A.I.-Driven Slaughterbots

Source: Forbidden Knowledge

It is conceivable to put out a contract hit on an enemy in complete anonymity using cryptocurrencies with this technology. The basic foundation of A.I. is building algorithms around the observation of human behaviour called psychometrics and psychographics. In psychometrics and psychographics, millions of people are telling A.I. through social media platforms of their individual bios. Unique profiles are then being built surrounding personality bios with these algorithms. A.I. can then predict future behaviour based on individual psychometrics and psychographics that are being profiled by algorithms. Everything in A.I. is based on psychology.

This then means the future of people can be accurately identified for specific behaviours. Think about the fact that almost 80 million images are uploaded to Instagram and roughly 350 million images uploaded to Facebook every day. Read the fine print: Facebook owns those images. Algorithms using face recognition software are building individual unique profiles on these millions and millions of images related to their users.

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