUFI instructs its new chapters to make local federations their first stop, coordinate pro-Israel strategy and reassure local Jewish communities about their intentions. Jewish groups are historically leery of evangelical support for Israel, and CUFI insists that its love for Israel is not about converting Jews or bringing about the end times, a theology of small “millennialist” groups that mainstream evangelicals say they have long disavowed.

Please go to Haaretz to read the entire article.


Source: ilanberman.com

Israel’s Dangerous Dalliance With China

by Ilan Berman • Wall Street Journal • January 14, 2019

National security adviser John Bolton traveled to Israel this month to reassure jittery officials in Jerusalem that the Trump administration isn’t planning a precipitous exit from Syria, notwithstanding the president’s surprise December announcement to the contrary. But Mr. Bolton’s most important message might have had nothing to do with America’s commitment to fighting Islamic State or its efforts to roll back Iran’s strategic influence in Syria and Iraq. The Trump administration, Mr. Bolton told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is concerned about the commercial relationship between Israel and China—and the strategic vulnerabilities those ties have created.

The most immediate worry is China’s impending access to Israel’s strategic northern port of Haifa. In 2015 China’s Shanghai International Port Group signed a multibillion-dollar deal with the Israeli Transportation Ministry for the future rights to operate the Haifa port. Under the terms of the agreement, the Chinese company will take control of day-to-day operations at the port for 25 years beginning in 2021.

Haifa isn’t only a commercial hub but a fixture in the long-running American-Israeli strategic partnership. It regularly hosts naval visits from the U.S. Sixth Fleet and joint naval exercises between the two countries. U.S. military officials therefore warn that port visits could be scaled back or even terminated once China assumes control of the facility in 2021.

Israel’s emerging China problem is bigger than Haifa. U.S. officials are also carefully watching China’s increasing penetration of Israel’s vibrant high-tech sector. After years of systematic investments, the Chinese may now directly control or have influence over as much as 25% of Israel’s tech industry. The U.S. wants to strengthen Israeli control of China’s growing economic sway in the country.

When a foreign nation wants to make a substantial investment in a sensitive sector of the American economy, it is reviewed by an interagency body known as the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. Cfius has the authority to nix deals that could have an adverse impact on national security. But Cfius has no Israeli analogue; the Israeli government’s decisions about foreign investment are too often driven more by economic than security considerations.

Please go to ilanberman.com to read the entire article.


Readers are invited to read the following linked material and then contact Senator Marco Rubio’s office requesting a John Hagee blessing and prayer because we are rapture ready for our techno-dystopia digitized oblivion.

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